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What about a pair of clockwork arms? Could they be made masterwork?...........I joke I joke.

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Thirded.....thirdeded? I concur.

*Grabs flamethrower* just in case, just in case.

Still going?

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Magicdealer wrote:
*sigh* Couldn't we just append the entry to, "Any effect that applies to both longbows and shortbows also applies to hornbows with the exception of weapon proficiency." and be done with it?

You forgot the part about also not being a non-orc sthick since the Ulfen trait the author said would work has now been clarified not to work.

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Melkiador wrote:
Jurassic Pratt wrote:
Good to see the intention behind the rule.

Seems to be more the codification of an unspoken rule:

"Effects, that affect the user while using a weapon, don't count as affecting that weapon used, for other effects."

Wow that's a mouthful. No wonder they never wrote it down. Hope it doesn't have any side-effects...

Give it time.....2 maybe three weeks before one of the following.

1. List of rules or abilities now broken by this.
2. People pointing out that it's not the Dev account so it's just opinion.
3. List of reasons why it works even though we were told it doesn't.

Irontruth wrote:
Vidmaster7 wrote:

Come on now re-read it. did you even process what we were saying? clearly my post said the argument needed a place. If it was all located in the same place maybe it would stop repeating itself. If your not re-hashing the argument every time maybe they'll get somewhere with it.

Its also arrogant (and rude) to skim a post and assume you know what people are talking about then disparage them.

If you are tired of seeing threads about it, paizo has a forum feature you can use. You can click the circle with a line through it and the thread will be hidden. You don't even need to open a thread to make it hidden.

Otherwise, without paizo paying someone a full time job to topic police the forums excruciatingly, what you're asking for isn't going to happen. It's a problem as old as internet forums and requires brutal policing to regulate and get people to stick to one thread, because people aren't going to go through exhaustive internet searching to find out if a topic has been covered before, especially considering the numerous different ways the topic can be titled/discussed. What you're asking for isn't part of the paizo forums culture.

Plus even if you get them to talk about it on the same thread everytime it died for more than a couple of months the first handful of post would be about people necro'ing threads.

Derklord wrote:
Er, no, the failure thing is for take 20, not for take 10.

No you forget that you can't take 10 when distracted or in immediate danger. But as many threads have shown a lot of GM's will include a chance of failure at the task at hand to be one of those two things. And as the non-faq showed us that choice is up to the GM to manage drama, pacing or to prevent nonsensical results.

graystone wrote:
Crafting take 10 FAQ

But that's only if the GM doesn't think that there is a risk of failure and clearly the item turning out to be cursed if you failed would be so you still have to roll.

Sara Marie wrote:
Removed a derail and replies to it. It is not okay to make accusations of trolling on our forums. If you have an issue where you suspect an account is not operating in good faith, email the details to Additionally, while we prefer and do request that Organized Play players report their sessions on, it is not a requirement and a lack of reporting is not a bludgeon that should be used to discredit another community member.

What about using catch off guard and gloves of improvised might in order to use Nerf Bat as a bludgeon against the forces of evil?

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3) They are a separate weapon that can be enchanted (Shielded Gauntlet Style and various items listed as "+1 gauntlet"). But their enchantment bonus wouldn't stack with Amulet of Mighty Fist bonus.