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Celeste would like one of the Spell B (Fiery Glare). I can’t ever take weapons and don’t want an Item B, so hopefully there are enough Spell Bs to go around? If I do get a Spell B upgrade, I’ll take a spell Card Feat for it. If not, I’ll take a Power Feat to let me examine at start of turn also.

Celeste is very interested in the loot- I don’t get any damage prevention until Item 2. Although Ezren might want it too?

Thanks for the Spell 2! Does anyone have any preference for whether I take Twisted Space or Fly?
Twisted Space: any character can evade a monster, and another local character may encounter it.
Fly: examine the top card of up to 2 location decks, and someone at my location may move.
If no one cares, I’ll take Twisted Space.

For my power feat, I will take attack with Magic boons.

We got only 4 Boon 2s, and Enora currently has more Boon 2s than everyone else. So I'll volunteer to take Ally 0 (Apprentice). (Although if somehow a Spell 2 or Ally 2 winds up unclaimed, I'd take it.)

Mild interest in the loot Plaguebringer's Mask, but I'll defer to anyone else who wants it, since it doesn't work with Binder's Tome.

Still deciding on my power feat. Attacking with Magic boons probably makes the most sense, but making it easier for me to acquire Magic boons- and thus upgrades- is admittedly tempting right at this moment.

Celeste: Item 4
Koren: Weapon 4
Lem: Weapon 4 (only)
Yoon: Spell 4

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Most of the locations for 5-4C do summon monsters. So that might imply that that scenario rule was intended to work on summoned monsters (be it at least once or only once)?

Another data point: scenario 2-1A has a similar mechanic, but there it explicitly limits repetition.

2-1A scenario rules wrote:

When you encounter a bane that has the Goblin trait, roll 1d6:

4. A random character at your location encounters the bane instead. That character does not roll on this table.

(Regardless, I don’t mean to argue that Plaza etc are or should be abusable. Rather, whether the rules disallow repetitive summoning, as evidenced by the wording on those cards. Or whether the rules allow repeated summoning, despite the clear intention of those cards not quite matching up with their wording.)

The next scenario has a rules grey area. A d6 is rolled when a monster is encountered; a result of 1-2 causes a new monster to be encountered.

The current unofficial consensus seems to be to roll another d6 when the original d6 causes an Animate Dream to be summoned, potentially repeating as long as 1-2s are rolled. Again, let me know if anyone has any insight or feels strongly. Otherwise that's how we'll play it.

Enora would especially like the Blessing 5 (of the Lady of Graves).
If not, I could take Spell 5 (Fire Barrage), but only if Maznar doesn't want it- it'd be only an minor upgrade to an existing attack spell for me. Otherwise I'll pass on upgrades.

Skill feat will be DEX+1, I suppose, in case I find myself with more firearms.

Hah, I just realized that we have the same roles as the Season of the Righteous game. Akaitora and Agent Eclipse switched off being wizard and warpriest, and I'm still a sorcerer.

Hi, I've played every sorcerer to date except Celeste, so for this adventure, I'll be completing the set! Although this will be my first time using Pathfinder Tales. 296889-1010

I'm in Central-US, but I'll post throughout the day, often by mobile.
For my own enjoyment, I like to include in-character flavor in my gameplay posts. But please don't feel pressure to do likewise! Use as much or as little flavor as you like.

No preference for turn order.

ScorchedOne: I've seen been at tables with Mavaro and Yoon, though I have no firsthand experience playing any of those characters. No opinion, other than, as long as you're having fun with your choice, we'll be fine :)

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5-4C: Another possibly relevant example is the Core location Plaza, although with drawing instead of summoning.

Core Plaza, At This Location wrote:
When you would encounter a boon, draw a new one of the same type; encounter 1 and banish the other.

If the location power can take effect multiple times, then there seems to be an arbitrarily extendable loop.

For example, a player encounters Boon A. New Boon B is drawn. The player has to choose which to encounter, and chooses B. Since Boon B is encountered, new Boon C is drawn. The player chooses to encounter Boon C, so new Boon D is drawn. The player chooses to encounter Boon D, etc., allowing them to search until they find some specific boon they want.

Enora would like an Item 2 (Byzantine Lexicon). If there aren’t enough to go around, I suppose I could take Ally 1 (for Ally B Apprentice).

I’m probably going to take a CHA skill feat and rally Ketrik.

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5-4C: My point was that if resummoning is repeatedly allowed, then the Courtesan by itself causes an infinite loop the first time a non-story barrier is encountered.
For example, when The Courtesan is the hour and some Barrier A is encountered:
The Courtesan takes effect. Barrier A is banished, Barrier B is summoned. The Courtesan takes effect again. Barrier B is banished, Barrier C is summoned. The Courtesan takes effect again. Barrier C is banished, Barrier D is summoned. The Courtesan takes effect again, etc.

I figured I might as well bring it up here since I was already asking about 2 other 5-4 rules. But the problem may be with The Courtesan rather than with the 5-4C scenario rule. Sorry if I didn't make that clear.

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I have a few rules questions from SoTT Adventure 4.

Scenario 5-4B:

SoTT Henchman Parley wrote:
Before you act, a random character summons and encounters the henchman Enemy Ship.[...]
S&S Henchman Enemy Ship wrote:
Summon and encounter a random ship.[...]
S&S Ship rules wrote:

Whenever it is your turn, if your ship is not anchored at a location, you are commanding your party’s ship.

While you are commanding a ship, you may encounter other ships. If you are not commanding a ship, banish any ship you would encounter.

Should the ship be encountered only if Parley randomly chooses the current player (ie the commander)?

Or should non-commanders be allowed to encounter a ship?

Scenario 5-4C:

Scenario rules wrote:

When you encounter a monster, roll 1d6 then:

1–2. Summon and encounter the henchman Animate Dream.[...]
CotCT The Courtesan, When This Is the Hour wrote:
When you would encounter a non-story bane barrier, banish it instead, then summon and encounter a Task barrier.

Could the scenario rule can be applied multiple times? That is, if an encounter d6 rolls 1-2, then the summoned Animate Dream would cause its own d6 to be rolled, and potentially so on. This would likely necessitate errata for the The Courtesan (excluding Task barriers and/or summoned barriers) in order to prevent an infinite loop there.

Or should a maximum of 1d6 get rolled?

Scenario 5-4D:

Scenario rules wrote:

After placing your party’s ship, display 9 random ships from the box in a 3x3 grid. Each of these ships is treated as a location; build it with 2 monsters, 2 barriers, 1 weapon, 1 spell, 1 armor, 1 item, 1 ally, and 1 blessing.

Your ship is anchored at the ship location at the upper right of the grid.
To close a ship location, summon and defeat the ship.
S&S Ship rules wrote:

Whenever it is your turn, if your ship is anchored and you are at the ship’s location, you are commanding your party’s ship

While you are commanding a ship, you may encounter other ships. If you are not commanding a ship, banish any ship you would encounter.

As written, this scenario doesn't seem to work. It seems that either the ship should not be anchored? Or else a non-commander should be allowed to encounter a ship?

So this scenario has a weird rules issue which I just realized. (Sorry for not noticing until mid-scenario.)

Before a Parley, a random character encounters an Enemy Ship. However, according to the S&S ship rules, only the commander can encounter a ship. (If not the commander, the ship is supposed to be banished.)

Unless there's some official clarification (Redeux?), I'm inclined to ignore the "only the commander can encounter a ship" rule, and keep playing as we have been. In particular because another scenario in this adventure will not work at all as written, unless a non-commander can encounter a ship. But let me know if anyone has any insight or feels strongly?

Reiko I think? And Aric has a choice of who to accompany.

Ezren: Sunburst Market
Zelhara: Ghoul Market
Seoni: probably Falsin Deek
Aric: Ghoul Market or Falsin Deek or wherever Reiko goes

6-2A reward: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Looks like upgrades are
Darago: Weapon 6
Estra: Spell 4
Lini: Armor 5
Qualzar: Blessing 5
Skizza: none

I think the loot and trading conflicts are all resolved?

Enora's first choice is a Blessing 2 (of the Master of Masters). But if there aren't enough to go around, I'd also be happy with Item 2 (Byzantine Lexicon) or Spell 1 (Pyrotechnic Blast).
In any case, taking a card feat for another spell.

We're allowed to choose different supporters, correct? I'm leaning toward Moise for the healing.

I'd take either Weapon 6 (Force Sling +3) or Blessing 5 (of Sivanah) if either goes unclaimed, but primarily for trading, so consider this a very low priority.

Loot: For this scenario, I'll be taking Elemental Treaty and not Remove Curse. I'm also potentially interested in either Pharaoh's Key or Game of Afterlife, depending on what my trading options are.
I'm also interested in Akhentepi's Armor to fill a new loot Armor card feat slot until there's an Armor 6 available.

Qualzar will be going to Ghoul Market.

3-6C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 13

Hm those start of turn checks are nasty for Enora. I'm thinking of taking Rekkish for some extra healing. Any objections?
(Rickety Hake might be interesting too- I'd have just under a 50% chance of getting in my opening hand. Although, Olenjack goes first, and he has a good chance of forcing the ship repair through.)

Seoni will go to Falsin Deek, unless she can accompany others to Hadden Hoppert.
I'm thinking of starting at Smoking Den.

Enora only really is interested in the Spell 4 (Acid Rain). But if anyone else wants it, I'm okay going without an upgrade.
Saving hero point.

5-5D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 13

So Aric and Zehlara get the Weapon 3s.
For the rest of us- I would like the Blessing 3 if no one else is using it. It can recharge and heal, and for trading I'd not like to forgo a high deck number. Which would make it:
Ezren Item 2
Reiko Item 3
Seoni Blessing 3

But, if Ezren would be getting a significantly more helpful Item 3 than Item 2, I suppose I could go along with the alternative? Which is:
Ezren Item 3
Reiko Blessing 3 (but taking Blessing 2)
Seoni Spell 2

This is a bit of a tangent, but an offline situation came up that reminded me of the question we had back in 5-4C.

5-4C scenario rule wrote:

When you encounter a monster, roll 1d6 then:

1–2. Summon and encounter the henchman Animate Dream.

We decided that the scenario rule could take effect multiple times. Ie if the d6 causes an Animate Dream to be summoned, that resulting Animate Dream causes another d6 roll.

However, consider the CotCT blessing the Courtesan:
The Courtesan, when this is the hour wrote:
When you would encounter a non-story bane barrier, banish it instead, then summon and encounter a Task barrier.

It seems to me this cannot take effect multiple times. Or else the Courtesan needs errata that excludes Task barriers, or excludes summoned barriers. (And I could see any of those 3 as being the intended functionality.) Otherwise, it automatically causes an infinite loop?

Seoni would like Spell 2 (Marionette; but if anyone thinks we're dangerously shy of healing, I could take Safe Harbor?) or Blessing 3 (of Qi Zhong).

No interest in the loot.

Note that the "acquired cards" list is unnecessary. The reward lets everyone choose any 2 cards (B/1/2) for upgrades.

10-00E reward: 1d20 ⇒ 2

Enora would prefer Item 1 (Binder's Tome) or Spell 1 (Locate Object). But could also take Blessing 1 (of Sivanah), Blessing B (of Pharasma), or Ally B (Apprentice).

For the follower feat, the bodyguard seems slightly more useful? But don't feel too strongly about.

6-1D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 19

Enora's 1st choice is Spell 5 (Eagle Aerie), but could also take Blessing 3 (for Blessing 2 of Nethys)

I think I'll take CON+1 as my skill feat? Feels weird, but I've got no side skills, and it might be nice to pick up the odd armor.

No interest in the loot.

5-5C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8

I actually think I am going to take an upgrade this adventure, after all: Ally 2 (Toad). Seoni’s 2nd upgrade is available for someone else.

10-00E reward: 1d20 ⇒ 12

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Thanks for looking into this!

Off the top of my head, there are Attack spells that can provide another explore (Fiery Glare, Bewilder) or can auto-acquire boons (Swipe, Dominate). Those 4 examples do each require an encounter, but I don't know whether or not that condition is enough of a limitation to prevent some kind of abuse? (Also I'm not familiar enough with the class/ultimate decks to know whether there's something worse out there.)

10-00D replay reward: 1d20 ⇒ 20

For the unfinished replay scenario, you earn 1 upgrade and a d20 roll. Since we didn't acquire at least 4, the upgrade pool becomes:
Extra upgrades: 3d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 3) = 10

  • Ally 1
  • Armor B
  • Blessing B
  • Weapon B

If anyone is interested, please say so know ASAP.
Otherwise, choose starting location, draw your opening hand, and decide on what you want for your starting plunder.

10-00D replay: 1d20 ⇒ 18

To keep things moving, I've started Estra with everyone else at Theater of Corruption.
Talitha can begin!

I'm not completely certain about the Tempest Cay closing sequence. Although in retrospect I probably could have moved to the new Astral Rift taking everyone, and then could have just Seoni move randomly back to Tempest Cay.

Looks like upgrades are:
Talitha: Spell 2, Blessing B
Estra: Weapon 1, Ally 1
Sajan: Ally 2 (using for Ally 1), Item B
Angban: Armor 2, none*

*There's still Weapon 2, Armor 1, Spell 1, Ally B, Blessing B available if Angban would like a 2nd upgrade.

Intro is posted. Note that you should ignore Astral Rifts when attempting to close the Theater of Corruption.

Choose starting locations and draw opening hands!

Looks like there are enough Spell 1s for Enora to take 2 of them: Locate Object and Sphere of Fire.
Power feat will increase her discard-a-card attack to 2d6.

6-1C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 4

You're good :)

Rewards are up. Let me know ASAP which of Weapon/Armor you'd like, so I can add the extra cards into the acquired cards list.
Also, decide know whether you'd like culture or goods for the replay.

10-00D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 12

You could take the role+3rd power feat now, but you're correct: it wouldn't be usable until you play an eligible adventure. (Which is what Seoni's done.)

10-00D reward: 1d20 ⇒ 13

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Here’s another thread where the code got broken: Example 3
Seems like each example happens after a database-generated update post. I wonder if that has anything to do with it?

No preference for plunder.
Going by flavor, Seoni's first choice would be culture, second choice would probably be fortifications.

Seoni will be wanting a spell for the Patchwork Allies reward.

Let me know whether you’d like a random weapon or spell for the Patchwork Allies reward.

For the record, the Muckmouth were the lizardfolk in scenario A. There was an additional bonus if you were playing that scenario at the time.

You've completed all the scenarios in Part 2, but Part 3 isn't yet ready to begin. We can optionally replay any of scenarios A-C, or we can take a break for a few days until Part 3 is ready to begin. Let me know which you prefer?

10-00C reward: 1d20 ⇒ 7

Either Yoon gets Blessing 2, Koren gets Blessing B. Or else Yoon needs to roll for the Blessing 2.
Either way, Celeste gets the Ally 4.

For reference, here are the initial 39 boons (of which we need 5x5 = 25)
8 Weapons
5 Spells
10 Armors
5 Items
7 Allies
4 Blessings

I'm thinking about at the start of the first turn Flying Enora over to the House of Stolen Kisses, so her Binder's Tome and Byzantine Tome are available for anyone going after the 4 allies there. If I do so, any requests for which 2 locations I scout? (Maybe Sharkskin Reef and Shark Island?) Alternatively, I could hold on to Fly and use it later on to shuttle Maznar somewhere usefully.

I'll defer to Skizza and Darago for the Armor 6s, if we can go fishing for Allies with any extra picks? I could use Ally 5&6 or Ally 6&6.

Qualzar will go to Hadden Hoppert.

My first choice would be Item 5 (Evocation Staff), but could also take Spell 5 (Eagle Aerie).
Feat will be Power (Hand Size 8).
No interest in the loot.

5-5B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 8

Actually going to take Skill (INT+1) for the feat.

6-1B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 14

Qualzar will choose Ally for the reward, as I could use either an Ally 5 or 6. Also could use an Armor 6 for the other upgrade.
Probably just going to take a skill feat, but not 100% certain yet.

3-6B reward: 1d20 ⇒ 20

Enora's turn to take Spell 1 Life Drain.
Still thinking over which feat to take, but leaning towards the power to boost my attack to 2d6.

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