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Now normally I don't like the idea of using 3rd party but I'm currently playing a Kineticist in Giant Slayer, alongside an Arcanist, Alchemist and Warpriest . As we go on I notice a serious lack of magical item options, being a different mechanic they don't work with a a lot of the options other classes have and they have little support.

These are the options a well known Pathfinder 3rd party writer recommends, N.Jolly (possibly designed) and was wondering if they would be good additions as potential magic items?

A wall attack infusion exists but the earth kineticist does not actually have the ability to create actual walls of stone, probably the most iconic earth/stone based spell.

An earth kineticist can obtain the ability to burrow, gain tremor sense and the impale infusion.

If the impale infusions damage exceeds an objects hit points it can continue through to hit another target.

Can a kineticist attack with impale from beneath the ground?