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Unsure if there is anybody here that has tried it yet since it was just released. I am new to Foundry. I know the new Kingmaker Foundry VTT was made for 2E. My question is can I load the module but use PF1E rules and sheets instead? I know it was written for 2E. I just want to know if I can edit the tokens and stat them differently.

My players are stubborn against 2E and want to play it in 1E. I don't mind restatting tokens and such. I have both PDFs of 2E and 1E so it isn't an issue for me to do a little work.

I do like all the maps, lighting, doors and even the hex map is already done for me. Since the kingdom sheet uses an agnostic system, I am not worried about it so much. It'll work fine if I use it for 1E.

Any insight would be lovely! Thanks.

Literally just found out it had been released, and bought it last night.

Been playing a live game (1E as well, near the end of Book 2: Rivers Run Red), and have been using Foundry as a mapping tool for the most part. Looking forward to how the Kingdom Management stuff works, hoping to replace my Excel spreadsheets.

Hoping to dive more in, and give it a real test our next session on 10/14!

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