Cohort resurrection (multiple times)


So I currently GM a mythic game. One PC has a cohort used as a meat shield. This cohort dies a lot. The player always pays for the resurrection and level restoration but how long until that cohort gives up and walks away?

I currently instituted a rule to somewhat offset this. Stating there is a percentage change (cumulative) that every time the cohort dies it will refuse to come back or leave after the resurrection.

I am basically looking for a way to handle it without penalizing the player every time the cohort dies. But also with understand that no being will stick around while be lead to slaughter over and over.

Well, eventually, I would think the penalties to leadership might run them out of contention.... :D

But I would also start looking at attitude standing of the cohort. If the cohort is assumed to start at helpful, the PC might start being more careful if the NPC starts questioning their choices and occasionally has to make diplomacy checks to convince them of certain actions.
"What do you mean you don't feel like blocking the space between me and the orc horde??"
"Not today, you have a headache?!?"
"Huh? What do you mean you'd rather stay here and guard the camp?"

That gives them a way to earn back the cohort's good will, or to destroy it further without it being an instant penalty.

Why is the cohort dying so often?

is the cohort's name Kenny?

On the other hand, his "boss" has shown a willingness to pay large sums of cash to bring the cohort back. I'm with blahpers, why is the cohort dying so often? Maybe his boss should spend the cash on more defenses instead of rezs.

Sorry should have been clear.

This is a full mythic campaign. Cohorts are close to level but do not have Mythic tiers. I was generous enough to give the cohort 1 tier mythic to keep up. But compared to level 12 mythic 6 players it does not stand long against their enemies.

I have explained to the player that with mythic the cohort would be quickly over powered but the player insisted.


Leadership wrote:

Cruelty .. –2

Caused the death of a cohort .. –2*

I think each deliberate met shield death should get the full -2

Accidental death with rez and restoration will only be a -1

It will not be long before the cohort's level will be too high for the leadership score to recruit. While there is no rules for loosing a cohort, I think if you cannot recruit an equivalent cohort, then you should not be able to keep the cohort.


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