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I'm running my group through The Harrowing, and even though we haven't gotten very far, I've already run into a few things I can't figure out. I'm hoping someone has either run into these, or can point me at some examples.

Storykin: If a storykin is destroyed "their essences float intangibly through the realm". Does that mean that the body dissolves/melts on death, or is it just the animating force that leaves it? Related: Can PCs tell that storykin are not normal humans or monsters?

Harrow cards: If a card is relevant, but has no obvious effects (such as giving the PCs a bonus to saves they haven't made yet, or penalizing the monster if the PCs do something they haven't tried), should I just tell the players, or make them figure it out (and thus possibly miss out)? I know either one could work, but I'm hoping that one or the other has worked better for people in the past.


Bernaditi challenges the PCs to catch him in a lie. As written, they get five questions, and the GM isn't give guidance beyond "almost invariably lies". Per Crystal's original draft they get three questions, and the GM is given more guidance. Either way, it doesn't give me anything to go on in response to the PCs doing something like "I grab a random harrow card and hold it behind my back and ask him what it is." No one knows what the card is, so he can't detect thoughts, but it'd be just stupid to guess randomly.

I answered "A harrow card" to that one, but it left my players wondering what keeps him from truthfully answering "I don't know" in response to anything he doesn't know. Any suggestions here? How can I make this a reasonable contest?

Finally, any character references or advice for RPing Brambleson? I have a hard time wrapping my mind around how he talks and acts.

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When I did it, if the card they chose was good, I would describe it as dissolving in a shower of sparkling lights. They knew they'd chosen correctly at that point.

When they killed a storykin, since they are formed from wax and other such materials, I would describe them as dissolving into puddles of noxious waxy residue.

As for Brambleson, personally I kept Sir Didymus from Labyrinth in my head.

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