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My party dropped it in a portable hole (along with all the other treasure). So a few days later the party member whose portable hole it was was highly displeased when they opened it and were greeted by a blast of acid.
After again taking him out, they were then displeased to discover that Knurlott had taken out his frustrations on the contents as well.

After that the person who had decided to keep it to begin with was assigned to scrape out the contents every day.

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When I did it, if the card they chose was good, I would describe it as dissolving in a shower of sparkling lights. They knew they'd chosen correctly at that point.

When they killed a storykin, since they are formed from wax and other such materials, I would describe them as dissolving into puddles of noxious waxy residue.

As for Brambleson, personally I kept Sir Didymus from Labyrinth in my head.

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The magic item creation/identification mechanic. (Okay, so it's two)
They always seem impossibly difficult or impossibly easy.

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The one I didn't know of was that for most of the beneficial touch spells, the upper limit is 6 targets affected.

"Some touch spells allow you to touch multiple targets. You can touch up to 6 willing targets as part of the casting, but all targets of the spell must be touched in the same round that you finish casting the spell."

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Paladinosaur wrote:
Is there a Totem that makes me really good at punching horses?

The Mongo totem. :D

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Potayto, potahto. If the consequence for an action (or inaction) is negative, it's still the consequence.

If a character searches a room, they find something. If they don't, they don't find it. The result is the consequence of their actions.

In this case, if they get on with saving the city, xx happens. If they don't, then a whole lot of yyyyyy happens. It's the consequences of them not doing anything that I'm interested in.

There's generally not a lot of description in AP's of what happens in that case.

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Forben Stralken wrote:

Hello everyone, i hope this wasn't a hot topic recently, i couldn't find any thread about that even though i'm pretty it must have been asked before:

I'm having trouble setting up shops in my campaign, precisely magic items shops, like wands/scrolls/magic armor and weapons etc. I have no idea how to handle such task as it's my first time GMing more than a simple module, and i'm a bit overwhelmed with this as i know my players will try every now and then to grab some.

How did you guys set it up?

I provided mine with the information on shops in the town listed in the Korvosa book, but for the most part my players tend to act like there's some mystic one-stop shop that sells everything. So unless you're going to make them walk from shop to shop and rp through each interaction with the merchant, I wouldn't get too mired down in the details.

I usually just tell them yes or no on whether what they are asking for is available, and tell them they just blew all all afternoon and evening when they're done.

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alexgndl wrote:
Lanathar wrote:
Is the second 2018 AP being announced this weekend? I am sure I heard that on a know direction episode (one of the seminar ones)
According to Adam on another page, it's actually being announced today, within an hour or so!

According to their Twitter feed, it's been announced.. Return of the Runelords.

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It's just too bad that there aren't images in the book for all of the new weapons. Some of them sound very interesting, but I'd like to see what they actually look like as opposed to just a description.

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Zeugma wrote:
I mostly like the cover, but the red is weirding me out, because it really shouldn't show up that well under water.

Imagine how bright it is out of the water then......

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The language part may be the one I'm most pleased with.

I'm always expecting some good crunch and/or setting info, but phrases and things to really bring out the cultural differences of NPCs is something I -love- having access to.

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Unless all 16K+ in the city are willing to stand in line for days, and none of them are re-infected, the summoned creatures are still not a fix. Will -definitely- help though.
Assuming the creatures are willing even to accept "cure everyone" (or an equivalent) as their one task. And that they don't feel it beneath their dignity (as mentioned in the spell). That leaves aside the several thousand gold per day for each one you have to pay.

All that aside though, to the OP however, I would say you should read Seven Days to the Grave from the Crimson Throne AP.

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FedoraFerret wrote:
Oh my god please let the Legacy line stick and please, for the love of god, let the snarky genealogist be the voice of the blog post for all of them.

Seconded! All in favor say Aye!

All opposed.. Hush!!

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
That said, i am normaly not buying pawns anymore (as i have over 1.000 plastic minis), but for the NPCs and having everything for an entire AP handy istill do.

Same. There's always that one creature/npc/something that you just flat out can't find/get a mini for and a simple description doesn't do it justice.