Thistletop bait

Rise of the Runelords

My party was at Thistletop. They were in the outer area and found a hole that led town to the ocean. They tied the sorcerer to the end of a rope and the strongest character lowered him down. At the water level, he cast a light spell and woke a seal like creature with a lot of teeth. The creature roared and there were a lot of save vs. panic. Should have seen the seen the look a on sorcerers face while the tank rolled his save vs. panic. Panic creatures drop what they have in their hands(i.e. the rope)

He did save but the look on the sorcerers face until the save was made was exquisite.

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Aww, they went fishing with sorcerer bait! =^-^=

Great story!

I guess it didn't occur to the sorcerer, to cast Light on a rock, and then throw the rock down instead...

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