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I do not feel welcome in the paizo community. As with all other forms of social media it is filled with internet cyber bullies. As a result I have not felt comfortable posting due to continous aggressive attack responses to my posts. Ive addressed this with paizo staff on the messageboard in the past and was ignored. As a result I have left the community and will not return. Please delete my account.

What level were you thinking that this would be for?

I would make the villagers be ghosts and they are reliving the same fateful night over and over, yet they are searching for strangers to bring an end to this repeated night madness.

- This would require you to determine what or whom attacks the village after their celebration is over for the night.

- I would also consider changing the town to an oasis, using tents instead of buildings.

- The ghosts could have been gypsies during their lifetime. They may be warriors that have been waging battle with a monster or another group of people.

- Decide what the villagers (ghosts) are celebrating. Did they think they just vanquished a monster that has been plaguing them, only to discover that their celebration is a bit early and that the creature or persons returned to take the people at night?

- Were the people taken by force, magically controlled to appear to leave willingly?

- Where were they taken?

- Instead of being taken somewhere perhaps the entire community leaped to their deaths over a nearby cliff or walked out into the ocean to mass drown themselves. Using these ideas one needs to develop why.

Here's another entirely different possibility.

The entire thing could be a set up by a monster in order to lure the PCs to its lair. It may use mind controlling magic on the villagers, illusions, or the villagers could be working for the monster. You may decide the monster is instead a evil wizard attempting to get the PCs to do something for him or her.

I wouldn't have it as simple as "Here's a quest." The monster or wizard needs these particular characters for a reason. Perhaps some sorted detail from the PCs past is relevant here.

Another possibility is that the land is under a curse which causes real people to repeat the same night over and over again. You would still have to determine where the people go and what or who takes them.

Just a few ideas.

I was reading some old forums about Top Secret/S.I. and someone called it a task system which they hated. Is this a term for skill based games?

Are there any modern miniature lines out there? I'm looking for miniatures that would work with the Top Secret RPG.

The Kickstarter for Top Secret New World Order has started.

Top Secret New World Order Kickstarter

The box set comes with everything you need to play.
•Core rulebook
•Game masters screen
•4 player mats
•8 vehicle sheets
•20 character sheets
•40 tokens for cars, hazards, and explosions
•A set of five dice: D4, D6, D8, D10, D12
•Introductory mission module THE WHITE QUEEN

TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER uses an all-new system designed for modern espionage role-playing.

To see if your character succeeds at a task, three dice of varying size are rolled, and they must always add up to 13 or better for success. It’s that target number of 13 that has led to the new game engine’s name, the “Lucky 13 system.”

Simple mechanics for the action don’t mean there aren’t plenty of charts in the book, from modern weaponry to vehicles to a list of specialized skills that include cryptography, handwriting analysis, drone piloting, blackhat hacking, even nuclear engineering. Players can bring their own style to the game, making it as gritty or as cinematic as they wish.

TOP SECRET: NEW WORLD ORDER rules cover armed and unarmed combat, car chases, specialized skills, languages, surveillance, tradecraft, and of course lots of gadgets, weapons, and more.

Pledges begin at $10 and go up as high as $5,000. Naturally with each tier of pledge you get more game product, beginning with PDfs of the rule book and module, to the box set, to adding original Top Secret Miniatures from 1982, to a hardcover rulebook, to game convention events and all the way up to having Merle (The Administrator) Rasmussen come to your home personally and run a game with a unique module written solely for you.

Please support this kickstarter with as little or as much as you wish to pledge. Lets make the kickstarter a huge success and with hopes of getting this game product in stores in the near future.

This project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by Thu, JULY 27 2017 11:42 AM CDT.

I have some basic questions about crossbows. I'm re-writing my Top Secret/S.I. game and find the MODERN crossbow data in the game to be incomplete or inaccurate. I realize that the bow, its pull and the bolt are all factors that would realistically affect answers but I'm looking for a generalization for an answer.

1. What would the short (+10 to hit), Medium (+0 to hit) and Long (-40 to hit) ranges be for most MODERN crossbows?

2. What would the short (+10 to hit), Medium (+0 to hit) and Long (-40 to hit) ranges be for most MODERN HAND crossbows?

3. How many seconds does it take to load a regular crossbow and a had crossbow?

4. What accessories are used with crossbows and hand crossbows for loading?

5. How about cost in US dollars for the crossbow and hand crossbow?

Kickstarter begins in 12 days, at 6:00 am.

Kickstarter for the Top Secret New World Order game is scheduled to start June 19th.

Freehold DM wrote:
You are really looking for those miniatures...

Yes, my Top Secret miniatures liik really bad compared to what they make now.

I have a collection of modern miniatures, spies, thugs, soldiers, etc. from the late 1980s and early 1990s. The craftsmanship isnt very good. Anyone know where I can buy newer ones that look better?

Wasnt trying to be mean, insulting or unfair so try and not take it that way. Friendship should be maintained above all else in a game or any other activity. Clearly the style of play is not for me. If we knew each other in real life and I had played extensively with you over the coarse of a few years my perspective may have been very different.

I would consider getting together with the player outside of the game and explaining the situation to them (and only them). The two of you can run combat between the character and doppelganger to determine the outcome. You've assumed (from what I gather) that the fight was a series of blows and calculating damage. This leaves out options normally available to the PC.

For example what if the character chooses to grapple rather than deal blow for blow? What if they choose to run and hide hoping to gain an advantage on surprise? What if they have a clever trick with a magic item that you have not considered? Is it possible that the other characters could intercede in the fight?

You idea doesn't seem to take these things into account as far as I can see.

Honestly, if my DM did this to me, I would leave the campaign. It's heavy handed, railroading and unfair in my opinion.

Yes there is a new TSR headed by Jayson Elliot Rogers. Its very small and Top Secret New World Order is there first game Merle Rasmussen is the lead designer though about 4 others were in on the project. They worked on the game for about 2 years and have a few hundred play testers. There is an hour and a few minutes long video on YouTube where the host interviews Merle and the others. I messaged Merle on facebook and he said the game is scheduled to come out in 4 months. They are using a kickstarter to launch it. They showed the game off at garycon earlier this year.

Top Secret New World Order Video


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Perhaps youve Garycon 2017 the new TSR company unveilled a new Top Secret game. You can check it out by googling Garycon 2017 Top Secret 2017.

Dusting off my Top Secret/S.I. game. Ive heard a lot of complaints about the gun and vehicle stats in the G4 File. If the campaign takes off Ill be rewriting the book. The book was written in 1987 or 1988 so its quite outdated.

Now I realize that car and gun enthusiasts will always argue about stats so I cant please everyone. The question I have is how you would go about rewriting the stats for these two issues?

I have looked at books and magazines but they come up lacking when trying to turn the gun or car performance into game stats. Usually there is not enough information to work with. I could go with generic stats but as whole I think people hate that.

So how would you suggest this be done? Im not an expert on either topic. This supplement would be for my home game as well as those who contact me. Such people seem to come out of the shadows every few years and start emailing me.

which game are you talking about? Pathfinder? Dungeons & Dragons? A different game?

When does the 5E hardcover book ship out to buyers homes?

They may have made some changes to size in order to get the HP goal they wanted for the monster.

Any word on when the new expansion book comes out and what will be in it?

Tim Emrick wrote:

"The World of <campaign name>"

"The World and Cosmos"

"The World and Beyond"

Thank you. That will work.

ok thanks

Corathonv2 wrote:

Usually, if a hexagon is said to be 48 miles across, that's the difference between any two parallel sides - the distance ae in Aaron Bitman's picture. The distance between opposite points is different. The distances may look the same to you, but they are different. Ultimately the point-to-point distance doesn't matter when using a hex map.

As Sissyl said, just count hexes along the route, multiply by 48 (or whatever is the size of your hex) and voila, you have the approximate length of the route in miles.

What I have always done is take the mile measurement for the hex, in this case 1 hex = 48 miles and assumed that if the PCs pass through one end of the hex and exit one that is directly across it, the distance travelled was 48 miles.

I just did some investigating and if I understand the geometry correctly "side to side" as mentioned in the online calculator seems to be one side of a hex, in other words one single line of the hex. Now if this one line is 48 miles and another line of the same distance was drawn from the top of the hex towards the center, it should end in the middle of the hex. It would take two such lines to go from the top of the hex to the bottom of the hex. At 48 miles per line(or side) that would be the 96 miles I get from the online calculator.

So when measuring distance with a hexagon map the distance of side-to-side, height and diagonally are all different. I can use a online calculator to determine the differences. What I don't understand is why they look the same. On my maps the side-to-side measurement I have always assumed measurements are made at the far center joints of the hexagon is 48 miles but I suspect this is incorrect.

According to the online calculate the height is 83.13844 miles and diagonally equals 96 miles. The distance all look about the same. When I measure a hexagon with a ruler I get nothing even close to what the online calculator tells me.

Why the difference? Please keep your answer as simple as possible, if you incorporate a bunch of math calculations I won't understand it anyway.

Also I was wondering with this hexagon scale issue, what the miles were for my world.

What is the current status with the Supergirl series and the Legion of Super-Heroes? Have they done anything with it yet?

I'm interested in establishing a set of epic NPCs for my game world, similar to Mordenkainen, Bigby, etc. Most of these NPCs I would like to place in the past history of the world rather than the current time. I'm more interested in lore than game stats. Each hero or villain should have some sort of epic story (or two or three) surrounding them, though I'm not looking for over the top things like the 12 labors of Hercules but instead things that are more believable and yet important enough that they would have been written down, told at the campfire, etc.

I think a handful of about 8-12 heroes would be nice that I could scatter throughout the world's history and another 8-10 villains. Any 5th edition race is open to use, any 5th edition monsters as well.

The idea is to entrench the individuals into the history of the world. It is these NPC's that would be involved in the creation or use of famous artifacts, great dungeons of horrific reputation (like Tomb of Horrors), epic wars, world altering events, the worlds first cleric, first wizard, etc. rulers of long lost kingdoms, that sort of thing.

I'm hoping people will be kind enough to add their favorite ideas to this thread so that I may sort through it and select the best ideas that fit into the world. Write as much or as little as you like.

I have various world topics that need to be discussed in my campaign world book. Each section is short and isn't deserving of its own chapter. I'm in need of a suitable chapter title and simply put, nothing comes to mind.

Topics which will be included are:

World size in miles
Calendar system (2 of them)
Deities (This topic may receive its own chapter but I would like to include a shorten version of it here).

Anyone have any suggestions?

Threeshades wrote:

Yes, finally!

I hear next week they will expand all classes up to level 30 and release an epic level monster manual.

Where did you see this? Or are you jesting?

I was reading through these posts again. One of them made me think about magic surging through the dragon's veins. Blood also surges through the veins. How interesting of a tale could be developed if a dragon told a human that "Magic was in their blood". The human then finds a way to slay the dragon and drinks his blood. The human is now imbued with the ability of magic.

Through this one person, all of his descendants would also have magic in their blood.

1. How did he kill the dragon without magic? I would like it to be feasible in the game to actually work that way.

2. How does he pass magic to other humans.

3. This person who drank the dragon's blood should become a world shaking NPC or monster type NPC. Any ideas?

Just bouncing this idea off of the community for better details.

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I would pick up "The Living Greyhawk Gazeteer, From the Ashes and also The Adventure Begins. You can find them online.

From the Ashes is a boxed campaign setting which primarily consists of a world book, campaign book, and random encounter tables.

If you buy the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer the From the Ashes World book isn't a big deal, but the secondary book in the boxed set details out the Area Surrounding the Domain of Greyhawk quite well and for that reason I recommend buying the boxed set From the Ashes.

If your looking for just one item though, get the Living Greyhawk Gazetteer as it will be the most complete about the world as a whole. It is thick in size but does lack random encounter tables. It also includes the deities and a few organizations famous to the world.

The Adventure Begins goes into a lot more detail concerning the history of the world, especially the more recent history. It also includes a good Greyhawk City map and location descriptions as well. This makes adventuring in Greyhawk City easy when you want to stick to official places and NPCs found in the city. It also contains the calendar system and a host of other smaller details.

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My world of Darknoth is centered on the worship of the most powerful Demons and Devils in the game, ex. Asmodeus, Demogorgon, Mammon, etc. I'm having a problem making this functional in the game. I've read through the descriptions and there really doesn't seem to be much of a difference between them. I've consulted Tyrants of the Nine Hells and Hordes of the Abyss from 3.5 edition as well. To match the tone and feel of the world I wanted to push standard Deity worship to the side and replace most gods with cults of demons and devils. I would like some of these cults to be out in the open while others are more hidden and secretive than others. I expect these cults to oppose one another as well, competing for worship. I see some of these cults purposely attracting worshippers of neutral and good alignments using fear and manipulation to acquire them.

To also match the world, both Bahamut and Tiamat would be elevated to worship as well.

I'm also adding few of my own deities to fill in gaps.

To match 5th edition Cleric rules, I need to assign at least one (or more) domains to each deity. With homemade deities selecting domains is simple, it doesn't present a problem. With demons and devils its an issue. I have thought about rewriting each demon or devil to give it a unique spin in the world to solve some of these problems.

I want to make the list more complete yet streamlined, eliminate unnecessary ones, add needed deities, and tweak the existing ones so they are better. I'm open to adding or subtracting domains, changing worshippers, and alignments.

Here's what I have so far....

Greater Gods are worshipped in the larger more populated areas of the world. These are the primary deities of the campaign.

Asmodeus: God of Tyranny, Knowledge and Evil (LE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Humanoids, Domains: Knowledge.

Bahamut: God of Dragons, Good, Justice and Nobility (LG), Worshippers: Good and neutral Dragons and Dragonborn, humans, demi-humans. Domains: Life and War.

Darknoth: God of the Cosmos and Magic, (N), Worshippers: Dragons, Dragonborn, Kobolds, Humans, Demi-humans, Domains: Light, Nature

Glaysa: Goddess of Beauty, (LE), Worshippers: Humans, Domains: Trickery

Magog: God of Murder, Torture (CE), Worshippers: Evil Humans, Humanoids, Domains: Trickery, War

Mephistopheles: God of Fire and Magic, (LE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Humanoids, Domains: Tempest and Trickery

Orcus: God of the Undead, Blood (CE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Giants, Domains: Trickery, War

Tiamat: Goddess of Dragons, Tyranny, Evil (CE), Worshippers: Evil Dragons, Evil Dragonborn, Kobolds, Domains: Trickery, War

Lesser Gods. The Lesser Deities receive some worship but not a lot and are losing favor with people and have been pushed to more select areas of the world.

Baphomet: God of Savagery, Destruction (CE), Worshippers: Humanoids, Monsters of the Underdark, Domains: War

Belial/Fierna: God & Goddess of Secrets, Domination, Seduction (LE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Humanoids, Domains: Trickery

Carnage: God of War and Destruction, (CN), Worshippers: Humans, Giants, Humanoids, Domains: War

Demogorgon: God of Fear, Hate, (CE), Worshippers: Evil Humans, Lizardfolk, Troglodytes, Yuan-Ti, Domains: Tempest

Dispater: God of War,(LE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Domains: War

Entropy: Cod of Chaos, (CN), Worshippers: Humans, Domains: Trickery

Hospice: Goddess of Health & Healing, (LG), Worshippers: Good Humans, Demi-humans, Domains: Light

Lolth: Goddess of the Drow, Spiders, (CE), Worshippers: Drow Elves, Domains: Trickery

Maelstrom: God of Weather and Storms (CN), Worshippers: Humans, Domains:Tempest

Malcanthet: Goddess of Lust and Seduction, (CE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Domains: Trickery

Mammon: God of Greed and Lust (LE), Worshippers: Neutral and Evil Humans, Humanoids, Domains: Trickery

Oracle: Goddess of Divination and Fate, (N), Worshippers: Humans, Elves, Domains: Knowledge, Light

Pacifiss: God of Peace, Serenity, and Reason, (LG), Worshippers: Monks, Domains: Knowledge, Light

Shemayn: Goddess of Nature and Agriculture, (N), Worshippers: Humans, Druids, Elves, Halflings, Domains: Nature

Yeenoghu: God of the Gnolls, (CE), Worshippers: Gnolls, Domains: War

Quasi Deities (These deities are dead but could return to life if they start to regain worshippers in great enough numbers)

Commercius: God of Money, Trade, Barter, (N), Worshippers: Humans, Demi-humans, Domains: ?

Oceanus: God of the Oceans, Lakes and Rivers, (N), Worshippers: Humans, Domains: ?

Raven: Goddess of Skies, Birds (N), Worshippers: ?, Domains?

Songstress: Goddess of Music and Beauty, (LN), Worshippers: Humans, Elves, Domains: Light, Nature

I don't hate the realms for those that got that impression. I like diversity within the product line. There's a difference.

I just wish they would make it generic rather than everything being Forgotten Realms. Probably won't buy it now, just like I haven't bought the other 5th edition adventures for the same reason. People will tell me I can just drop it in anywhere, and yes I could, I don't want to though. How many potential customers have they lost over everything being Forgotten Realms? Surely I can't be the only one. Why can't the Forgotten Realm fans drop it in their world like the rest of us are forced too?

A d20 that has a 20 on every side.


I googled it and pretty much got the answers to my previous post. Clearly warlock are a different type of caster using a totally different set of rules. I rolled up a 1st level warlock last night and played. I hope I won't be disapointed in the class as the character progresses in level.

I have read the warlock class and am confused on how things work when dealing with spells. If I understand the chart on page 106 in the Players Handbook correctly the warlock knows 2 first level spells at first level. They have one spell slot and its got to be a first level spell.

As the character advances in level they have 2 spell slots at level two though level 10. So for the next 9 levels they can only cast 1 more spell than they did at first level.

By the time the warlock reaches 11th level they have 3 spells they can cast and at level 17 they can cast 4 spells.

The number of spells they can cast before a short or long rest seems ridicolous, too few spells.

Now the slot level shows what level the spell is cast at. For example as a 10th level warlock casting a spell, it would be cast as if the character were 5th level not 10th level and at 20th level the same spell is still cast as if the character were 5th level. Thus a warlock with The Fiend Patron casting fireball would receive 5d6 damage regardless of whether they are 10th level or 20th level, the damage is unchanged. This seems wrong too.

Now if the highest level spell a warlock can obtain is 5th level according to the spell slot entry on the does the warlock eventually obtain 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th level spells?

I have read this over and over and cannot find anything explaining how a warlock obtains 6th through 9th level warlock spells. Also it seems to me the numberbof spells they can cast is horribly low before having to rest.

Can someone tell me what I am misunderstanding?

I ran Forge of Fury once and the players enjoyed it quite a bit. I have Sunless Citadel but haven't ran it before. I see no reason why these would not work and get the party up to the level you want them to be for The Red Hand of Doom. Go for it.

Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh and its two follow up adventures are great for 1st level.

Ghost Tower of Inverness would be good to run right before Red Hand of Doom.

My guess is if you run all four of these modules you will be ready for Red Hand of Doom.

I framed the world map in a good frame with the intent to keep it there. The local area map I blew up poster size and laminated and will keep in front of me on my desk while playing. When I need a different local map for play I will switch it out with another one that is framed. This will keep all but one map framed at all times and protect those that see regular play.

SmiloDan wrote:

The government probably have many cannons. I'm just wondering what a fair price for the PCs should be.

I understand that, my point was that I thought 1 cannon equals 8 pistols or 4 muskets devalues the idea of the cannon considerably. I thought the price was to low for PCs, military or anyone else for that matter when you compare the weapons. But its not my campaign, so no biggie.

How many muskets or pistols do you think would be worth 1 cannon in a trade? That's how I would price things. If you feel 8 pistols is a fair trade for 1 cannon, then you are fine.

SmiloDan wrote:


But the DMG doesn't have prices for siege equipment! Pistols are 250 gp, muskets are 500 gp. Pistols do 1d10, and cannon do 8d10, so would 2000 gp be right? It seems a little pricy, but they have a range of about half a mile, but it also takes 3 actions to load, aim, and fire a cannon.

So far, there hasn't been a lot of money given out during the campaign, but they did get a free mansion and airship, plus some magic items.

1 Cannon = 4 muskets?

1 Cannon = 8 pistols?

The government should be able to afford many cannons at those prices.

As mentioned before I am creating my own world. The world map is complete and framed. I am doing several enlargement maps of the kingdoms and not sure how to display and use them.

1. I will have the maps on the computer but I hate using a computer when I game, so I know I want to take the map to the printers and have them on my desk when I play.

2. I can laminate the enlargement maps and then also write on them using a wet erase pen.

3. Having them laminated would require having a edge of about a 1/2 inch all the way around, plus with the added weight I'm not sure how well they would sit in the frame...they might be just fine.

4. Having them laminated means I need to print them smaller than the frame size to accommodate the lamination edge. I would rather have the maps as large as possible which is 24 x 36 inches.

5. If I laminate the maps but do not put them in frames they are still protected but now I will have several (10-15) maps rolled up or lying around creating a mess.

6. If I don't laminate the maps they can be framed like the world map but then I can't have them on my desk when I play because they will get ruined.

Does anyone have any cost effective ideas of how to display the maps on the wall or elsewhere in the gaming room that will look nice? They need to be protected and I would like them to be displayed if possible. A lot of money is going into these maps and I hate to have them just sit there, rolled up, etc.

How can I use them on the desk, display them when not in use and still keep them protected?

Armies need to march and that requires a lot of food and water. Taint their supplies. You can use poison or disease to do this. If you can't get close enough to the army to infiltrate the food and water supply you can always taint the next major water supply they will encounter, be it a river or lake.

Infiltrate the army by passing along false orders from their superiors. The party could use a number of means depending upon what's available to them, such as illusions or charm person.

Organize a raid by elves, orcs or some other army to stage a hit and strike battle against the army. If they suffer enough casualties or injuries they will be slowed considerably. They will even be a weaker fighting force once they arrive at their destination. Keep in mind the more severe the injuries, the longer it takes to heal, this alone slows them down.

If the terrain is difficult such as a canyon, a landslide can cause them to reroute, thus losing valuable time.

SmiloDan wrote:

In 5th Edition, all spells are bard spells! :-D

So your saying that dragons cast bard spells? I there a page I can check out to read this over?

I was on the fence about ordering this book because I didn't feel that for the price tag it would be a wise purchase when I could not flip though it page by page. So I didn't order it.

Went to my nearest gaming store a couple of weeks ago and saw it sitting on the shelf. I grabbed a copy and flipped through it. My first impression was but I bought it anyway because I feel monster starved with 5th edition.

Tonight I was working on random encounter tables for my world. I went through the book one page at a time giving each monster a reasonable look and reading the first couple of paragraphs to see if the monster would work for this particular encounter table. Here's what I realized...

1. Tons of Fey, Undead, and Draconic monsters.
2. Some unique beings that were fey lords of some sort.
3. Far more work went into this book than I initially gave it credit for.

My only complaints are the separated paragraphs on the monsters relation to the Midgard world and occasional mention of specific deities or other places in the world. The art was reasonable but not top notch.

Am I glad I bought it...Absolutely. Well worth the price tag if your looking for good quality monsters to add to your campaign.

Good Stuff here, if your thinking about buying it, don't hesitate like I did, order it or find a copy in your local gaming store. I really think you will like it and I will use mine for my entire 5th edition DMing career.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I have gaps in my kingdoms still and will fill in details with the most workable ideas you offered. Here's a revised version of my kingdoms with inserts included from your efforts.

As many already know the history of the world comprises primarily of a two forces, a large dragon kingdom and demonic forces that were summoned by the humans to fight their war against the dragons and demi-humans. Long story short, the humans won but are now slaves of the demonic forces. These forces are trying to infiltrate all kingdoms and forcibly make the world their own. They are contested by the dragon kingdom which are getting ready for another war. I have two other continents that remain relatively free of the demonic influence (but not completely.)

Well the kingdoms I have this far are as follows:

The Northern Reaches of the Clansman Horde Sort of a Viking type of civilization.

The Frigid Domain of the Ice Queen Modeled after the 2nd Snow White Movie.

The Holy Realm of Belivdear Arthurian in style, no details as of yet.

The Sacred Faith of Divine Apostasy Religion is a long lost belief in the world and the gods have decided to make this kingdom their point of return. It will house all faiths of Darknoth (though I am going with a small pantheon) and include all alignments.

The Dreaded Cannibals of Kallistor A cannibalistic humanoid society that lives in a prehistoric setting. They utilize dinosaurs as beasts of burden and perhaps steeds.

The Sovereignty of Draconic Enlightenment A realm of ten different dragon kingdoms (one for each color) of which at its beginning, all were of good alignment. They form one huge kingdom that takes up a third of a continent. Collectively, these dragons worked together to care for the world. They are pivotal to the entire history of the Darknoth. There is much internal strike ever since magic altered the alignments of many of the dragons, and thus we now have both good and evil dragons (even some of the normally good aligned dragons have turned evil). There mission remains the care for Darknoth. The evil dragons have changed their ideas of giving races free will and support to freeing them of the demonic beings only to them rule with tyranny.

The United Kingdom of Addenshire A farming country, comprised mostly of humans, halflings and gnomes. Lycanthropes haunt the giant swamp nearby and once a year they come out in full force attacking the villagers of the kingdom.

The Empiric Realm of Saulania Remains of the first human kingdom which was established by the dragons for humans. Over the ages this kingdom has rose and fallen. Right now it is militaristic and the government is controlled by forces of the hells which actively are seen throughout the capital city and the regions beyond.

The Just Realm of Walesmond No plans as of yet other than Walesmond is a family name and the kingdom has been handed down for generations. They are frequently raided by a humanoid kingdom to the north.

The Maurading Demons of Haggrick Another humanoid kingdom, though this one is also controlled by demonic forces. Haven't decided if they are demons or devils so far. They frequently raid the kingdom south of it which is the Just Realm of Walesmond.

Fairy Kingdom of Elshivan A relatively small elvish nation comprised of a forest.

The Royal Crown of Eastminister No specific plans for yet, though I an considering having them embroiled in a civil war as a result of the demonic influence.

Yuan-Ti The Yuan-ti kingdom will be one that they forcibly took from another race (haven't decided which one yet). I like the idea that shortly before the conquered the underground city in the desert a great curse was put in place by the previous occupants. Now the Yuan-ti cannot leave the desert and conquer other nations as a result. I got this idea primarily from avr. Thank you.

There is a second major Yuan-ti kingdom that resides in a swamp that is not affected by the above mentioned curse.

Undetermined Free City One of the ancient kingdoms which in itself has collapsed but now has reformed in the state of a Free City, once fended off the demonic invasion which occurred centuries ago. To do so, they opened up portals to other planes and various creatures came to help. This saved the city and though the kingdom itself didn't stand the test of time, one city did and that is now a Free City in the middle of no-where. The portals are still very active producing trade back and forth and opens the area up to many strange races from other planes. A strong special military has been formed to control the types of beings that pass through the portals. Thanks blood_kite for the wonderful idea.

Giant Kingdom Though it has no official name, I did section off a part of the world to place such a realm. That was one of my first ideas. Simeon touched upon this idea by change. I planned on using the "Ordning" information in the 5th edition rules set.

Plus there are a few other Free Cities which will probably have a few scattered villages nearby but each Free City will have a government unto its own without any specific amount of territory claimed. Most of these are located far away from other kingdoms.

There are also a few scattered underground kingdoms of Dwarves, Drow, Duergar, and Yuan-ti that are of significant size, though no details are drawn up yet.

Feel free to add more comments in order to fill in the gaps I still have left.

Thanks for everyone's input. The world map with its kingdoms was sent to my cartographer and she is placing the labels for me.

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DungeonmasterCal wrote:

As a joke, my players named a Gnome village Rainbow Happy Town. The name stuck.

That's funny. Rainbow Happy Town was probably filled with the most evil and sadistic gnomes one ever met. LOL

I think this thread went off in an unintended direction, which is my fault for not being clear in my original post. I am not disputing the abilities between NPC stat blocks and character class abilities. They are different, I agree to make an NPC stat block work as intended.

What I was trying to get at is how you as a DM incorporate both the NPC stat block and the character class as NPCs.

Do you ignore the NPC stat block that is named after a character class type...such as the Bard in Volo's Guide to Monsters, along with the Abjurer, Archdruid, Conjurer, Diviner, Master Thief, etc.

Do you use the stat blocks as quick NPCs and then add the other PC class abilities that are not mentioned in their write-up?

Do you treat the NPC stat block and character class NPCs as completely different types of which has different or less abilities than the other?

Do you use the NPC stat block and alter the math up and down to reflect different levels or do you use the Players Handbook character class and start from the ground up when you have an NPC?

If you make random encounter tables for your world, how do you enter them on the chart? This is actually what I was contemplating when I noticed the difference between the two NPC stat block/Character Class NPCs.

This is what I was trying to focus the thread on.

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