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the David wrote:
Kirwyn wrote:

Well, that explains a lot. Basically, if the US government would take control, they could lower the cost of healthcare, AND taxes.

I'm a bit confused though, because I thought American taxes where low. And although America has a lot of money, it also has great poverty, and most of the money is in the hands of "the 1%".

The Veterans Administration in the US is government run healthcare for members of the US military and it as a government run institution has a proven track record of some of the worse mismanagement, and bureaucracy of any government institution even over the IRS and its record for patient health care is horrendous. This fact alone makes me very afraid of healthcare in America as the US government sticks its hands ever more deeply into the workings of American Healthcare.

Now that the so called Affordable Health Care Act has been enacted we are already seeing taxes go up, and insurance costs go up. The US government taking control of healthcare in the US is NOT the answer to our healthcare problems.

American Taxes are low as compared to other countries like Germany and the UK. They roughly come in at 33% of base salary. But that is relative to other countries. To me 33% of my hard earned money going to the government is outrageous, especially considering the gross mismanagement of the money collected.

The statement that America has a lot of money is also a false perception. America is in the worst debt as a county that its ever been. Under the current of administration of President Barack Obama the US government has spent more than every preceding president since the founding of this country up to former President George W Bush Jr. Bush also spent a lot of money, but Obama has far out paced him with his own spending and the so called Affordable Health Care act is anything but affordable.

Yes America has some poverty, but our poor are the richest and fattest in the world. I know a family on food stamps, and they are provided more money in food stamps per month than I can afford to spend in 3 months, and I make an above average salary. It is a grossly inappropriate use of tax dollars. I am all for helping people out when they need a leg up, but there are people in this country that don't work because they can get government hand outs.

My father-in-law is from England and has told me horror stories about the government run healthcare in the UK. He has said that what is happening in the US now is horrible, and we are headed down a slippery slope. People from Canada routinely come to the US for healthcare because they have to wait for months for simple procedures in Canada. People in Mexico come here just to get decent healthcare at all.

All that is about to change in the course of the next few years unless "Obamacare" is repealed and crushed.

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Erik Keith wrote:

Greetings Drego,

Please note that we are unable to extend the Great Golem discounts to orders that contain preorders, backorders, or are set to ship with future subscription shipments. If your checkout options are set to 'add to sidecart' it could be causing the price variation. If it's not let me know and I'll be glad to look into it further.

If you ever have any trouble with future purchases make sure to let us know on the Customer Service messageboards. We check them regularly in order to address any issues that may occur.

- Erik Keith

sidecart.... DOH DOH DOH

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...and same thing happened with a book that was listed at 3.00, in the cart jumped to 9.99

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I think there is currently a problem with the shopping cart pricing vs. the pricing listed on the website.

I chose 2 5.00 maps and put them in the cart and the price jumped from 5.00 each dollars to 12.99 each.

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If you were Rick would have you let Carol come back to the prison camp?

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thejeff wrote:

One thing that struck me skimming through it was the assumption that everything shut down at night. Everyone's off duty, you can sneak around, all the officers are in their cabins, etc.

Is there no night watch? Do they anchor every night? It doesn't seem so, there are a couple of references to sailing overnight, but it seems everyone named is always on the day shift.

Is this just for convenience?

This has been an ongoing topic in our S&S campaign.

Our thought is that when sailing near shore or near the islands is that it would be too dangerous to sail at night. Reefs and sandbars close to the surface could easily sink a boat, or punch a big inconvenient hole in the bottom.

When sailing out on the Fever Sea it makes much more sense to have a small night watch, including a pilot, than for all the sailors and officers to go to sleep and let the ship drift sans pilot and night crew.

When I ran the first chapter I always had 5-6 crewman and an officer up at night. In our case I used the ships sorcerer for the night officer.

Now that we are in chapter two and the PC's have their own ship I let them determine if they are sailing at night or not.

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Welcome back!

First let me say I am big fan of mini's, and flip-mats so with that caveat read on.

Like a picture is worth a thousand words I think using minis and maps are worth a thousand words. Not to take away from battlefield of the mind, but I would rather plunk down some minis and tiles, or draw the map on a flip-mat and get down to business with a minimal amount of verbal description.

Some game developers once trolled the cons and noticed that most players often started to zone out after a couple of sentences of description. I know my group does.

It really all depends on what you and your players like, are comfortable with and what works for the group.

If they are uncomfortable playing with minis, or tokens then maybe the battle field of the mind is the way to go for your group, assuming they are also OK with lengthy descriptions. If they like (or at least dont mind) using minis, then minis / pawns could add a very fun element to the game. In addition to minis, there are also pathfinder pawns, and paper minis.

If you are not sure what the group would like try out some different methods and see what works best for you.

I have been playing for 20+ years now and I find the use of minis to be so much easier than arguing with players about what PC was where, and what monster was there. Additionally the Pathfinder are essentially a variation of 3.x rules and both rules sets were written around the use of minis or tokens.

All that said following would my list of necessities

1. core rule book & bestiary and / or starter set
2. each player with their own set of dice
3. a blank flip mat and wet erase marker
4. pencils, scrap paper etc.
5. A comfortable place to play at. if you are using minis and mats make sure its a surface everyone has easy visible and physical access to.
6. a place to play where you wont be interrupted by non-players, spouses, friends, SO's, children, dogs etc.
7. an adventure
8. minis / tokens / pawns to represent pc's and monsters*

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I was on holiday down in South Florida when this went down. Based on news reports the victim was a 60+ yr old homeless man. The attacker was a 31 year old naked man.

In addition to the various news reports I watched about this and the one newspaper article I was able to get my hands on it seems the police cant get their story straight about what drug the attacker was on. One PR officer said it was a new variant of LSD, another said it was Bath Salts. Typical misinformation strategy, but also typical of law enforcement in such a bizare occurence that they cannot get their story straight.

Other facts... 75% of the victims face was eaten off, basically only his goatee was left intact. Eyes had been gouged out, nose eaten off, cheeks and lips gone.

The officer responding to the incident had to shoot the attacker 4 times, but get this... the officer shot the attacker once, the attacker growled at the officer and continued his meal. The officer shot 3 more times before the attacker was rendered immobile and presumably dead.

Was the final shot to the head? They arent releasing details of that information that I have found, though they did mention first shot was to the chest (we all know that doesnt work on zombies). Clearly this cop has not been keeping up with The Walking Dead or any other classic zombie films.

I heard from other sources that a similar incident had occured on the same causeway a few weeks ago. The thought that the zombie apocolypse could be starting as drug enduced rage attacks strikes me as all too plausible.

I really am half expecting to find out that the victim bites a nurse or doctor. When that happens I am stocking up on additional ammo and tactical bacon.

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I am a self-proclaimed D&D minis fanatic. While my collection does not completely cross the line into hoarding it certainly dances across that line on occaision.

So when WotC announce the end of their D&D minis line I was rather sad. Say what you will about random pre-painted plastic minis in a box (and yes I know there are a lot of 'haters' out there), I amassed a far greater and useful collection this way than I ever did in the days of the metal minis from Ral Partha and Grenadier.

To put some perspective on this I have something in the neighborhood of 5000 WotC minis. Yes I probably could stand to sell a few.

Nonetheless I was very excited when I heard about Paizo launching a pre-painted plastic minis line. While I love to paint minis I just don't have the time anymore and I have a shelf full of unpainted 40K, Warhammer and LotR minis that "I'll get around to someday." So buying more unpainted Pathfinder metal minis as cool as they might look was really out of the question. (The first step is admitting you have a problem).

I guess I didnt pay attention to how these were going to be packaged because when I went to my FLGS this past Saturday I was really shocked at how tiny the box was. Then I realized it must only hold one mini. "Well 3.99 for one mini, I guess thats not bad." I thought to myself.

The girl behind the counter (yep I said girl, and yep she works at a comic / game store, and yep she even reads comics and plays games. No she does not look like Penny from BBT. No I am still not going to tell you where she works.) says to me "a bit smaller than you expected?"

I had to snigger (thats usually my line). "Uh, well, yeah actually."

The comic book shop girl then went on to explain they were single minis, and randomly packed.

"Randomly packed? WTF?"

I had to buy one. Somehow I managed to keep my minis hoarding urge under control enough to buy but one. Actually it was not that great a feat, I felt obliged to buy one, but thats a different story.

I got out to my car and popped open the packaging (thinking "this is terribly un-green packaging especially for a left-coast company, I sure hope its at least recyclable"), and I got a gargoyle. Its a gargoyle. meh. Decent looking enough for a gargoyle, and I found out later a rare, but not something I would have picked if I had had a choice.

That very night, also happened to be game night at mi casa. I showed my most recent minis procurement to the shall I say less than astounded group of 30 and 40 something year old gamers.

The sentiment was mutual. Who in the world thought it was a good idea to package single mini's randomly? Was someone trying to make this fail on purpose?

Loads of people hated WotC random minis, but at least you got multiple minis in a box, and you always got commons, uncommons and rares. So even if you got a duplicate rare you often could sell it or trade it.
But this? a single random mini in a box is a travesty.

Would it really have cost that much extra to put a window on the box?

Does this make sense to anyone?

I have generally been a big fan of Paizo. I loved the Pathfinder core book, and the Adv Players Guide was in my mind the best supplemental players book ever published. So it pains me to ask "What were you thinking?!"

Next go around either ditch the whole random thing and show us what we are paying for or go the WotC route and package multiples in a box.

The starter box set of heroes was awesome. I did not feel even remotely bad about plunking down 13 dollars for that set.

Box o Goblins? Sure I'd buy it. Single Randomly Pack Minis (SRPM) not so much.

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Hi All,

Thanks for all the suggestions!

After kicking this idea around some more I do want to stay away from 3.5 modules and try to stick with actual Pathfinder system modules. I know it wouldnt take too much to convert them, but I really have zero extra time on my hands. I need to be able to read, make some notes and just go.

A couple of you asked to know more about the group. We have all been rolling dice for many years. I started back in the AD&D days, and the rest of the gang has roots back to 2nd Ed D&D. So we have all experienced many of the standard tropes in fantasy gaming. And while familiar always has a nice feel to it for us, I am sure a little something different would not go at all amiss.

Normally I write and run my own material, but on occasion I will run pre-published material when I don't have time to write and develop my own material. Now is one of those times. Back in 3.5 I ran Shackled City, and we thought that was all kinds of awesome. I was gearing up for Age of Worms, but then we decided to make the jump to 4E.

Now that we have been playing 4E for a while and with the influence of the PFS players in the group, we are looking to run a few to several sessions of Pathfinder. I know we wont have time for an entire AP, but if there is a particular chapter that stands out from any of them that would certainly be a viable option.

I really like the sandbox approach to gaming, and the group seems to really like it as well. My 4E campaign has recently taken a turn in that direction and we are all having a really good time with it.

I think all of us picked up the goblin module on free rpg day, I think that would be an awesome idea to run, but everybody pretty much read it already.

I already see some suggestions I am going to do some digging on, but feel free to keep the ideas coming.


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Hi All,

My group has been playing D&D 4E since 4E came out. A couple of us have also been playing PFS.

We have recently gotten a group consensus to give Pathfinder a try for a few sessions on our normal campaign night.

I as the GM want to run a pre-published module. I am confident and familiar enough with Paizo's quality to know there are a host of good modules available to run. What I would like to find out is what is considered to be the best Pathfinder adventure. I don't care if its an AP module, a stand alone adventure, or even a PFS scenario.

Thanks in advance for your opinions, suggestions and commentary.


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W E Ray wrote:

Dark Sun, sure -- Planescape, sure. Paizo can rename and redo Dark Sun and Planescape and it'll do well.

But there's only one Ravenloft. Any redo of Ravenloft would just ruin it. It's a shame, too, because the last time WotC tried to add Ravenloft to the new edition (the first Expedition book) they produced the worst book in the D20 era.

It would be nice to see Paizo do it, but alas.

The worst book in the d20 era?! really?! Wow. It was one of my favorites (in regards to adventure books).

Now the remake of Queen of the Demonweb pits, that was horrendous and potentially the worst hardcover adventure of the d20 area IMHO.

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Meta-plots are cool but I think are best saved for home run campaigns and adventure paths.

If we add a meta-plot to PFS, what is to separate it from regular Pathfinder Adventure Paths being run at home?

While a meta-plot might seem like a cool idea at first I think it also hedges in the writers and a lot of really cool ideas might get dropped to the cutting room floor in favor of ideas that further the meta-plot.

A good compromise might be to have mini-campaigns at GenCon and / or available for play at other cons. A mini-campaign could consist of 3 to 4 adventures that could be played in 3-4 hour sessions that tie together into one complete and self contained story line. Other than that as other mods are released throughout the year they should be self contained.

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I GM'd 3 scenarios over several sessions at DragonCon this weekend. I vote no a player should not be allowed to replay a scenario.

As a DM I dont like the idea of running a player through a mod they have already played for fear of situations arising such as "well my last DM did it this way" or the player flatly accusing me of "doing it wrong" based on his previous experience. Anyone who has spent any time playing at conventions knows that at least one person at the even over the course of the weekend is going to have this kind of attitude.

As a player I dont like the idea of playing with a player through an adventure he / she has already played due to spoilers. If someone else spoiled a mod for me because they had already played it that might be enough to make me get up and walk away from the table, or for me to ask the GM to have the spoiler excused from the table.

I think the only way to allow someone to play a mod more than once is to impose several provisions on it, but in the end I think it would just be easier to say no.

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Jason S wrote:

Everyone has the same problem with #29. There is actually a Gencon TPK thread somewhere and it was the culprit most times.

Regarding your scenario, when I played it there was only ** spoiler omitted **

Your DM messed up in a big way, that encounter was already too hard as it was. The paladin probably should have lived.

This is a spoiler, such as revealing who really did frame Roger Rabbit.

There indeed was only supposed to be one zombie at that tier.

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What is the best way to write down item names and or descriptions on these cards without defacing the actual card?

Laminating seems a bit price prohibitive...

So I am guessing using the card protector sleeves would be the best way to proctect them. but what is the best way to write on the sleeves?

Is there another obvious method I am missing?

I don't suppose these cards work like the game mastery flip mats in regards to markers?

Guess I should have asked these questions when I was at the GenCon booth... DOH!!!

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Like any other pre-published module it is what you make of it.

Personally I don't get courageous and cunning = hack n slash, nor do I see that great dungeons make great adventures = power game. But heh that is your interpretation so I will leave you to it...

It really sounds to me like you are just looking for reasons to dislike this module and nitpicking so you can convince yourself not to spend money on it. (There's my nickels worth of morning psycho-analysis for you) :)

Seriously though this is a very solid module and is different from their DCC stuff. For 12.99 its worth it just to pick up and read. You might find that you really like it, or you might find that you dont. Thats when you start cherry picking stuff out of a module to drop into your own games.

Ok... just because I can't resist... :)

courage: mental or moral strength to venture, persevere, and withstand danger, fear, or difficulty.

1 : dexterous or crafty in the use of special resources (as skill or
knowledge) or in attaining an end <a cunning plotter>
2 : displaying keen insight <a cunning observation>
3 : characterized by wiliness and trickery <cunning schemes>
4 : prettily appealing : cute <a cunning little kitten>

Note that at nowhere in the definitions does it mention physical strength or force of arms or magicaly blasting things to pieces. Ergo defeating the "sounds like hack n slash" interpretation...

have a nice day!

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I purchased Dragora's Dungeon at GenCon along with Forges of the Mountain King.

Dragora's Dungeon starts off with a warning that this adventure is not for inexperienced GM's or players, and that players will be rewarded for thinking. After reading the module I would have to agree. PC's that try to hack their way through this module will not last long, and even if they do survive will miss out on a lot of unique role playing opportunities.

The story has kind of a Conan world feel to me, which I like, but would be lost on those unfamiliar with Rober E. Howard's work. This by no means should affect the enjoyment of the module though.

The module makes good use of the new 4E skill challenge system, though I have to admit I would have liked to have seen some more skill challenges, but given the scope of the module an experienced DM should be able to add them in easily enough.

One of the key features of this module is a new race the PC's will face off against. This lost race is part of what gives it the Conan feel to me, and should add an interesting twist for experienced players who may be tired of fighting kobolds and goblins with their first through third level characters.

After giving the module a read through a second time I did discover a bit of a plot line / logic hole, one that I believe astute players may pick up on fairly easily. I came up with a fix for it easily enough though and I believe most experienced DM's will be able to as well. For me this small hole did not diminish my enjoyment of the module. It certainly is a smaller hole than many I have seen published by the worlds supposed leader in hobby gaming.

If I had not already written my own low level module for the start of my 4E campaign I would have used this as a starting point and I certainly would use this over Keep on the Shadowfell for my group. While I think Keep on the Shadowfell is a pretty decent low level, and certainly good for beginning players and DM's Dragora's Dungeon really pushes the limits, and should provide an interesting challenge for experienced players. If you are a new DM with a new group, stick to Keep on the Shadowfell, but if you have the kind of been there done that feel with your group, especially regarding low level play I would highly recommend Dragora's Dungoen.

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Kruelaid wrote:
Kruelman wants to run a pbp to playtest your gnarly Alpha, but you gots to give him a PRINTABLE VERSION, dude. I know this was suggested elsewhere but I just wanted to make it quite clear that you are remiss in not supplying it already. It's like having a quarter of free weed but no bong, come on! Don't even think of sleeping BULMAHN.... I'm gonna start spamming your e-mail in two days if you don't reply.(j/k - except for needing printable copy.)


Not sure what you mean that you dont have a printable version. Download it, extract the zip to a drive. Open with adobe reader (which it should do by default anyway), select FILE > PRINT and send off to the printer attached to your PC or to another computer on your network (if you are on a network).

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To All at Paizo,

I have been thinking all along Paizo was planning to stick to 3.5, which I must admit hasn’t really excited me much, until now.

The Pathfinder: Rise of the Runelords adventure path was visually compelling and sounded very interesting, but I just wasn’t interested in buying more 3.5 products until I knew what direction I was going to go in, 3.5 vs. 4.0. Especially considering I still had piles of 3.5 adventures and material lying around that as of yet had gone unused.

I am rather excited about the release of D&D 4e, and I am planning on giving it a try with my regular group, but I am have been and am still annoyed that I have a huge library of 3.5 books, Dragon and Dungeon magazines I felt were going to be rendered useless. Not only are the rules rendered obsolete with the release of 4E but so too is 99% of the fluff in that material. This has frustrated me a great deal. Nonetheless after DM’ing and playing 3.x since its release I have long been equally frustrated with the shortcomings of 3.5. The main problem I have had with staying the 3.5 rule set was an expectation of lack of continued support.

It seems that Paizo has answered all my upper level concerns with the release of Pathfinder the RPG. I get continued rule support for 3.5, my library is not rendered obsolete, and there is at least an attempt to fix some of the things that are wrong with 3.5 with rules, written not only by experienced gamer/publishers/writers but by the community as a whole.

Paizo has exceeded my expectations in the past with their work on Dragon and Dungeon, and the Paizo staff continues to exceed my expectations by releasing the Pathfinder RPG, and then asking for our input with an open play test!!!

You all ROCK!

One of the many options floating around in my head for my future games was some kind of hybrid of 3.5 and 4E (depending on how much my group like the 4E rules set.) Now it looks like I will have a hopefully improved version of 3.5 (and only time will tell). I ran SCAP but never got around to running Age of Worms or Savage Tide and wanted to run both, so I was reserving the possibility of converting those over to 4E, now maybe I will run them with Pathfinder Rules!

I also appreciate you are looking at accepting fan conversion of Pathfinder material to 4E. If I end up sticking with 4E you can count on me to create some conversions!

Again, Paizo you continue to exceed my expectations, and as such you can continue to expect my support!

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yeah this looks cool.

those my friends are goblins attacking an ogre...

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I am already working on my 4e campaign setting.

I expect based on what I saw with Star Wars Saga Edition that there will be some nice improvements to 3.X D&D with 4e.

It also helps that the group I am playing with for the most part also wants to move to 4e.

For reference... we are a group of 30 somethings that meet every other week for a game.

3.5 was a great improvement over the previous editions, but it has its problems. From what I have read on the design and development sites it looks to me like 4e will be a step in the right direction.

I am still VERY DISAPPOINTED in what WOTC has had to offer with their Dragon and Dungeon online offerings. I miss my monthly Dungeon and Dragon mags in the mail.

I think WoTC rolled a 4 for their digital INIATIVE.

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Colin McKinney wrote:

Did they know Shensen was down in the cellar? Did you already tell them they found the burned corpse of a half-elf down in the basement? If not, then the combination of stone cellar/cold from the brown mold/there's a freakin' well there, after all should give her a good chance to survive, and there's always those pesky hidden tunnels and secret entrances...

They knew someone was in the cellar, but they didnt know who or what it was. All they knew was there was someone calling for help.

I thought about her crawling down the well to survive, and I still havent ruled that out so she might make an appearance later in the campaign.

As the PC's are all in the dark about this bit of background goings on, I am basically holding my decision in reserve in case I need her.

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Frank Steven Gimenez wrote:

Dungeon Masters Guide II has rules for burning building scenarios in the Archetypal Locations section.

Monte Cook mentions an interesting manner for handling fires:

Monte Cook wrote:
Lastly, there are some rules guidelines for handling nonstandard urban encounters like fires and mobs. I particularly like the rules for dealing with fires. Based on an off-hand comment made by Mike Mearls, I made fires sort of like monsters -- they have Hit Dice based on their size and take "damage" from water and other extinguishing methods, but they also deal damage each round in various "attacks." This method can make running into a burning building to save a trapped victim as interesting and exciting an encounter as fighting a dangerous foe.

Monte Cook is a freakin gaming genious :) I really like the idea of handling fires like monsters with hit dice, that is a great idea.

I totally forgot about that in DMGII, and I own it... guess I need to flip throught that section again.

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Michael Cyr wrote:
roll4initiative wrote:
My players decided to call their party The Swords of the Black Lake. We don't know if there is an official name for the lake in the center of Cauldron. Anyone knows if there is?

I don't have my book right in front of me, but I'm pretty sure it's called Crater Lake.

Aye thats correct laddie, Crater Lake

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Keraptis wrote:

My PC's also torched the Lucky Monkey, though it wasn't intentional. I saved the plotline by having the inn catch slowly. The PC's then fought through a burning building with smoke providing concealment for everyone. The stone cellar was mostly protected from the flames and heat.

It turned out to be an exciting session.

dang I wish I would have thought of that... oh well I am sure there will be a next time, as I think the wizards player has his heart set on burning down some building in Cauldron itself...

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Sean Mahoney wrote:

Of course, I thought fireballs wouldn't actually light anything on fire? Kind of like passing your hand through a flame doesn't burn it... too fast of exposure doesn't allow the heat to transfer... That's neither here nor there though if you have already left off with them burning the place down.

More important that any of the above though is what to do about the whole point of the trip to the Lucky Monkey (plot wise)is to get clues that lead the PCs to the next dungeon... if they burned the place down how do you intend to give this to them?

My overall suggestion would be to do something like the huge Brown Mold spot described above, then as the PCs stand at the edge of clearing assessing the damage they have caused in the rescue, have the half-drow (forgot her name) lead a group of women and children she led away from the Inn when it was attacked, protecting them from the forest predators. She can then ask them to take these unfortunates back to Cauldron and pass on enough info to get them headed in the right direction AND you still have her around as a potential ally to the PCs.

Sean Mahoney

Nice suggestions Sean. Thanks.

I think first edition and second edition fireballs didnt set anything on fire, but the 3.5 spell description says that it sets fire to combustibles and damages objects in the area. It can melt metals with low melting points such as lead, gold, copper, silver, bronze.

So given that you have some Alleybashers hiding out upstairs in a bedroom where there is probably curtains, and bedding, clothing, lamps and lamp oil, etc, and considering the Monkey is made all out of wood it seemed like it would go up very quickly to me, so thats how I described it to the players.

My party tends to move a bit slowly so I used the raging inferno to try to get them to think quickly and act quickly. It did the trick but sadly they didnt feel they had time to rescue Shensen.

This leads us to the other part of your response, plot wise. They didnt rescue Shensen (the half drow), and Tongueater got away, so what to do? Thankfully one of the other party members supplied the exact response they needed, which was to go back to Cauldron and ask Jenya to use the Star of Justice.

I had been thinking that Shensen would have perished in the cellar from the tremendous heat generated by the burning building the cellar would have become like and oven until the brown mold started expanding. Then she would have been caught in the big freeze from the brown mold.

I like the big patch of brown mold idea, as that is kind of what I was thinking anyway... :)

So what I am envisioning right now is this biggest patch of brown mold ever seen on the face of Oerth. Having grown over the bits of the inn the fire itself did not consume.

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OK someone already said it but yes Warduke would be an awesome addition, but along that theme what about whats his face... Strongheart the Paladin... ok, maybe not.

Any of the surviving Circle of Eight would be welcome to make an appearance, especially Mordenkainen.

Other guesses mentioned or not...

Fraz Ur Blu (or however the heck that is spelled)

I wonder if we will see His Most Ferocious Majesty The Despot Turrosh Mak of the Pomarj?

Someone mentioned old Lassiveren, I wonder if we shall see Erac's Cousin? (First edition Rogues Gallery). Just had to through that obscure reference out there... :)

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I have found anything with a level adjustment is either overbalanced and too powerful, or ends up not being worth it to the player in the long run.

If you allow non-standard races, just be prepared to do lots of fidgeting with the encounters to make them challenging.

Remember these AP's are written to take in account the core races and classes abilities and skill.

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I saw the movie last night, I was kind of enjoying it up until the "wanker brothers" started drawing totally idiotic false parallels to current events in the US. No that is not troll bait, its just my opinion. You are allowed yours, I have mine, lets just leave it that.

If you want someone to do a fake British accent at least hire someone that can maintain the same fake British accent throughout. You know who I am talking about...

Overall thumbs down. I am so glad I didnt blow money for this in the theatre.

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My group started off with

Female Elf Favored Soul
Male Goliath Barbarian
Male Half-Fire Elf Fire Domain Wizard
Male Human Rogue

The player with the Elf Favored Soul, still a newb to the game decided fairly quickly she didnt like the Favored Soul, so she switched to a Female Elf Swashbuckler.

The Human Rogue was killed off fighting Kazmojen, and that player brought in a Halfling Favored Soul / Warlock as a replacement.

The player playing the Swashbuckler has dropped out of the game (temporarily), and the player with the Fav Soul / Warlock picked up Races of Dragon, and decided he wanted to be a Dragonborn.

The very next session the Goliath Barbarian met his fate against Skaven. His replacement character is a Rog1/Pal5/Shadowbane Inq1 with the leadership feat, and a Rog4/Cleric1 cohort.

So that brings the current party to

Male Dragonborn Favored Soul 7
Male Half-Fire Elf Fire Domain Wizard 7
Male Human Rogue 1/Paladin 5/Shadowbane Inquisitor 1
Cohort: Rog4/Clr1
Followers: Five First level followers as of yet to be determined class and race.

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My PC's decided on The Misfits. They were a party made up of a Goliath Barbarian, a Halfling Favored Soul / Warlock, and a Half-Fire Elf Fire Domain Wizard.

Since they came up with the name the Halfing has become a Dragonborn, and the Goliath died in battle against Skaven in the Kopru Ruins, falling victim to the Phantasmal Killer spell.

The Goliaths player has decided on a new character, a Human Paladin that I doubt will settle for a name such as 'The Misfits', so I am waiting with baited breath for their next "inspired" party name...

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My PC's have managed to burn down the Lucky Monkey... unbelievable. A few well placed fireballs from a necklace of fireballs tossed into the upper windows set the place on fire fairly readily.

I am trying to decide the effect the building catching on fire would have on the brown mold in the cellar.

I wonder if there is a giant patch of brown mold where the Lucky Monkey used to be now?

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I bought this game around or slightly over a year ago if not longer.

I got it from a game store in the UK and had it shipped here to the US.

The minis are what you would expect from a game in this price range. They are solid colors, purple for the four heroes, white for undead, green for goblins, trolls and carrion crawlers, brown for the ogres and gnolls. The sculpts are also what you would expect for a board game. i.e. not to scale with D&D 3.5 scale, average detail, but decent looking enough. They are certainly better than the bottle caps and old dice being used at some gaming tables!

The game boards are spectacular. They are printed on a heavy cardboard, and the artwork on them is very nice. They would compliment any 3.5 gaming table around the world. The have grids printed on them, and while I am not sure if they are exactly 1" inch squares they are close enough so that you could use these boards in your regular D&D game.

The rules of the game are fairly simple, but are nothing like the D20 rules we D20 gamers are used to.

The scenarios are pretty straight forward.

There are lots of fun little bits that come with the game.

I see there are expansions out too. Being the OCD gamer / collector that I am I am sure I will buy those up when they are released.

All in all I would rather play D&D 3.5 but when the nephew is over this is the game that comes out.

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Something else you will want to note is that the SCAP is for 6 characters. So if you have less than that you may want to scale some of the encounters back a bit. Especially in Jzadirune, and Malachite Fortress.

My group consists of 4 players.
Amanes Anohon: High Elf Swash
Kinless: a Goliath Barbarian
Sylfer Rhomus: fire-half elf from UA, Fire Domain Wizard variant from UA.
Miles Teg: Halfling Fav Soul / Warlock

The guy playing Miles lost his first character Riddick, a human rogue, fighting Kazmojen. The barbarian and the swashbuckler also went down before the fire mage finally finished Kaz off.

I have tried time and again to warn them of the dangers of this adventure and that someone should play a cleric, but nooooooo. I swear my players are the most stubborn bunch of lunkheads this side of Jecklea Bay.

I even gave them all the speel about making your characters actually be from Cauldron, and two of them insisted on having characters from elsewhere. Oh well... best laid plans of mice and men and all that.

back to work...

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Deryl wrote:
Yes, capturing the Skulk can be very useful. My group did the same and with his help went straight to the Malachite Fortress. They also befriended the Mimic in Jzadirune and left him the captured Skulk for entertainment and nourishment. Roleplaying that was a blast.

That is hilarious! My players chased one Skulk into the room with the mimic in Jzadirune, and managed to befriend that mimic by tossing him 21 days worth of rations, and then asking the mimic to "take care of the skulk".

too much fun! :)

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Tom Qadim wrote:

Wow! Now that's very encouraging to hear! We're due to begin the SCAP in mid-February, with me as DM. I'd love to hear any details on how and why your players enjoyed it so much? Do you have any good insights to share?

I think some of why they love it so much is in the details of the city. Much of which was provided in the published adventure, and an equal amount I put into it.

Jzadirune seems to really intrigue them, and fighting the inhabitants of the enclave has provided some very challenging encounters for them.

When you DM the adventure pay close attention to the development sections of the encounter descriptions, I think you will find them very helpful.

Another thing they seem to like are the clues that pop up here and there that hint of bigger things down the road.

For example my group captured the skulk at J59 and he spilled his guts about Kazmojen per the development description, so now between that and Jenyas note they are really keen to get into the Malachite Fortress.

Funny thing is they made a comment that they would rather go fight hobgoblins than "things they can't see".

Just do your homework, like any adventure the DM should be very familiar with the adventure...

One tip, you might want to have some names handy for the skulks in case your players capture them and do what my players did and ask the skulk what its name was. This surprised me so much my mind went blank. I finally replied by the skulk telling them they could not pronounce his name, and they left it at that. One of the characters then gave the skulk the nickname of 'panzy'.

'Panzy' later escaped and is currently plotting his revenge.

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This post is really directed to all those that put their time and effort into creating Shackled City.

I have run two sessions of SCAP and my players are going Shackled City crazy!

I wanted to share what one of my players said this morning after last nights session;

"That may have been the best session I have ever been a part of...And definitely the best session I have had where I didn't make a single successful attack roll." This coming from a player that has been playing and running D&D since first edition.

From my perspective as a DM I just want to say thanks for all the work everyone did on this book. It has really left me a lot of extra time to fill in the details, which just makes the suspension of disbelief that much easier to maintain.

I also really like the Development and Tactics portions of encounter descriptions. They are very helpful in getting me to think differently about what the PC's opponents do or dont do.

From reading through the whole book twice now, I think my players are going to be having a great time for the next year as we roll through this adventure, and I am already looking forward to starting Age of Worms.

In my most humble opinion SCAP is the best adventiure in D&D since the Temple of Elemental Evil, and at this point its likely to be the best Campaign I will have ever run. <Until I run the Age of Worms ;)>

Thanks again to all.

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Tatterdemalion wrote:

I'd say early 590s is ideal.

Age of Worms, which should immediately follow SCAP, is best started around 595 (very roughly); AoW makes certain assumptions that are most consistent with that time frame.



Good point Jack...

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DMFTodd wrote:

Should find it here:

the link to the cauldron area map takes me to some non-d&d advertising website and not a download of the map

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I too am getting ready to start SCAP. Tonight in fact. Our game starts in the year 589 CY. This puts it a few years behind Living Greyhawk Campaign but I dont think that is a big deal.

I think you could start the Cauldron Campaign off in 500 CY if you wanted....

You might want to try to find a copy of the Gazetteer on Ebay or Amazon or the Paizo PDF downloads. (dont know if they have the Gazetteer on there are not)

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The players in my group are all in the 30's except for one youngin' at 22.

I know that 2 of us have subscriptions to dungeon and 3 of us have subscriptions to dragon.

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We are getting ready to start SCAP this Friday (1/13/06).

My players have come up with

1. K'tya Anohon: High Elf Favored Soul of Corellon with the Nobility Trait
2. Kinless: Goliath Barbarian (using variant rules from UA to handle the +1 level adjustment of the Goliath)
3. Sylfer Rhomus: Half-Fire Elf Fire Domain Wizard (using variant rules from UA for the Half Fire Elf and the Fire Domain Wizard)
4. <insert name here>: Rogue (dont know if the player is going human or halfling yet, but he is modeling his character after Riddick so this should be really interesting...)
5. Human Barbarian (this player wont be joining us for about 3 months though)

I set the SCAP in Greyhawk, down by the Hellfurnaces.

As the adventure is written for 6 PC's I have had to make a few adjustments to the encounters to reflect having only 4 PC's initially.

Scarab Sages

I am preparing to run SC for my group. The campaign was written around 6 players and a DM. So yes many of the encounters will be too difficult for a 4 man group.

The DM should either adjust the encounters to reflect 4 PC's instead of 6, or make some other allowance.

I have 5 PC's in my group, and one of them only makes it to about 1/2 our games, so I have been making notes to be able to adjust encounters on the fly.

Your group would best be served by using the 4 core classes, Ftr, Clr, Mag, Rog.

Good Luck!

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I am gearing up to run the adventure path for my group.

I am building up on the whole Jzadirune magic disease story line, and have replaced traditional gnomes, with my own house variant based on the Techno Gnomes from a Dragon Magazine article that covered the races of Warcraft III. The idea here is because of the disease (which i have changed into a curse) the regular gnomes of the Flanaess stay away from Cauldron, and those gnomes that remained have become similar to the techno gnomes from that Dragon article.

From that same Dragon article I also wanted to use the Exiled Dwarves (with some minor changes), and since I also wanted to use the Jungle Dwarves from Unearthed Arcana, I decided to come up with a whole new background story for the dwarves in that region. In brief, the mountain dwarves got kicked out of their halls in the Hellfurnaces long ago. Some of them went off to live in the jungle, and thus became jungle dwarves, and others eventually found their way to Cauldron and became the Exiled Dwarves.

I added Jungle Elves as an available PC race. They also came from Unearthed Arcana.

As far as substitutions for the actual adventure path itself;

I mentioned above I change the magic disease of Jzadirune to a curse, which the PC's are going to have to deal with when they go to Jzadirune. (I felt this was just too good of a sub-plot to leave as published).

I am going to change out the animated mass of chains in the Malachite Fortress for something else, I just havent decided exactly what yet.

At The Lucky Monkey I am thinking I will change to wolves, and were-wolf, or dire rats and a were-rat. Just not sure yet. DDM doesnt have a were-baboon, and I like my monsters to match my minis. As far as the dinosaurs go, I was thinking about using Carrion Crawlers instead.

I havent read too indepth much past Flood Season yet so I am not sure what other subs / additions I am going to make.

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Loughon the Bard wrote:

Forgive me if this has come up before, but does anyone know of an easy way to convert old first edition modules to 3.5? A table or chart? I just got rid of most of my TSR stuff, but still have one or two modules plus a few from Polyhedron magazines in the mid 80's. I recently started playing again (started in '78, stopped playing after high school). I prefer the new game, but don't see much in the way of adventures (compared to the old days...). Any advice? The prospect of going through stat by stat is a bit daunting.

Thanks for any help.

You might try posting this over on the D&D General area of the WoTC board.

I have been playing since about 82, with a brief break in the 90's. Just got back into D&D again shortly before 3.0 went to 3.5.

I have no easy way to convert the old mods short of just about rewriting them yourself.

There is just too much that has changed.

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Wow that is a fantastic idea!

I'd buy em for sure!

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