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I would also like to see the cessation of Druids using scimitars. While a very minor point, yes I know, its not historically accurate and seems purely made up by TSR and continued on to this day without anyone asking why. The scimitar is a Persian sword and Druids are from Ireland/Scotland.

I would like to see a full rebuild of Druids for the new game and also the separation from a Nature Cleric. In fact, it would be nice to see a total rebuild of a lot of the classes rather then merely continuing them from prior editions. just my opinion.

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Ship construction rules for freighter, meaning expansion bays converted to cargo holds has to be off.

I have to assume that for the game, bulk freighter and heavy freighters, etc., still are relatively small ships. Otherwise the cargo hull 25 ton capacity limit is way to low. On page 295 of the CRB, a bulk freighter has 10 expansion bays. A heavy freighter has 8 expansion bays. Accordingly to page 299, a cargo hold "can contain approximately 25 tons of goods." Size limits (volume) are based on merging cargo holds, not capacity. So an unmodified, basic designed, bulk freighter, and heavy freighter can only carry 250 or 200 tons of cargo, respectively. This has to be incorrect or the size of the ship is very small.

Why? A "Handysize" ocean bulk carrier ship (in real world) can transport 10,000 to 35,000 metric tons of deadweight. Ignoring metric tons vs. US tons (a difference of only 240 pounds), this means that the smallest ocean going freight carrier, a "Handysize", has 400 to 1,400 cargo holds on it.

I think a zero-G bulk freighter should have massive cargo capacities. Unless these are considered small ships and atmosphere capable, I cannot see such restrictions. Also there has to be considerably more massive cargo haulers not yet disclosed. Ok, I get this.

Also, if you convert the expansion bays to crew quarters, we are only looking at a max of 60 passengers per expansion bay. As we know, this is extremely small. Also, just to play with this, a 2017 Dodge Ram truck has a max towing capacity of about 5 tons.

While the rules say "these size restrictions can be overridden at the GMs discretion," I propose the following:

My proposition:

A 20-foot cargo container seen in modern day can carry 21 tons of goods. A 40-foot cargo container can carry 25 tons. They are build for different purposes.

So I modify one cargo hold from weight to volume and make the single cargo bay size equivalent to eight 20-foot containers stacked 2x2x4, so that 8 containers can fit I a single cargo hold. This also allows 4 40-foot containers in the same bay at 2x2x1 (height, width, and then length). This preserves volume and modifies weight capacity. This also converts the cargo weight capacity to about 1600 tons/cargo hold. Much more acceptable, but still low.

Thus, a heavy freighter can "safely" transport and enter a planet's atmosphere carrying 16,000 tons, and a heavy freighter's lift capacity would be about 12,800 tons.

Also keeping this volume, we preserve the size of the cargo bay for conversion of labs, quarters, large and gargantuan size objects, etc.

Comments, criticisms? Anyone see anything wrong with this idea?

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STRANGE AEONS: I think a Strange Aeons conversion for SF would be pretty great for the game. I am thinking of doing it myself.

Good morning:

With the new game, I have decided to enter into organized play for the remaining months that I will be in New York (leaving November) and hopefully handing the reigns over to one of the players. I have tried to reach out to the Venture Captains and they seem to be busy. So I might as well jump into the pilot seat and see what this thing can do...

So, if you don't mind I would like to ask a few questions so I can get started hosting StarFinder society Games.

First, I am hosting StarFinder Society games at The Brothers Grimm Games store in Selden NY. I have been trying to contact Legendary Realms in Plainview, but the store hours make this difficult. But hopefully I can host games there also. My goal is two games a week.

Here are a few questions, any help is appreciated:
1. Where can I get/print the iconic characters for StarFinder?
2. How do I go about reporting the games, players, etc, to the organized games department of Paizo so players get the credit?
3. Any helpful hints? Advise? warnings? would be appreciated.

Basically, my work keeps me too busy for homebrew and I would like to get more involved in GMing this game. So I figured SFS would be better suited for my schedule and a lot of fun to try out.

Since it is a new game, I hope I am not stepping on any Venture Captain's toes and invading their territory, but I would love to get involved and run.

Last, if your ever in New York's Long Island area, let me know and I would love to invite you to a game.

Singing off,



The StarFinder Society article came out recently. So how can I get involved?

I will be moving to Santa Monica CA around September through November and would love to get involved in GMing. I will be new to the Pathfinder rules but as StarFinder is new I think I can handle it. I have played RPGs for years.

Hope this is not too premature.

I want tyou take this class in a whole new direction. Mix it with magic and you get to use all those unused low spells in a whole new way; Magic hand lobbing grenades, unseenservant sapper, and finally the mend spell will be really really useful. Even light spell will have a use when the power shuts off

I was playing with the idea of a magic savant disguised and trained as a mechanic trying to hide from something using the crew and ship as refuge.

Cannot wait to see what they let magic users do. Normally I do not play spell casters

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Civilian Pawn Box needed:

I hope that they are looking to add a civilian support pawn box.

I would like to see a myriad of civilians, mechanics, guards, officials, merchants, police, coast guard, station personnel, politicians, and innocents/civilians added to the playing environment.

It's a an easy box to produce and sell. Every GM could use support and background figures, hostages, etc.,

Also they can add a slew of non-conspicuous aliens civilians etc.

This could add a lot to the game. I can even see a super box for release of "these are the people in your neighborhood."

If Paizo is paying attention, would you please contact me, I will send a personal photo for a space lawyer NPC (big smile!)

Hello: Please advise as to what you think of my concept.

I want to test my Strange Aeons game concept. So I am looking for your input. Please do not attack me if you disagree, just disagree. It is more of an experiment and I am searching for feedback before it goes into operation.

While I am a massive fan of Pathfinder, I hardly get to play it. I do, however, run the APs through DND Next because its what my LGS plays. So, the characters are going to be DnD characters. If I could play Pathfinder I would.

This was also posted in a Facebook page, and I am still doing my research.

The Strange Aeons AP #109 begins with your characters waking up in an asylum with no memory of how they got their or who they are. As noted, they are in a fugue state, which could mean total loss of self identity; a natural challenge to player/character agency.

My concept:
To experience the amnesia/fugue state in full, the players are NOT going to know what character class they are playing. I will have my players build two (2) characters, using the same stats, sex, race, and same background, etc. Accordingly, the game starts with them playing blank character sheets.

As they play through AP #109, they start to relearn who they are and what character they are playing. As memories comeback or are regained, they regain more information about who they are and their capabilities, forgotten spells, religion, etc. The idea is that a person in a fugue state will not know they are a cleric, fighter or Rogue, Warlock, etc, but will have to reremember it.

Because the players build two characters, they do retain some agency, but without more, they really can experience the AP's loss of memory idea. I read the SA's Players Guide and this concept meshes.

AND YES I am going to talk this over with my players and not shanghai them into this forced idea.

Please offer your suggestions...

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Oriental Adventures!

I would like to see an Oriental Adventures sourcebook. The game has steeped it toe into the eastern Asian gaming waters, but a full sourcebook would be great. Not just Japanese, but also Korean, Chinese, Indian, Polynesian, etc.

There is a whole part of Golarion that remains undetailed.

I have the NPC codex box, but a pure civilian box would really be perfect.

I would love to display farmers' hands with hay and pitchforks, misc., store patrons and owners of different races and nationalities, merchants of every shape and size ( especially those on the road) for travel encounters.

This is really an easy product for Paizo to do well on. Plus there would be a tremendous cross sell to the DnD crowd and all the other fantasy crowds.

Here is hoping they take a notice and at least consider it.

I have a lot of Pawns and figures, most of what I can use, some of what I need, none of which are "necessary", but none of which are an absolute must.

What I really need, and may rightfully assume a lot of other GMs could really use, and none of which are available, are civilians.

I need a tavern owner, business owner, servers, town watch, general civilians, towns people, farmers, ranchers, blacksmiths, etc.

I would propose a 300+ figure box, containing enough for each of the nations in the game.

This would really help flush out a town/city adventure, NPC interaction, down time roll playing, mid-adventure role playing, etc.

Can this idea get additional support so that Paizo would consider it?

As the year ends I wish you each the best for next year. It's been a great year of gaming.

Thank you to the game designers and AP authors! You have all made this year enjoyable.

I wish each player the best and hope you all roll 20s when you need them!

GMs and DMs, I wish you the best and well, if not for you and your time this hobbie would not exists. Best wishes and may your creativity never dry out!

Until next year, may your pathfinder always point north!

Gark the Goblin wrote:
I was trying to figure out the origin of Itombu's name in Google Translate, and fiddling with the last letter gave me the Malagasy words for "seven" (itomba) and "accident" (itombe, itombo, itombi). An interesting tidbit, perhaps.

nice work. Interesting.

Also for a new GM, it's easy to loose sight of the NPCs and they are a huge part of the adventure.

For 5e I kept most of the stats the same, kept it simple and ignored a lot of stuff. Made DMing easier.

I am doing it. I find the APs are superior adventures. The main concern you have is going to be party size. I found the APs are written for 4-6 players, mostly 4. So add enemies accordingly. For Smugglers Shiv use weather and disease more to slow the players and weaken them to a minor effect.

Watch travel time, as I failed to do and the island took on a huge size.

Overall players love it.

This is perfect! Finally pawns for horde style monsters where you need multiples. Also the selection of monsters is perfect for most games. I may even buy a second box!

Also as I am running Serpent's skull, I finally have snake people figures.