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I know there have been questions asked on this before (Can an incorporeal occupy the same space as a PC", and usually it boils down to "nothing says they are exempt from the rule about occupying the same space"....

But I ask because of a specific line on a monster....

"Wrap in Despair (Su) Any living creature that begins its turn occupying the same space as a caller in darkness........"

The specific attack doesn't really have much effect unless the victim is actually still up and active (oh no, my unconscious/dying character is depressed)... so my wonderment is how would this scenario come into play unless an incorporeal could occupy the same space as a corporeal?

In my game, the characters/players keep looking for places to stop and take long breaks to make magic items. This wasn't as much of a problem until they left the city and headed out towards Kaer Maga. During the trip to reach the Shoanti for the "vital information we have to get to stop all the bad things", they stopped in every largish place along the way and took almost 3 in game months just sitting around to make everything they could afford to. This is in addition to the plain old travel time.

I have no problem with them doing that in general, but I don't want to have the world come to a pause outside of them.

So how would you adjust things to give them a sense of urgency? Or would you? I've told them that the world doesn't stop just because they do, but I'm not sure how to reflect that in game. And I really don't like to just say "No you may not" or just have them get back to Korvosa at some point and be told "Oh, it's over and the bad guys won".

This is sort of rules related, but more advice, so here goes...

The rules for Influence, individual and otherwise, in the Ultimate Intrigue book is interesting from what I can understand of them, but very… obscurely… written.

So, a couple of questions for those who may grasp it better….

Say a PC or group has already reached a certain level of influence with an organization before I ever saw these rules. Enough to put them at a Rank 2, for example. How would –you– figure out how many favors they had earned?

Does using a benefit from an individual or organization lower the points the character has earned or does it just cost favors/nothing?

The rules say performing a service/doing a favor for a person/organization can either earn points or a favor. Those who have used this, have you let the players decide, or just decided yourself?

And lastly, those who have used it, have you just told the players what benefits they have available, or let them guess?

I have read and re-read the chase rules, several times... As well as searching all over the forums, so I figured I'd ask and possibly have someone tell me "You missed it right there" or telling me I'm reading old rules.

The chase rules state (I'm simplifying):
"You do xxx and move one square/card"
"You do yyy and move three squares/cards"

Is there no option for moving two? (Without the same effort as moving three)