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Page 29 of the Healers Handbook has confusing mention of a Scarab necklace which is never detailed and no pricing for the mosquito necklace. Should mosquito in this item be replaced with Scarab, or is an item missing?

Hi, I'm a GM looking for players and I need to know which websites get the most player traffic. I've tried here and obsidian portal but no bites. The cork board at the game shop has been neglected because no one likes obscure systems and has virtually no traffic. I was thinking maybe posting at my university, local library, or comic shop but think that's a dry well. Advice?

Looking for players for a kingmaker campaign, details are at obsidian portal.

I'm looking to make a spell that works like hair of the dog hangover cure, has a 10 minute casting time, and is only available to Witches and Druids, only alleviates Ex and Su abilities, requires the creatures inanimate body that bestowed the condition as the material component and is consumed in the process. What level should this spell be, what schools, and what else should be required?

Hey there, I'm starting this thread with the intention of getting the most challenging, stealthiest, and smoothest assassination stories out there.

Qualifying: The target must be of significance and level appropriate. The assassin is not caught and avoids a major consequence in doing so. Stealth includes the disposal of the body afterwards, destroying evidence of a confrontation ever happening, using deception and deflecting suspicion.

Failure: If the targets corpse is found or the assassin is identified or caught they have failed. Cleaning the kill room of evidence is a side bonus, but in the case of target suicide or accidental death it is considerred to be satisfied. A high level assassin must have accounted for magical countermeasures beforehand.

Note that there are no class requirements for this.

Input is appreciated, and I do not condone assassination IRL and nor do I promote it outside a fantasy setting.

I am building a character that puts the injury drug opium on in multiple Syringe Spears.

Syringe Spear


Assume that Drugs are not treated as Poisons in any respect given specific reference to the Iron Liver trait.

Iron Liver

Personally I see this to be the main reason that Cayden Calen can still enjoy alcohol.

All abilities referenced as working only with poisons do not also work with drugs. This includes Poison Use.

This is part of 12th level campaign and I have already cleared all content posted with my GM.

Is the owner of a weapon considered a separate target from their weapon in reference to the Hail of Arrows Arcane Archer ability in conjunction with the Fighters Archer archetypes power that allows sunder maneuvers on items at range within 30'?

I need to know what evils are irredeemable if murder is not one of them. I need RAW not RAI. 3.5 and pathfinder are allowed. If I see one arguement I will rip out my keyboard keys and eat them. Please reference book and page number.

Our group is willing to shell out cash for a decent virtual table. Direct me to one and keep in mind that we have experience with java.

I will personally throttle you if you mention ROLL20. So much hate...

Game rules: Start at level twelve with the restrictions in this link.

Post character links using this character sheet: http://www.myth-weavers.com/

All 3.5/Pathfinder, 3rd party/D20 system material allowed with reference to book title and page number

templates below CR/LA 1 are treated as CR/LA 1

The character starts with 4 CR, and 12 player class levels.

Skill rank requirements can be met with an equivalent bonus.

No Pun-pun equivalent cheese

Follow the Pathfinder Rules before any 3.5 rules

I was reading the latest wayfinder issue when I noticed a set of contractual quills. I want to design the mechanics for a lawful good version of these where instead collateral is offered by both parties into the bag and if one party is unable to fulfill their part of the agreement both parties are able to send 1 message to each-other regardless of distance and the party that held to the agreement fully receives all collateral and the purse, though it may be recalled to any location designated by its creator after use. I would call it the fair-trade purse.

thoughts and ideas appreciated, don't worry about cost.

These are just what popped into my head, anyone that wants to build this guy you can post it but keep him around level 8. Race can deviate but I was thinking that he seems Half-orcish.

A Figther performs a full attack on a goblin and activates shield of swings.

The resulting critical and successful confirmation roll means the Fighter can have the goblin take 2d6 Stackable bleed damage.

Is this damage reduced due to the activation of shield of swings for the full attack?

And for fun lets say that the goblin survives for it is a nilbog.

This is an AD&D campaign and I'm looking for ways to use this item on enemies, it detects as a +2 Greathelm.

If I miss an enemy and shoot past them do I roll against the enemies behind him?

I've built a level 12 power attack+cleave paladin and I have an adamantine earthbreaker, I have +3 for special effects to work with, so what do I enchant this with? Please note that I will never use lay on hands to do damage rather than heal me.

Am I the only person sick of a GM that sends encounters of the same monster just multiplied to increase encounter difficulty? I remember when goblins had shamans among them, but apparently that's not done anymore.

I'm putting this in here because I think that in comparison to 1e all other editions are lacking in the loot department. Why is there a loot limit in further editions when the 1e game I'm playing as a paladin seems fine? Keep in mind I always donate all loot at the end of each adventure, and sometimes local churches reward me for it. What happened to that?

On page 159 of the pathfinder core rulebook it states that a spellcasing service costs CL*spell level*10gp. Is this intended for player use if they sell uses of spells? For example, a PC at CL 10 sells spells at a minimum of 100gp a pop, and by RAI aren't high level spell-caster's rare and thus in demand?

I want the wonderful people of this website to design an item or feat that makes casting cure spells on undead creatures worth it.

Hi, first off I'd like to announce that this thread is not for trolls and is looking for honest answers. Please refer to sources by using links when possible.

1. Were there any interesting arguments that came up when Pathfinder Society was in the creation stage?

2. What were those arguments and how were they resolved.

3. Were any of these decisions revised in later installments and why?

Keep in mind that I am not omniscient and therefore may seem clueless at times should I ever respond, but be nice.

I would like to Create a variant of Deliquescent Gloves from the pathfinder Ultimate Equipment book.
The gloves confer a +1 Enhancement Bonus effect to attacks made, and cost the same as a +2 Enhancement bonus. May I create a similar item that confers a +2 Enhancement Bonus effect to attacks made by making the gloves cost equal to a +3 Enhancement Bonus? Assume I can cast anything and adjust the cost as needed.

Please clarify so my GM can avoid Rule 0.

Is there any way to enchant a towel or broom with prestidigitation since I happened to fight an ooze in my home? It did dissolve a lot but apparently the half-digested remnants are everywhere and it smells like a fetid brine.

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If I own the comic can my character purchase the magic items within?