Where do I advertise?


Hi, I'm a GM looking for players and I need to know which websites get the most player traffic. I've tried here and obsidian portal but no bites. The cork board at the game shop has been neglected because no one likes obscure systems and has virtually no traffic. I was thinking maybe posting at my university, local library, or comic shop but think that's a dry well. Advice?

Well, you could try attending a local con. Play a game of obscure whatever, or run a few, and recruit from there.

Or, see if your obscure game has a website of its own.

Or, join a group that plays something else, and when it's your turn to run, suggest something.

My area is also big with meetup.com.

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Also, the more lines you drop in the ocean, the more nibbles you may get. Try the University, local library and comic shop.

You could try posting on meetup.com, or reddit.com/r/lfg

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Another vote for Meetup!

(Full disclosure: I worked for the company back in 2004.)

However, I was a fan of Meetup before I went to work for them, and still run two Meetup groups of my own. My local PFS group is run through Meetup. With Meetup, I've also done Geek Physique which had "Yoga Quest" (a combination yoga and roleplaying that was off the rails fun), a cooking group, a board games group, and a group of SF writers.

The site is pretty good at driving member traffic your way so long as you have regular gaming events. It's worth trying out.


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