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Enjoyable Sci-fi Noir


Over the last year I've been digging into the pulpy beginnings of sci-f and fantasy thanks to some recommendations by Erik Mona at last years GenCon. Template fits right in. Interesting characters... well developed world... enough hints to make me curious for other Archonate books. I liked the story's core mystery that imparts a "noir-ish" feel without rehashing The Maltese Falcon. Most of all, I enjoyed watching the main character develop over the course of the novel. Recommended!

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Not for me


I'd like to tell you what this book is about but I really can't. In the interest of full disclosure, I could not bring myself to even finish it. The story follows the exploits of Drake Douay as he leaps from one debauched adventure to another. No character is remotely appealing or even intriguing. The slight mention of incest was less jarring than it was expected... again, no character is appealing. But when the author's use of rape left me cold and put the book down.

Extremely disappointing is the best I can say.

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Necessary Reading


Good issue. Best part was the article by Monte Cooke about the Spirit of the rules versus the Letter of the rules... regardless of system. I'd go so far as to say this is required reading for ALL RPG players and GMs. Now add all the OTHER greatness from Pathfinder to 4e and the only thing missing is Savage Worlds content. :)