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Please cancel my pre-order of Pathfinder 2nd edition as well as my subscriptions to:
Starfinder Roleplaying Game
Starfinder Adventure Path
Starfinder Maps
Starfinder Society Roleplaying Guild

Thank you!

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Off the top of my head, I have, as yet, most enjoyed the more classic tales:

What's left that I still want to see? Probably a lot that I won't for a while, but we waited a long time for fiction, we can wait for these too:

  • Iconic fiction - the Comics are really great, but I want more
  • Series/-logy fiction - I'd like to see Tales take on some bigger fish stories, ala Dragonlance
  • Osirion fiction - I'm sure we'll get some in the next AP, and we've had a bit of Sothis in City of the Fallen Sky and Pirate's Honor, but want a real full-on one
  • *Good* Vudran fiction - Make sure to get this right the first time - too much potential to waste

Also +1 to historical fiction, with the same caveat as Vudran.

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Any chance of more short fiction epubs? I know... I know... I can read them online. But I'd rather read them on my Kindle. And I love having the whole story collected in one place that is easily accessible to me. So.. any chance of more epubs? Pretty please? :)

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I will take on the arduous duty of helping the playtest this game. I know... I know.. it will be grueling work... long hours... but I'm ready to make that sacrifice. <sigh> the things I will do and pains I will endure for the company I love...


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Thanks to Planet Stories, my eyes were opened to a whole new world of science fiction and fantasy. One of my absolute favorites outside of the imprint is Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars. Disney released the trailer recently and it looks amazing. Any one else have some comments?

See the Trailer Here

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Hey Gamer Guys and Gals,

My group, the Roo Sack Gamers, has launched an actual play podcast. It covers Burning Empire so you can listen in as we make lots of mistakes and have a fantastic time regardless. :)

Go to Roo Sack Gamers Blog.

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Got my epub of Plague of Shadows... converted it... and uploaded to my Kindle. As soon as I finish Cherie Priest's "Four and Twenty Black Birds," I will dive in. Can't WAIT! :)

Anyone else cued up?

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Joseph Goodman of Goodman Games has posted his company's intent to use the OGL to make a "1st Edition" style game over the next year.

Read his post here:
Goodman Forums

Lofty goals.... I thanked them for their work and apologized for not purchasing any of their products after they went 4e. I wish them well.

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My heart felt congratulations to Sean and his very own barbarian lady on their wedding.

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I am getting ready to start running Society scenarios for my regular gaming group. One of my players wants a "small" specialized magic item. He wants an Everburning Ring... which is essentially continual flame cast on a ring instead of a piece of wood. His point is that since Everburning Torch is on the equipment list, this ring isn't THAT much of a stretch. My first though is to say "no" to avoid any confusion for possible DMs in other games. Am I being too rough? Is there a rule I'm missing that would handle this?

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We are in the middle of a play test and my character is currently down. So I get the job of trying to find the beta rules for grappling hook. The beta rules still refer to Use Rope. Has this been addressed? I found the thread in the alpha rules discussing the change to a ranged attack but I haven't found anything more official. Currently, my barbarian is unconscious at the mercy of a goblin horde. My group is trying to rescue me but they are in the water at the base of an 80 ft cliff and they are trying to climb up. We used a modified touch attack against an AC 5 +2 for every 10 feet. this made the attack difficult enough for we meager 2nd level characters, but not out of reach. We were looking for something more official and all. :)