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So I'm making an Eldritch Scion and I want to become a Dragon Disciple. So far, I have a CN Pitborn Tiefling with the Magical Knack and Magical Lineage (Shocking Grasp) traits, and I want to really focus on doing a ton of damage. I'm thinking I might invest a feat into falcata and eventually go for critical feats, but I'm not sure if that's the best road to go.

What type of Dragon should I go for? I'm thinking his/her family's been tainted by a lot of Evil, so Blue, Red, or Black comes to mind, but he could also have some good in him/her (Hence the Chaotic Neutral), so maybe Bronze (where he might have gotten his Magical Lineage trait from), Gold, or Silver...?

What Magus Arcana should I go with at each available level?

What feats should I be considering (short- and/or long-term)? I'm thinking that I might try Tenebrous Spell and get a handy 0-th level Shocking Grasp right off the bat, but I'm also considering Spell Focus: Evocation and eventually going for Intensify Spell and Spell Specialization. Power Attack is always in my mind, too.

Anything else I should be looking at/that I'm missing?


How would it shocking grasp be a 0-level spell? Tenebrous Spell adds 1 to the effective spell level (except for shadow spells).

Hmm. Yeah you're right. I must have failed my perception check with that one. Guess that plan's out the window. Other questions still stand.

The Falcata isn't a good choice for a Magus; the x3 crit doesn't apply to spellstrike so you're better off with a 15-20 x2 weapon like the scimitar.

Since a falcata doesn't help with spell crits I wouldn't go that way.

For the bloodline it's worth asking your GM if DD will advance a bloodrager bloodline or start you on the sorcerer version. RAW says the latter, common sense the former. Either way the resistance is probably more important than the breath weapon; I'd go with Gold as being shinier and giving fire resistance.

Flamboyant Arcana/Arcane Deed are solid choices for Magus Arcana. Deeds which say 'at least 1 Panache' (e.g. Precise Strike) will be better than 'spend 1 Panache' since your arcane pool doesn't regenerate the way swashbucklers' panache does.

If you're going to use metamagic and spell combat together ever you're going to want the Spontaneous Metafocus feat. Power Attack and Intensify Spell are solid choices.

Why stick with the boring earthly dragons? You have such fantastic options.

take souleater\drinker for 6 levels at least. get a Conductive weapon.
lets say you prepere 5 1st level 1 spells as true stirke.
use spell combat defensivly to cast true strike( if you can't overcome the 17 concentration dc take a panlity to hit. your +20 to hit from the spell will be more then enough to spare.) now attack with -2 for spell combat and +20 (or less if used) for true stirke (and remmeber if it has concilemnt you also ignore that miss chance). you should hit allmost anyting. with ocnductive you also deal 2 neg level. gain 10 temp hp(will stack each round) and 2 soul points. repat each round untill your soul points are at max (youl hit that limit way before you will finish off your 1st level spell). then ether use a full round action to regain a ture strike or just finish the enemy who should have many many neg levels by other means.
when you get a moment you can regain ALL used true stirke spells as you got 2 soul points for each one used and it cost 2 to regain each spell = you get to hit almost every time with a true strike without wasting it. and do this all day long.

and now the fun twist. this was just a plain way to get +20 on almost any attack you do. but if you want to go damage. then just take shoking grasp or other 1st level touch spell. you will hit less. BUT everytime you hit you actuly gain back the points to regain the spell. so you can use as much as you like. if you miss the charge is still there for the moment you hit. and when you do you regain points that can be used to regain the spell. basicly this is the closest youl be to making level 1 spells becoming unlimited like level 0 spells

That's a frickin nasty build, but my GM's a pretty cool guy. I don't think I could do that to him. Maybe on an evil cleric someday.

As far as the weapon goes, are there any weapons that CAN multiply spell criticals?

Another Question: How many levels of DD should I take?

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