The Scarwall Curse (Spiritual Doom) vs. My parties Ancestor Oracle.

Curse of the Crimson Throne

My party is just finishing up chapter 4 (I am planning to do the Blessing of the Ancestors in Flameford and the 5th Harrow reading tonight- they have already dealt with the Mantis and the Maidens)

I have a Varasian Oracle (ancestor mystery) who pretty much dominates my game. He serves as the tank utilizing spirit shield, ancestral weapon, voice of the grave, blood of heroes, and storm of souls as well as several AC boosting items and spells.

He is also descended from the same bloodline as Zellara and has formed a strong bond to her and the deck.

I am wondering how to incorporate the Scarwall Curse into the game (I want to give him significant trouble-he has been dominating combats) without completely nerfing his character and his build.

I am going to require the same DC 15 check a shaman requires to prepare spells, and call on his ancestors but what should I do when he summons a storm of souls...are they immediately pulled into the walls? Does the storm have any effect?

Can he call on blood of heroes or spirit shield?

Should I let him use these abilities once or twice but warn him that his ancestors are being imprisoned in the castle and that continuing to do could be extremely costly?

Any thoughts or advice would very much be appreciated.

My personal take would be:

I would use the Shaman penalty. Not to form a bond as a Shaman does, but to reach to the spirits. And they also feel the same taint/disturbane/etc that a shaman would.

Make sure you apply the penalties for speak with dead if they use their Voice of the Grave or maybe even Sacred Council or Wisdom of the Ancestors perhaps.

Then you have two different trains of thought.
Either the spirits refuse to come when called (much like a spiritualist's phantom can't be called after a spiritualist enters), or else they can be.
This affects Storm of Souls, Spirit Shield, and Spirit of the Warrior.

If they can't be called, then those three don't work at all.

If they can be called, then you either let them work as normally or else would say that those spirits get absorbed much like Zellara.

If you want to let them work some but indicate that the spirits are being siphoned off, you could also cut the bonuses or damage done with those by a set amount or in half or something similar.

If you go with the option that the spirits are absorbed (even partially), I would allow a check for the oracle to be able to determine this ahead of time or at the very least the first time, much like someone casting possession gets. That way they know what they are getting into. (And know they are going to be liable to get the spirits endangered or upset)

Also bear in mind that the oracle will be subject to the same penalties as other spellcasters for getting sleep and recovering spells due to Dread.

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