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Finalizing the build for my martial for giant slayer.

Dervish Dawn Bard

Stats at level 6

Strength 13
Dexterity 21 includes enhancement
Constitution 14 lower speed removes con penalty
Intelligence 10
Wisdom 7
Charisma 16


Dervish Dawn bonus
Weapon Focus from Bard
1st ?
3rd power attack
5th hurtful
7th pick up Cornugon smash here

Traits: both campaign

One that gives you half of the dwarven defense against giants
One that lets you intimidate giants regardless of size

Take the song at 7th that acts as a short term freedom of movement so I can prevent myself and the rest of the party becoming giant squeeze toys.

The biggest issue at the moment is reach but I will have soundstriker and bladed dash which should hopefully help.

The party consists of a Cleric caster who seconds reach attacks, Witch, Druid blaster and Arcanist.

I was originally considering a duettist Bard but as there aren't any other martials I thought about taking Dawnflower Dervish, the self only buffer.

Character would be Halfling, heroism up as often as possible.

Do these skills act as the use magic device equivalents or is being a caster the only method of using wands?

Alright with update on simple weapon proficiency equaling unarmed, I am considering making a Rogue/Monk instead of monk.

Take the thief racket, monk dedication at 2, stance at 4 (wolf or tiger), monk moves at 8 and of course flurry at 10.

Won't always need to stance as the base fist is as good as a shortsword, agile, finesse qualities.

Better range option with a shortbow which I can carry and then drop and go straight to punching

Sneak attack.

Great access to skills and skill feats.

Monk on the other hand has better AC, hit points, lvl 1 access to flurry and access to style savant.

Now normally I don't like the idea of using 3rd party but I'm currently playing a Kineticist in Giant Slayer, alongside an Arcanist, Alchemist and Warpriest . As we go on I notice a serious lack of magical item options, being a different mechanic they don't work with a a lot of the options other classes have and they have little support.

These are the options a well known Pathfinder 3rd party writer recommends, N.Jolly (possibly designed) and was wondering if they would be good additions as potential magic items?

A wall attack infusion exists but the earth kineticist does not actually have the ability to create actual walls of stone, probably the most iconic earth/stone based spell.

An earth kineticist can obtain the ability to burrow, gain tremor sense and the impale infusion.

If the impale infusions damage exceeds an objects hit points it can continue through to hit another target.

Can a kineticist attack with impale from beneath the ground?