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Alchemists can grow extra arms, which grant no extra attacks but don't prevent dual wielding greatswords.

John Compton wrote:
Introducing a sign language easily taken in Pathfinder Society would also not be retroactive, meaning that 7.5 seasons of adventures would have no creatures capable of understanding anything the PCs were communicating to one another.

Run it like this: Creatures who speak the "Speakers" native spoken language can make a DC15 sense motive check to get an idea of what"s being said. More useful because opponents need to pass a check to understand what's being said, less useful because the PCs could just have taken Treant.

If you want something permanent, the best you're gonna get is Inubrix, and it's pretty garbage generally. Brilliant Energy is the most reliable way but a +4 bonus is out of the question for a while.

Take one of these bad boys and you can one-round a large portion of common enemies.

thenoisyrogue wrote:

This thread was the moment I knew pathfinder online was in trouble: rries-me#86

You really should be talking about this more, Dancey opened with this when he came into the thread:

Ryan Dancey wrote:

@All - I think it's unavoidable that some folks who love Pathfinder tabletop will see Pathfinder Online as a mistake. That's just human nature.

I'd like to emphasize we're all in this together. It's unhelpful to tell people they have bad-wrong concerns, or that they're being repetitive of things others have said, or question their knowledge or their love of the brand.

The best thing you can do is not respond.

You're not going to convince Captain Marsh, and those like him that he's wrong. Can't be done.

But you will create the impression that it's us vs. them. And that's bad for Pathfinder, Pathfinder Online, Goblinworks, and Paizo.

You help us more by saying nothing. Just let it go. These kinds of messages will appear forever. Allow it to simply pass without comment. There's no upside to engagement, and a lot of downside.


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Pathfinder Lego sets- What would you want to see first?

Rite Publishing has a nice chassis for this.

Actually, every Resurrection spell states that you can't bring back someone who's died of old age.

Every spell except Reincarnate, that is.

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Orthos wrote:
Eoxyn wrote:
What do you think about the weirdness coming with Monks unarmed strikes? Like Brilliant Energy on an AoMF technically applying to the monks whole body, or being a legal target for Masterwork Transformation? Dumb? Hilarious? Is the second one how Irori came about?
.... I never thought about this but now it won't leave my head. "The Living Lightsaber". I want to see someone draw this.

So far my favourite two theories as to how it works are "The amulet falls straight through you every time you try and put it on" and "You can only ever walk on grass or stay mounted because if you don't you'll start hurtling through the earth until you hit something living"

I consider the second an appropriate tradeoff for immunity to most forms of damage.

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What do you think about the weirdness coming with Monks unarmed strikes? Like Brilliant Energy on an AoMF technically applying to the monks whole body, or being a legal target for Masterwork Transformation? Dumb? Hilarious? Is the second one how Irori came about?

If a book full of stories about the gods and their deeds/interactions is unlikely to get past management, would you consider releasing them on the blog like the Tales short stories? With a possibility of a physical compilation later on if they're well-recieved.

Eigengrau wrote:

An unusual case of the handedness rule is an ability that allows you to treat a two-handed weapon as a one-handed weapon. For example, the titan mauler's jotungrip (which allows you to wield a two-handed weapon with one hand) allows you to wield a bastard sword in one hand even without the Exotic Weapon Proficiency, and (as the ability states) treats it as a one-handed weapon, therefore it is treated as a one-handed weapon for other effects.

posted October 2013

The Bastard Sword itself is irrelevant, but this isn't.

Barathos wrote:
Eoxyn wrote:
Unarmed Strikes are a simple weapon.
Huh... so Druids take a -4 non-proficiency penalty when performing an unarmed strike.

I love this goddamn game.

Unarmed Strikes are a simple weapon.

I know "What does X think of Y" questions are generally pretty boring, but I'm legitimately curious: How do the Asura feel about Razmir? It seems like they do the fake divinity thing all the time but an upstart trying to copy their mortal enemies would likely turn a few many-faced heads.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Kudaku wrote:

The recent FAQ reversed the ruling for using a SLA to qualify for crafting feats, closing a thematically problematic but mechanically very convenient loophole for characters that should be able to, but can't craft magic items. Are there any plans to revisit some of the problems with crafting as written, such as making Master Craftsman less limited* or allowing Alchemists to qualify for feats like Craft Construct?

I realize crafting doesn't come up much in the design team's preferred test group, but it'd be great if you were looking into it anyway.

** spoiler omitted **

Yeah, alchemists need to be able to make constructs, period, without needing to bend around and use side ways to do it that don't involve their alchemy at all. For some reason I thought there was a way to do it out there in a PComp or something, but if it doesn't exist, it should.

@Master Craftsman, the design details of that feat are definitely not great. In my home games, I allow Master Craftsman to be sufficient to create items of its type, without the item creation feat at all, so that helps in terms of feat load.

Alchemists are also, hilariously enough, unable to qualify for the Craft Ooze feat from the Alchemy Manual

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Considering Brilliant Energy is a valid enchantment to put on an Amulet of Mighty Fists and a monk/brawler uses their entire body as an unarmed strike, what happens when they buy one? In the same vein would you let someone with a Ghost Touch AoMF grapple incorporeal creatures?

So far my favourite use of this bit of rules weirdness is putting Glorious on it and becoming Day Man (aaAAAaah), fighter of the Night Man.

Not being able to jury-rig something kind of sucks yeah, but I'm not really seeing how 200 gold for a permanent magic item is prohibitively expensive.

Why stick with the boring earthly dragons? You have such fantastic options.

Ogre Titan Mauler with Vile Leadership and a terrified goblin tribe as his followers.

Edit: Titan Mauler is only necessary if you want Two Weapon Fighting (You do)

If you did another journey to Earth in an adventure path like Reign of Winter, what are some time periods/locations you'd like to do?

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1. How much would you like to do a Qlippoth AP? (Not "is there a Qlippoth AP coming" or "tell me when the Qlippoth AP is coming, c'mon man." I'm sure you'd like to do a dinosaur AP but that's probably not coming for a long time)

2. What's your stance on a mythic character with Divine Source becoming their own Mortal Herald? Dumb, hilarious or working as intended?

Become a Lich/take the Immortal discovery upon reaching level 20. Kidnap random people and train them to 20th level, forcing them to also take Immortal (And giving them a Ring of Sustenance.)

Boom, 20th level wizard in the blink of an eye. If you dominate them early on, they won't be able to escape even with their shiny new high will save.

If the spell on an item has a higher caster level than yours, you have to make a caster level check. The effective caster level from the ability is so that at some point you can just do it instead of rolling 1d20 and hoping it works

Multiclassing the Paladin levels into Evangelist of Erastil lets you double dip your Wisdom for attack and damage, and while you lose out on your capstone you still get all of your paladin features.

Dex to Damage wouldn't be as big of an imagined problem if Strength did anything beyond attack, damage and increasing carrying capacity (Which a huge amount of groups flat out ignore)

Will we ever get more on Ihys than the brief mentions in Occult Mysteries and the story in Book of the Damned? That whole conflict is really interesting to me.

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Int is things that RPG players are good at. Like books, math and solving problems with recalled solutions from booklearnin'.

Wis is things RPG players aren't good at. Like percieving social cues, common sense and solving problems with prior experience.

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Monty Python's Flying Polyps

Paying more than you have to for an item you need is incredibly unfun in play, and unless its obviously something the players are supposed to circumvent they will be very displeased with any DM that springs it on them.

I dunno, he strikes me as either a Magus or a Sorceror rather than an antipaladin. Unless you do a gestalt?

A Syringe Spear attached by a hose to a back-mounted tank.

Filled with healing potions ideally, but sedatives and Alchemists Fire (To heal Ifrits with Fire in the Blood or just make some people unhappy) work just fine.

In the same vein, Paladins are immune to addiction (Because it's treated as a disease)

Carrying the biggest rake you've ever seen

James Jacobs wrote:
Eoxyn wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
Eoxyn wrote:
Would Nethys grant powers to Paladins or Anti-paladins?
Hate to bring this back but I was just reading his articles in TTFB and Inner Sea Gods and they specifically call out Paladins. Does that refer to converts or is it an oversight?
Prove it with a detailed citation, please, and I'll explain it then! :-)

The article in The Thousand Fangs Below is more or less the same as his entry in ISG, but here it is.

Inner Sea Gods:
Any spellcaster can join Nethys's priesthood: whether
divine or arcane, academy-trained wizard or wild
shaman, all who call upon magical power are
welcome. Divine casters are valued, but must
be able to defend their positions with magical
knowledge or brute power. Even alchemists,
paladins, adepts, and rangers can become priests,
although advancement within the church is based on
magical ability and knowledge, which means that most
practitioners of simpler magic never ascend past the
church's lower ranks.

Mostly asking because my group figured out just how potent a Paladin can be with a high caster level Wand of Magic Missile and Litany of Righteousness.

(And because a champion of righteousness trying to steer a fractured and uncaring clergy down his path is pretty cool. Same with the opposite.)

James Jacobs wrote:
Eoxyn wrote:
Would Nethys grant powers to Paladins or Anti-paladins?

Hate to bring this back but I was just reading his articles in TTFB and Inner Sea Gods and they specifically call out Paladins. Does that refer to converts or is it an oversight?

Would Nethys grant powers to Paladins or Anti-paladins?

Your Arcane Bond lets you cast a spell without preparation.

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This is exactly the kind of person I'd want to play with

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I'm looking forward to Water Balloon Mastery

Spellslinger Wizard. Get a high enhancement bonus gun and your DCs are hard to beat. Combo with the new Siege Gunner archetype for gunslingers and you're reliant on Int and shotguns which is pretty much the best.

You can't put ranks in Fly if you don't have natural flight, but you can if you've got another way of flying regularly.

Camp 2

Arcane Discoveries can be taken in place of normal feats, similar to Masterpieces.

That's the most important part. A 5th level well-built dorf wizard can make 10k worth of their selected magic item per day.

Dwarf Wizards have the best favoured class bonus, bar none. Pick up Arcane Builder whenever you get the chance.

Alleran wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
archmagi1 wrote:
James Jacobs wrote:
[Uragthoa...]5) Absolutely. Not sure we've revealed many or any of them yet though.

(edit: wrong quote)

Would this mean there's a little bitty copy of Urgathoa in the First Vault? Would Abadar, though being LN, maybe have sponsored Uragathoa in her ascent to divinity cause she did something so novel and creative (being the first undead) that his 'good job bro' patron of invention inspired him?

The first vault contains objects, not creatures.

Does it include the corpse of the first dead god?

Or the first dead anything? The corpse of the first demon that was ever killed, for example, or the corpse of the first mortal who ever died.

I thought Abadar gave Zon-Kuthon the first Shadow (Undead) after his exile in the Shadow Plane?

A Wildblooded Sorceror with the Sylvan bloodline can take Boon Companion and then pick up a Robe of Arcane Heritage for an animal companion 4 levels higher than them which can be affected by any personal-range spell.

This gets out of hand pretty quickly.

Edit: You can also do this with Eldritch Heritage but that puts you a few feats deep and the companion is only 3 levels above you.

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A paladin with a wand of magic missile automatically hits and adds their smite damage to each missile (As Smite Evil specifies every damage roll made against the target)

With Litany of Righteousness up and a CL9 wand of Magic Missile, a mid-level Paladin can one round most evil outsiders, dragons or undead.

@Skeld: Considering Paizo prefers to release as few books as possible, releasing a polished product is important. A variety of perspectives is important, even people just popping in to let everyone know how they feel about it.

The book isn't built for those participating in the playtest, it's for the general public.