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I was looking at the hardcover version of Curse of the Crimson Throne, specifically at the Castle Korvosa map and I noticed something strange. There doesn't appear to be any servant's quarters. Unless I am missing something, there is no space at all for the support staff.

Since I intend to run this AP soon, and want a more intrigue heavy campaign, I was going to involve the castle more early on. I though about carving out some quarters in the first floor, but maybe there is something better that I can do.

There are other structures and areas outside the castle referred to in various places, but they aren't presented in the map. (Like the gardens)

So it could be that's where they live.
Similarly, it's entirely possible they do not provide servant's quarters, and the servants live elsewhere and just commute in for work.

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Commuting in for work? Sounds like a slight nightmare for your Seneschal, not to mention the hours spent in daily vetting by palace guards.

I can't imagine the Queen wanting to wait until the cooks commute in at (whatever time in the morning) if she's been hard at working doing...whatever it is she does...and wants a meal or a snack at the hour of "are you kidding me?" either.

The castle's design *is* a touch weird.

Not living in the castle proper doesn't mean there's not round the clock shifts.

My personal take though is that their quarters are on the outside grounds.

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Wow. That's a great idea, Duamatef. :) Round the clock shifts. Might make sense for some support staff...maybe people not quite as important as the seneschal and some of those bigger roles?

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This one's been bothering me--so I bought the Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to Korvosa.

Guide to Korvosa states: "Only the king, his immediate family, the seneschal of the castle, and his family may live in Castle Korvosa. Either man can invite long-term guests (such as the king’s small harem), but the other can evict these guests at any time (except during times of war)."

Curious. I may have missed that in rereading the older books for the AP. I'm fairly sure that verbiage must have been in something other than just the Guide to Korvosa.

Canonically it appears that there are no servants' quarters because no one else can live in the castle. Unless they're considered guests of either the king or the that's a possibility but not currently supported as an option in the layout of the rooms. (After all, they had to convert areas for the Gray Maidens to utilize as makeshift barracks.)

Talynonyx: sorry dude. Looks like the servants live outside the castle, man. You could restructure the castle like you're suggesting. Or maybe Duamatef's suggestion of commuting servants plus on-call staff that may bunk out in the outbuildings could be put to use.

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You can just insert a servants' room anywhere you want. I did.

Just look at my version of the 'map'. The rooms with the bunk beds are for the staff, the rooms with the single beds are for the Gray Maidens.

First floor angle 1
First floor angle 2

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