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1) You kind of need Aldern to have killed Iesha, else the whole reason he went to the Brotherhood for help goes *poof*.

2) That said, having BOTH the Skinsaw Man and Nulia at the end fight at Foxglove Manor is a TPK waiting to happen, especially if you bump up Nulia's power. Decide which one is the BBEG (looks to me like Nulia), and de-power the other one accordingly. Changing Aldern to a regular Ghoul or Ghast isn't all that game-breaking (and explains why the Revenant would tear him apart, too).

3) The faceless stalker needs to be there too, so they can tie up that loose end. Though the Faceless Stalker escaping, and taking the appearance of Aldern would set up the townhouse scene in Magnimar better.

I would think the Paladin and Druid help to offset that.

Both can do light healing, but more importantly, the Druid can bring in Summons that take hits for the party.

I'd probably push the Rogue to go Arcane Trickster (pulling double duty as the Rogue and Spellcaster), as the Paladin and Gunslinger should be keeping Damage Output up.

The other players have gotten skittish about destroying Evil Altars, after our run-in with "The Waters of Lamashtu" under Sandpoint in the Catacombs of Wrath.

We now petition the Church to come in, and do a proper exorcism (young priest, old priest, ya know...).

It's kind of funny, since it was supposed to be a character flaw of my wizard, a desire not to mess with the divine, and it's now affected the entire group.

It just seems like a lot of work, to also have to de-power every NPC in the books, to accommodate a "low magic" game. I mean, it's not really fair to make magic super-rare for the PC's, but still have Nuulia have a magic sword, magic armor, potions, AND several levels as a Boost-type cleric.

It also makes things like the Barghest a party-killer (no one has magic weapons to bypass the DR), and the Shadows as well, if you don't have a Positive Cleric.

williamoak wrote:
But dont forget, if you lack the spell, it only adds +5 to the crafting DC, so as long as it's a 1-spell item, you shouldnt have too much difficulty.

Pointing this out again.

There's also a 1st-level spell "Crafter's Fortune", that gives you a +5 bonus to crafting rolls, and lasts as many days as you have casting level.

Andrea1 wrote:
Just burn it to the ground. :)

So often, that would have been my solution to so many problems, but apparently Varisia is a lot like Oregon; a wet desolate wilderness where nothing can burn, even when it should...

MC Templar wrote:

fun side moment... the destructive fighter decided he really didn't like the stained glass windows. he got to throw a couch through one of them before the house started 'reacting' to his destructiveness.

he was still in panic mode when he ran balls-first into the carrion swarms

heh. Somebody's seen "Young Sherlock Holmes", and the stained glass golem...

I have two methods when I GM: 4d6, drop the lowest, place as you desire.
As a player, this is my favorite method, so I also prefer it as a GM.

I *have* had a problem with "Mr. Perfect and the Cheerleading Squad" in another game, so we went stat array: 15,14,13,12,10,8, with an additional 3 points that can be added to any stat(s). It allows for niche protection, though I have to laugh at how many players just *will not* live with having an 8 attribute.

The current game I'm in, it's 4d6, re-roll *once* any 1 or 2's, drop the lowest, and place as desired. IIRC, I got a 17,16,15,14,11,10, which I thought was pretty awesome for my wizard (going EK), till I saw everyone else's stats (the Ranger had nothing less than a 15).

But stats don't make the character; everyone else has died at the table (some are on their 3rd characters), while my wizard...is getting a reputation of a "party-killer", according to the other PC's!

Some people are just jealous... ;P

I guess it didn't occur to the sorcerer, to cast Light on a rock, and then throw the rock down instead...

That was my reaction to the Bunyip; a great white shark and a bull elephant seal made a murder-baby, I tell you!

The Kukri's shouldn't be anywhere NEAR that expensive. They're basically "Everburning Torches", but using Kukri's instead of Torches.

OGC says Everburning Torches are 110gp (I could swear they're 90gp, in the Core Book), and Kukri's are 8gp each. It doesn't say the Kukri's are magical or even masterwork, just that they shine.

lol, yeah, cause the half-elf in the silk shirt, with manicured nails, is obviously a glassworker... ;P

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Given PF's love of pastiche monsters, I always assumed it and the Sandpoint Devil mated, and made a new kind of murder-baby...

Have BBEG's use "less-than-optimal" tactics?

Monologue; leave themselves open (whilst trying to humiliate the PC's); not cast every spell they know just prior to the big battle (almost every BBEG is a spellcaster; not having those spells active REALLY weakens them).

If you're desperate, fudge the dice (*shiver*).

The game's only as difficult as the GM makes it.

Most importantly, give THE PLAYERS time to learn and make good use of their characters. PF is more "war-gamey" than a lot of the lighter game systems out there, so be patient.

As a player, yeah, the first note made me immediately think of Foxglove, since my character (wizard) had sarcastically referred to him as "Your Lordship" all through the Boar Hunt. It also didn't help that my character was the only one to survive a near TPK the session before. :S So the note was very obviously tied to me, since everyone else was new in town.

Despite making the deduction after the first note, we talked as a group and decided to do more investigation, since I could well have been "jumping the gun" (and XP and loot!), by making the accusation.

As we've just got to The House of Haunted Hill, err, I mean, Foxglove Manor, I guess we'll see how far down the rabbit hole this goes...

I understand Backfromthedeadguy's point: my original plan was to get a fishing boat from Sandpoint, hug the coast, and anchor away north of Thistletop, using rowboats to go to shore and do some recon (I had a magic spell I thought we could use to directly climb up Thistleknot, but like being cautious). I got outvoted by the rest of the group, so we went the hard way overland, then tried to swim out to Thistletop, and met the murder-baby Bunyip.

In terms of going the river way? I would have warned that the river is a known haven for crocodiles, giant snapping turtles, and snakes (water moccasins or constrictors, mattering on how nasty a critter you want). The Survival roll would have been to avoid such an encounter.

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Also, doesn't a Druid require some part of their Alignment to be Neutral? So the Druid could be NG or CN, but not CG.

I'll admit to being curious where you're going with, with "the Black Blade".

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Yeah, I got picked as Shayliss' target, a half-elven Wizard. Went down into the cellar, hoping to impress the girl, got mightily impressed myself, and while busy in the act, neither of us made our Perception checks.


My character scrambled for words (and my pants), when Shayliss opened with the worst words possible...


Ven's sizing me up for a coffin, and the GM is already asking for initiative. But what do I do rather than run? I cast "Charm Person", of course!

Between that and a much better diplomacy roll, I quickly found myself getting married.

The other players keep wondering when I'm going to bolt, but we actually just got married (bought a house and everything), right before our second trip to Thistletop (last trip was a near TPK; I was the only one to survive).

Having just finished up RotRL#1, I'm curious where the GM is going to take it...

In our game, he got captured trying to run out the glassworks, after snapping the neck of the Party's Monk down below.

The Wizard(me), the Ranger, and the Cleric then proceeded to interrogate him, dangling him over one of the glassworks firepits on a rope. The rope slipped a few times, but he was eventually taken to jail, with special instructions so he couldn't Stunning Fist a guard.

He was later picked up by the Hellknights, judged in Magnimar, and sentenced by the Judge to the Hells (which got a round chorus of "WHAT!?!" by our table, since he'd killed a PC; I'm expecting him to come back, at this point).