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If u have the ability to find a new group I'd suggest it. I have found that if a group doesn't respect u, then whining about it doesn't change it...

Had a group like this awhile ago... I'd throw out an idea or 2 when something came up and they would do whatever they wanted and after a few failures they would get this idea that would work... What I had proposed 15 mins earlier.

Or when we would meet someone and I would tell them that I wouldn't trust them or we shouldn't take that guys deal. But they would go ahead like I never said anything and I'd have to deal with the consequences.

Oh while mauler familiar requires gm approval it's not necessary for the build. Feats are left open but obvious choice is wp focus and wp spec claw

So I wanted to create a character that utilized the shadow drake as his main dmg. This is what I came up with....

Eldritch guardian and sharpclaw gives the familiar claw, claw, bite, tail

Ratfolk eldritch guardian 2 wizard 5 eldritch knight 10

20 point

Str 12
Dex 15
Con 14
Cha 7
Int 19
Wis 8

15 point buy

Str 12
Dex 15
Con 14
Cha 7
Int 18
Wis 7

Armor expert
Magical knack wizard

1 eldritch guardian 1 bab 1
G spirit guide
2 eldritch guardian 2 bab 2
3 wizard 1 (transmutation ) bab 2
G sharpclaw
+1 dex
4 wizard 2 bab 3
+1 int
5 wizard 3 bab 3
G finesse
6 wizard 4 bab 4
7 wizard 5 bab 4
+1 dex
G improved familiar shadow drake
Wizard bonus feat silent spell
8 eld knight 1 bab 5
+1 int
Bf escape route
9 eld knight 2 bab 6
G improved share spells
10 eld knight 3 bab 7
11 eld knight 4 bab 8
12 eld knight 5 bab 9
+ 1 dex
13 eld knight 6 bab 10
G improved natural attack
14 eld knight 7 bab 11
15 eld knight 8 bab 12
16 eld knight 9 bab 13
+1 int

Magical items and equipment
Ring of Rat fangs
Tail blade
Amulet of mighty fists

So ... bite claw claw tail

Mauler familiar

Class skills
Use magic device

Just say no to gmpcs

How about receiving a note with a clue about an ancient and or powerful treasure lost and forgotte from a dead relative.. That clue leads to another clue and so on and so forth... National treasure like.... Some require physical some require magical or some require mental challenges to get to the next clue.

Quick question can a spirit whisperer wizard take spirit gift to give there familiar stone and battle for dr5 and +2 ac?


Can someone point me to where I may be able to make a pdf of a ancient style note like one you would see tacked to a wall in a guild or something? Please.

What is overpowered in a evil campaign for 1000 Alex


Besides if he always plays op summoners he's just trying to win and doesn't care about rping..

I kinda get it my first gm was hard core any mistakes and u died. Made me inclined to make characters that were tough enough to survive anything. But rping isn't about winning at combat at any cost it's about the story and making it epic.

Ur well within ur right to ban them... I have... Many have.... Don't know if unchained is better though.

Unrelated since core but would Eldritch guardian alow u to share ur fears with the shadow?

If u are unfamiliar with a rule don't be afraid to call on experienced players. It's better to ask for help then to create or not follow rules on the fly.

Realize a lot of aps are written for non optimized players... This really becomes evident at higher levels. Be ready to apply templates to enemies. If all else fails instead of going average hd Hps use max hit points instead.

If you have a player useing combat maneuvers Brush up on them.

If you have a Spell Caster be prepared for Lots of unexpected Outcomes. Try to roll with it.

One enemy fights are easier to manage and quicker but also usually not much of a challenge to experienced players. Throw in a couple mooks or another threat to go with them.

Don't bother with xp... Use designated spots in the ap to give lvls. Optimized players throw the cr-exp out of wack and cause there lvls to rise too fast.

Feel free to discuss your decisions with players who don't agree but don't let someone convince u to rule against what u feel is right simply by not giving up the arguement.

Brush up on knowledge skills and try not to give out too much info about enemies... Specially when there not the big bad.

You don't always have to speak in first person for npcs if it's hard you can summarize what they say. When u get more of a feeling for a npc then you get more comfortable speaking for them.

Watch out for animal companions/eidolons/summons/ECt. In the hands of an experienced player they can bog down combat, Let alone a novice. Ban these things for players who are not able to operate them quickly.

If combat still drags out you can bring an egg timer and give people time limits on there combat rounds.

Use terrain

If someone makes a broken char that is causing the other players to not have a chance to shine then talk to that player alone and ask him to tone his char down. Or add enemies who focus on him so that he is kept busy and others can get some action.

Save or suck spells or effects can kill fights that are supposed to be memorable. Splitting his fights into groups of bosses can help solve this.

Ok that's what I got so far... The advice I give I learned the hard way.

In the guide ranger is the best to go into shadowdancer due to 2 good saves d10 hps

Switched to falcata and slashing grace since I'm taking a level in swashbuckler anyway.

So leaning towards

Goblin magus kensai

15 or buy
Str 8
Dex 19
Con 10
Cha 8
Int 16
Wis 8

Tree runner

+1 dex@4 +1 int @ 8,12

1 Magus 1 bab 0
Combat reflexes, wp focus
2 mouser swash 1 bab 1
3 moms monk 1 bab 1
Monkey style, dervish dance
4 magus 2 bab 2
5 magus 3 bab 3
Arcana flamboyant arcana
6 magus 4 bab 4
7 moms monk bab 5
Mobility, monkey shine
8 magus 5 bab 5
9 magus 6 bab 6
Arcana enduring blade
10 magus 7 bab 7
11 magus 8 bab 8
wp spec
12 magus 9 bab 8
13 magus 10 bab 9
Feat extra arcana ghost blade
14 magus 11 bab 10
15 magus 12 bab 11
Extra arcana arcane deed evasive or greater wp focus



I been working on a goblin fighter who uses yodas spinning twirling attack method. The problem is where to go since there's a lot of possibilities. Yodas fighting style is the biggest thing I'm looking for but some other Jedi type powers would be cool too.

Dawnflower dervish bard- (duelist?)
Mouser swashbuckler (Monk?)
Monk useing monkey shine to enter there square?

The ability to enter another's square seam it would be useful.

Want to use the goblin tanglefoot feat too.

I would like him to not use anything heavier then light armor.

Likely a 15 point buy btw.

If I could combine monkey shine, mouser underfoot adept, and tanglefoot feat that be cool.

I was considering pharasma. But there's a necromancer in the party and I was afraid to come at odds with him.

He has the wasting curse so irori didn't seam right. Just not sure.

The history I have so far for him is part of his training to become a Lore keeper oracle he was taken To a graveyard to commune with those long dead. Something happened he doesn't remember but he awoke buried alive next to a corpse.

Make sure u yell yayayhayayayah while u are throwing them!

It's a Mythic campaign that just Hit lvl 11 Tier 3. I'm assuming he's gonna become a scout unchained. I don't have the book but I'm inclined to let him.

My questions are: anything I should be ready for? Is it compatible with scout? If I were to require retraining rules how long/cost of retraining?

Eigengrau wrote:
It can fly of course but its type is Dragon, I think. It has 4 claws/legs , wings and a tail. What is it you're asking exactly?

I'm asking what slots it has.. Which means I need to find out where it falls on the Magic slots for animals table.

Then what is it on the list of magic slots for animals list?

Is a shadow drake a avian?

What kind of gear can u equip a familiar.. If there tiny..

I like the shadow drake and it be cool to make it combat viable... Using spells and feats.

Sprite with ranged attacks could b powerful get a wand of gravity bow so on I'd prob go stait fighter for that for wp focus wp speciality use magic device for a few buffs

What feats would be most useful for a familiar? I was considering power attack dazing assault.

So could i go eldritch guardian 2 lvls then wizard then eldritch knight ... I could use eld heritage to get be of familiar higher since eld knight doesnt increase familiar lvls.

This may be the best way of useing the shadow drake as a combat viable companion.

My newsest thought completely different along the thought of the ranger going into shadowdancer. Either that or just stick with ranger not sure.

Half elf Woodland skirmisher ranger
15 of buy

Str 10
Dex 14
Con 15
Cha 13
Int 7
Wis 15

Dangerously curious or magical knack
Armor expert

4 +1 con
8 +1 wis

Skill focus knowledge
1 eldritch heritage arcane
2 power attack
3 dodge
5 mobility
6 pushing assault
7 improved familiar
9 combat reflexes
11 lunge
13 spring attack

Bond with companions give familiar the bonuses?


Shadow drake

Favored class bonus Hps

So at least u got 2 good saves, d10 hps, and full bab.

The more I think about it the less I think it's possible for a wizard to have a combat familiar due to low bab, low saves, low hps.

Another option is at 10 taking a lvl of fighter then eldritch knight for more Hps for familiar

Can you be 1 step away ie neutral and have a shadow drake?

I kinda wanted to use the shadow drake as a combat capable ally but as a wizard hps are low. Idk this is what I got so far at lvl 6. I haven't worked out spells available in his book yet. Not sure what metamagic to take probably tenebrous and something maybe silent? Is it possible to cast while hidden?

Wayang shadowcaster

Str 8
Dex 14
Con 14
Cha 13
Int 19
Wis 8



1 skill focus knowledge planes
3 eldritch heritage arcane
5 spell focus illusion
5 metamagic
7 improved familiar
9 greater spell focus illusion
10 metamagic

Spells 5/4/4/3

Shadow 3

4 +1 int
5 +1 con
8 +1 int
10 +1 con
12 +1 con

I have a question about an encounter that I been thinking about. In a cave vs a druid with earth elementals. Huge stalagmites above them. Could the elementals drop the stalagmites on them? Would the elemental need to come out of concealment to do this? I have 3 ranged types and wreck stuff also. I would like to have a encounter where the melee shine.

Idk if it's a good idea to drop mercy. The ability to remove effects on allies is as useful as increasing there ac.

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Lol I did this to 2 different groups in same campaign. The life oracle looked away while barbarian slaughtered them. In the other the female rogue convinced the monk to spare them. I didn't impose any alignment penalties I was just curious to what they would do.

130. Good bard breaks out in We are the World song. "I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way.....

I've played in pvp campaigns there anoying as f***. 1 if u can't handle it leave, 2 get underhanded urself... Above has many suggestions... If rogue somehow has knowledge about what uve done and circumvents everyone the gm is against u... See 1.

I haven't played with a ton of dm's but I found they get really irritated when they have to roll a 20 to hit u. They will adjust lvl of encounters so there's a chance to hit u, or even ignore ur char and go after easier targets.

On the other hand u do a ton of damage and kill enemies they are like ok onto next encounter.

This leads less to shields. Shieldmaster feat is also worded kinda bad and it's either really awesome or useful depending on ur gm.

3 feat tax I'd just go human

How would u do a cleric of sobek? I was thinking of making a faster cleric who rides on a stegosaurus mount

Having trouble with dieties that grant this domain. Like Apsu says dragon subdomain... Is Saurian available?

I agree how about a dungeon with a bunch of arcane eyes.... Maybe they use it as a training ground for monsters or entertainment or a place to wager who will win.... When they complete it they run into the big boss who thanks them for the entertainment and let's them go with a gift.

Elf divination wizard lvl 5

Str 8
Dex 16
Con 10
Cha 10
Int 20
Wis 14

Reactionary +2 init
Eyes and ears of the city +1 perception

1 spell focus enchantment
3 greater spell focus enchantment
5 improved initiative
5 metamagic heighten spell

Familiar with +4 init

That's +11 init ability to act in surprise round
+11 perception

Add on hold person, touch of laughter, invisibility (for them)

I'm thinking a dm would allow the Sohei to flurry with them since there not trying to flurry with 2h weapons... Then u can flurry ur throwing as well. Honestly after lvl 8 I'd consider going fighter for feats and weapon specialization and greater wp specialization.

Hmm if u can take thrown wps as ur wp group and star knifes are thrown can u flurry with them as melee wps?

Have em take a lvl in impossible bloodline sorcerer

Well played him I was doing solid damage with luck bonuses. I want him to be a scholar that's why his int is higher. I'm pretty happy... Prob gonna take glitter dust next lvl.

I understand where ur going and it's hard not to maximize dps but the group is already pretty dps oriented. I feel a familiar might prove to have a lot of utility and be enjoyable to play. Arcane bloodline does give other abilities as well including adding spells to ur known spells. I also figured if I could get to 22+ on cha with items I could have +2 lvl 2 spells per day.

I am the only arcane faster in the group that's why I figured I should up my spellcasting

Thx on the fcb though I'll use that. Not a fan of dump stats and I need high perception to find traps.

Sob ur right it only works on melee wps

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