Can you organise this for me, or am I too slow?

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Hi Paizo people

I'm looking to buy the latest Wizkids D&D incentive figure plus the associated case, which I understand is a pre-requisite purchase.

However, the case is showing as unavailable. That seems odd, given the incentive is still in stock. Are you able to facilitate ordering of both of those for me? Or have I missed the boat, perhaps?

I wasnt sure who to direct this to - perhaps I should have posted in one of the product threads?


Customer Service Representative

Hi Steve,

Liz was able to work some magic voodoo in the system. Try ordering now.


Thanks Sharaya (and Liz)

The case is showing as a back order whilst the incentive seems ready to go. Would you mind just checking that everything will head off as soon as it's ready?

The different availability of the two looks a little odd to me, but I'm not in any rush. I guess you've opened a few cases to meet booster/brick orders and got some incentives "left over".


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