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I been working on a goblin fighter who uses yodas spinning twirling attack method. The problem is where to go since there's a lot of possibilities. Yodas fighting style is the biggest thing I'm looking for but some other Jedi type powers would be cool too.

Dawnflower dervish bard- (duelist?)
Mouser swashbuckler (Monk?)
Monk useing monkey shine to enter there square?

The ability to enter another's square seam it would be useful.

Want to use the goblin tanglefoot feat too.

I would like him to not use anything heavier then light armor.

Likely a 15 point buy btw.

If I could combine monkey shine, mouser underfoot adept, and tanglefoot feat that be cool.

There is a very cool goblin feat somewhere that lets you use Acrobatics to go through people's squares and actually half-trip them up.


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Goblin magus, pehaps with a MoMs dip to get wis to AC on top of dex and int. Snake style and snake fang would allow you a AoO with unarmed strike every time some one miss you. With snake style and precise strike you can put level to damage on that attack. Dont know if it is how Yoda figth in the films but in PF he would swing like that;)

Unchained Monk has Spin Kick and Leg Sweep.

This is not super helpful to you but I feel it should be said that Yoda should have been a powerful force mage not a ridiculous spry flippy swordsman.

A jedi can be both.

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That's just like...your opinion, man.

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GypsyMischief wrote:
That's just like...your opinion, man.

That's just like... every post on the boards.

As for my opinion on yoda or other jedi: Aether/Air Kinectists from Occult Adventures.

Duncan888 wrote:

Tangle Feet is good. It requires Mobility, so you might as well take levels in MOMS Monk and Panther Style feats, which give you Free Action attacks whenever you provoke attacks of opportunity by moving through threatened squares.

This could stack with Snake Fang, but what I normally like to do next is take 1 or more levels in Alchemist--quite Gobliny--and use either a Dex Mutagen which would lower your Wisdom or the Wisdom Cognatagen, which would lower your Dex. Since Panther Claw builds on Wisdom and Snake Fang builds on Dex, they might stack with each other, or either might stack with Alchemy, but they won't both stack with Alchemy and each other at the same time.

My favorite Goblin Feat is Roll with It, which lets you have a Reflex Save vs. melee attacks. You end up flying through the air so many feet instead of taking melee damage.

Okay, I was just looking though Goblin Feats, and I just saw something brilliant. Take Panther Parry, Roll with It, and Tangle Feet. If you get struck in melee, and make your successful Acrobatics check as per Roll with It, you might get sent flying through threatened squares. As you do, you can make Acrobatics checks to try to avoid Attacks of Opportunity. If any check succeeds, you can use Tangle Feet on the opponent whose square you pass through. If you fail, you use Panther Claw for your Retaliatory Attack, either way, every time someone hits you, you leave a trail of destruction in your wake!

This might just be a time to play a pure MOMS Monk and become a Master of Panther-Snake Kung Fu. If Panther Parry works, you get a +2 bonus to your AC. If the attack misses, you get a Snake Fang Attack of Opportunity in addition to your Retaliatory Strike which you would get hit or miss.

This character should acquire a Crown of Swords. If the attack hits, a Spiritual Weapon (a sword) attacks the attacker. Damned if you do, Damned if you don't, damned if you hit, damned if you miss.

And damn Paizo for giving us Goblins and then not letting us play them in Pathfinder Society!

Give me Goblin PFSPCs, or give me death!

Depending on your exact interpretation, I think the closest to 'Jedi' in Pathfinder is either Magus or Warpriest. Obviously, neither are a perfect match, but the basic idea of a martial character with a mystical connection is pretty good for those two classes. Inquisitor would be my third choice and Bard my forth, particularly arcane duelist bard. Bard would have an advantage if you really want some of the mind influencing tricks, but getting the DCs high enough would be difficult.

If I went Magus, I'd probably focus mostly on the 'spinning attack' being things like bladed dash and greater bladed dash. Kensai would be a pretty good archetype if you really wanted some martial smack, and Blackblade would represent a lightsaber fairly well.

I have just created my first draft of a goblin character who is a little, green, whirling ball of destruction, who might look just like Yoda opening his can of whoopass on Count Doodoo. He combines Fighter, Monk, and Ranger. He combines Panther Parry, Snake Fang, Roll with It, and Tangle Feet.

I posted him on another thread, where I posted other builds, too, along with other people's. Please have a look and tell me what you think.

Interesting Tank Builds

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You'll need a lot of movement based feats, like my halfling fighter, Caltrop.

Yoda doesn't fight in the movies.

Yoda being some kind of jumping blender is some kind of mass delusion. Fight it. You'll feel better.

Ravingdork wrote:
You'll need a lot of movement based feats, like my halfling fighter, Caltrop.

Maybe. Caltrop is 4 levels higher than where I took my build. Lightning Stance seems a little expensive for what you get, but I do like Miss Chances, and Miss Chances would add to my build.

Meanwhile, that level in Ranger gives my runty reaver access to wands that cast Ranger Spells, and there might be a lot of options that lead to becoming harder to hit like Iron Skin or increase his movement like Longstrider and Featherstep.

A personal favorite of mine is the combination of Scent, the Blind-Fighting Feat, and an Eversmoking Bottle. This character would get Scent via a Wand of Bloodhound Scent, so between that and the 'Bottle, we are talking about 10,000gp, which is high, but an Eversmoking Bottle should be a party purchase anyway, since it usually Blinds everyone in the party.

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Oh I made a Yoda like Grippli Evangelist Cleric. He had the travel Domain.

He was more an advisor and Buffer of his allies. Had insane movement speed and a Net for Entangling foes.

If he was going to get down and dirty with damage he would use Spiritual weapon (Rapier) and/or the spell Divine Trident A.K.A Gozreh’s Trident.

He specialized in Enchantment magic for Jedi Mind Tricks.

I named him Yodar. And played him like he was reincarnated and can remember his past life as a Jedi Master.

So leaning towards

Goblin magus kensai

15 or buy
Str 8
Dex 19
Con 10
Cha 8
Int 16
Wis 8

Tree runner

+1 dex@4 +1 int @ 8,12

1 Magus 1 bab 0
Combat reflexes, wp focus
2 mouser swash 1 bab 1
3 moms monk 1 bab 1
Monkey style, dervish dance
4 magus 2 bab 2
5 magus 3 bab 3
Arcana flamboyant arcana
6 magus 4 bab 4
7 moms monk bab 5
Mobility, monkey shine
8 magus 5 bab 5
9 magus 6 bab 6
Arcana enduring blade
10 magus 7 bab 7
11 magus 8 bab 8
wp spec
12 magus 9 bab 8
13 magus 10 bab 9
Feat extra arcana ghost blade
14 magus 11 bab 10
15 magus 12 bab 11
Extra arcana arcane deed evasive or greater wp focus


Switched to falcata and slashing grace since I'm taking a level in swashbuckler anyway.

It would be nice to work Vicious Stomp in there. Tangle Feet makes opponents fall prone, and vicious Stomp gives you an attack of opportunity when they do. It might be nice if you could at some point work in a 3rd level in Monk and take the Monastic Legacy Feat. Monastic Legacy lets 1/2 your nonmonk levels count as Monk levels for the purposes of increasing damage.

All that might not be all that important if you are focusing on Falcata: I was just thinking about how best to build upon Tangle Feet, and I do so love attacks of opportunity.

Love to hear what you think of my build.

Duncan888: I just wanted to compliment you on your build. After your first post I did a bit of research and came to the EXACT same build as you did before I even saw it.

I thought about trying to incorperate some of Scott Wilhelm's ideas for Snake, Monkey and Panther style but that requires too many feats to fit all of it into a single build. Plus MoMS Monk doesn't get to pick Combat Reflexes as a bonus feat so that cuts into your level based feats. Going with Lore Warden or Unarmed fighter could provide more feats but then that is detracting more from Magus. I guess it is all a balancing act of which Jediness you want more.

BTW: On the off topic of people in denial about Yoda being a melee badass - it was well established even in the earlier movies that Yoda was one of the best Jedi Knights of his day. This is 100% canonical and is reiterated in several sources outside of the original movies, the prequel movies and Clone Wars.

Duncan888 wrote:
Switched to falcata and slashing grace since I'm taking a level in swashbuckler anyway.

i would go with Katana instead since more crits are gonna do more for you than better crits, since only the weapon damage without magic and precise strike is gonna multiply on a crit. And crits will even give panache points back. Also i think the kata Master monk stack with the MoMS to get parry ripost back.

Edit: at what level do you get Arcane deed(precise strike)?

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