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A must Have.


This bestiary is a must have for every game master.

The good :
The monster have simplified stat block. Running them is easier.

The bad :
I miss the ecology section.
I miss monster templates.

The beautiful :
Art is gorgeous.

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An excellent evolution


At first, I was lukewarm.
But I decided to forge my own opinion and studied the book.
I was not disapointed.

The good :
This new edition brings a lot of options for character customisation.
The action economy have been simplified with 3 action and a reaction.
Overall, the rules have been streamlined and clarified, thanks to a clever keyword system.

The bad :
It is still a heavy system, requiring dedication and mastery to use at full potential.

The beautiful :
The books is drop dead gorgeous.
The ergonomics and presentation of the rules help learning them.

To sum up, the second edition of Pathfinder is an excellent evolution. Long live to it.