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Good morning:

With the new game, I have decided to enter into organized play for the remaining months that I will be in New York (leaving November) and hopefully handing the reigns over to one of the players. I have tried to reach out to the Venture Captains and they seem to be busy. So I might as well jump into the pilot seat and see what this thing can do...

So, if you don't mind I would like to ask a few questions so I can get started hosting StarFinder society Games.

First, I am hosting StarFinder Society games at The Brothers Grimm Games store in Selden NY. I have been trying to contact Legendary Realms in Plainview, but the store hours make this difficult. But hopefully I can host games there also. My goal is two games a week.

Here are a few questions, any help is appreciated:
1. Where can I get/print the iconic characters for StarFinder?
2. How do I go about reporting the games, players, etc, to the organized games department of Paizo so players get the credit?
3. Any helpful hints? Advise? warnings? would be appreciated.

Basically, my work keeps me too busy for homebrew and I would like to get more involved in GMing this game. So I figured SFS would be better suited for my schedule and a lot of fun to try out.

Since it is a new game, I hope I am not stepping on any Venture Captain's toes and invading their territory, but I would love to get involved and run.

Last, if your ever in New York's Long Island area, let me know and I would love to invite you to a game.

Singing off,


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1) They are available under the community use packages as a bundle called Starfinder Society Pregrens

2) The Pathfinder Society Page will probably have a landing page for reporting SFS events as well. You Create apage for your event there and at the end of the event you type in the information including you player number (as the GM) and the numbers of your other players.

3) Your pace will quickly outstrip the available material unless you different games have unique players there are currently 5 scenarios available and one AP volume (which is good for 2-4 sessions depending on how it is run.)

They are only releasing 1 new scenario a month and I think AP volume are every other month.

Consider frequently rerunning the quest pack and 1-01 since both are playable. Keep an eye on the product pages so you know what scenarios are coming up and their level range.

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Brothers grim does seem to have some PFS activity. You can probably poke the store about it.

I believe that area is associated with the golden compass lodge if you want to try poking there, an underling may get back to you even if the end boss isn't answering emails.

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