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As of now, the “Guide to Organized Play” link on the Pathfinder Society Character Options page still links to the old site, which has been taken over by a sketchy looking video game.

Also, if you haven’t (I couldn’t find one), you might want to make an official blog post/announcement specifically highlighting the change to Lorespire site, because it’s kind of a big deal.

EDIT for Clarification: The link at the top of the page has been updated, but the link in the “Access” paragraph still goes to the old site.

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The link to the Foundry products in the post is a blank page at

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Could you update this page to include the Foundry modules for the Stolen Fate AP? I've been waiting for them for months, only to discover that they've been out for a while. They also don't show up in the list of Foundry modules on I had to go to the Paizo page on Foundry's website to find them.

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I know Paizo has a longstanding relationship with the Archive of Nethys (AoN), dating back from first edition, but for a long time the search function was very slow (it has improved) and the graphic design just isn't for me.

For the vast majority of my searches, I use, which is fast, clean and is very similar to Paizo's own graphic design in presentation. I like it so much I support the creator on Patreon. However, he is just one guy in Spain, doing this as a hobby, and I believe it is a struggle to keep up with all the content Paizo puts out, given that he is manually scraping it from each source book. This will likely become even harder with the remasters.

Is is possible for Paizo to throw him some official support? Paizo has partnerships with multiple VTTs. Can they also support more than one online repository for SRD content? Please?

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emky wrote:

"slightly different mix of monsters, spells, and magic items, the rules remain largely unchanged"

That's some weasel wording there. Why a different mix? There shouldn't be. Either it's changed, or it's not. "largely" is also an out for "ok, so there are changes [beyond errata]!"
Removing alignment is also a mistake.

The changes being made are in large part due to moving from the WotC OGL and any IP that they may lay claim to, and to Paizo's own ORC license.

From the press release: wrote:
The new core rulebooks will also serve as a new foundation for our publishing partners, transitioning the game away from the Open Game License that caused so much controversy earlier this year to the more stable and reliable Open RPG Creative (ORC) license, which is currently being finalized with the help of hundreds of independent RPG publishers. This transition will result in a few minor modifications to the Pathfinder Second Edition system, notably the removal of alignment and a small number of nostalgic creatures, spells, and magic items exclusive to the OGL.

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Thank you! Exactly what I was looking for.

Cordell Kintner wrote:
If you actually checked the Boons tab on Paizo's site, there's a new boon called "PFS (2ed) Scenario #1-16: Danced the Grand Dance". That gives you access.

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Thanks, wasn't sure they were still active - the top posts are from 2020.

Taja the Barbarian wrote:
Flagged for transfer to the PFS Forums...

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Do PFS players who successfully

completed the Masquerade of Seasons dance

in 1-16 The Perennial Crown Part 1: Opal of Bophan get access to the rare feat Masquerade of Seasons Stance (LOIL p126)?


Lost Omens Impossible Lands, pg126 wrote:
The following feats represent techniques used in the complex ballroom dances of Bhopan. Characters can gain access to these feats by successfully participating in a Grand Dance at Hoba Dukuza or by being trained in the dance by an expert from Bhopan’s royal court.

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I’m creating a dwarven PFS character who joined the Society because she is his hero. Just trying to flesh out the details.

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Aaron Shanks wrote:
Wzrd wrote:
Due to the cost of international shipping, I would had of loved to see the ability to subscribe to just the PDFs.
If there was a PDF subscription, would it change your print buying habits?

The answer for me, and a lot of people both in the US and abroad, is “No.” I was a Rulebook and Lost Omens subscriber, but I only ever read the PDFs on my iPad or other devices, synced through the cloud. Having all my Paizo books on hand wherever I am is awesome. I realized I have a bookshelf full of paper books I’ve never even cracked the spine on. I want the content, not the physical item. The benefit of getting them a few days before they hit the street ultimately was not worth the significant extra cost. So now I buy the PDFs when they come out.

A PDF-only sub would give Paizo a larger guaranteed revenue stream for new products and I think the demand might surprise you.

I understand the concern that this would cannibalize print sales. Clearly, there are many people who cherish their physical copies and I think most would continue to subscribe. I don’t feel that a digital subscription would threaten local game stores more than Paizo selling physical books directly to their customers. It would be nice if both options were available.

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Will the Foundry VTT version also be releasing on May 25th? I can't find it listed with a release date in the store.

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Adam Bradford wrote:

I'm a bit confused by the take here, but I will comment on two parts:

- You're absolutely right, you can't see a reason to switch from anything at this stage because it hasn't been shown and doesn't yet exist. You will be able to make an informed decision once we release character management for Pathfinder Nexus. You'll also be able to make that decision based on the full suite of tools that will be available beyond character management.

- You mention "this platform has not comment on how safe our information will be," but that's not accurate. We have a Privacy Policy that covers that user information is secure on our platform. I went back and looked to see what I missed, and I did not understand that your doxxing comments were directed at Demiplane/me. If what you are looking for is a comment specifically in this forum thread, then, yes, I can confirm that user information is safe on our platform and for more information, you can check out our Privacy Policy.


Adam, I want to thank you for taking part in the discussion here and engaging directly with your customer base.

Since PF2e rolled out, my gaming group and I have used HeroLab Online and Warhorn to manage characters and find/sign up for games, respectively. Since the pandemic, we've also used Discord and VTTs (first r20 but for over a year Foundry VTT) to play remotely.

I have to admit, I don't 100% understand what Demiplane is trying to be - it seems like a potential replacement for HeroLab (for source and character management), Discord (for video/audio communication during games), Warhorn (for matchmaking), but not a full VTT. Having all those in one place is appealing, though as I and others have stated separately it may be a hard sell for people like my group who have invested heavily in HeroLab.

A relatively new site we've been using is It helps manage sign ups for games and also features automated generation of chronicle sheets and organized play reporting on I haven't heard anything about Demiplane offering this type of ability (I know the service was just announced) but it has been a huge time saver for those of us who GM. If Demiplane had something similar, it would make it an easier sell for my gaming group.

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Kurt Wasiluk wrote:
It all looks cool, but I need to understand better what this is giving me that I don't already get through Nethys and HeroLab Online. I've invested a lot in HeroLab already so it would be hard to rebuy a bunch of books.

This. Nexus is 2 years too late. Asking me to rebuy content that I've already bought on Paizo and Herolab Online is kind of a non-starter for me. I understand that Nexus is run by a separate company, they have a licensing agreement with Paizo and need to be paid. If this was around in Fall 2019 and was positioned as an alternative to HeroLab then, I would have given it a serious look. Even then, every product on Nexus is $5 more than the same product on HeroLab Online (both with the Paizo discount for already owning it).

If Paizo wants this to be a success, I would suggest some type of model for deeper subsidies for content purchased on prior to Nexus' release date, then the standard Paizo discount for content purchase on Paizo after this.

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cavernshark wrote:

I think the intended reading is:

"When you add spells to your [summoner] repertoire, you can..."

I agree with basically everything you said. Magaambyan Attendant/Halycon Speaker grants primal + arcane intentionally and in a limited way through a series of gated feats - for one feat to give access to an entire second tradition is unprecedented and as you said, seems too good to be true.

Surprised it hadn't been discussed anywhere before, which was my main reason for posting. The one word errata you suggested above would clarify things a lot.

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TL:DR - Does the Fey Gifts Initial Eidolon Ability give access to the primal spell list for non-primal spontaneous casters?

I'm a GM but am also building an Imperial Sorcerer who is a snooty noble and likes to summon things to do her dirty work. Summoner Archetype seems like a good fit. With a Fey Eidolon, the 4th level Initial Eidolon Ability archetype feat grants the Fey Gift Spells ability, which reads as follows:


Your eidolon expands your primal magic with enchantment and illusion magic, allowing both of you to wield the power of fey charm and glamour. When you add spells to your repertoire, you can choose from the primal list as well as from enchantment and illusion spells that appear on the arcane spell list. As usual for when you add spells of a different tradition to your spell list, you’re still a primal spellcaster, so all of your spells are primal spells.

Your eidolon gains the Magical Understudy summoner feat, despite not meeting the prerequisite level, and it can choose fey gift cantrips in addition to primal cantrips. As usual for a feat you are granted by name, you can’t retrain Magical Understudy into another feat.

To me, this line says RAW, "yes:"
When you add spells to your repertoire, you can choose from the primal list as well as from enchantment and illusion spells that appear on the arcane spell list.
But the following line says "yeah, that's not what we meant."
As usual for when you add spells of a different tradition to your spell list, you’re still a primal spellcaster, so all of your spells are primal spells.

Interestingly, since prepared casters don't have a repertoire, I would say this does not grant them access. The interaction with Magical Understudy is also a little wonky, but less so.

Would appreciate thoughts, input.

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Love the story and the new Iconics in general. Speaking of "meeting the Iconics," is there any news or timeline for when actual character sheets for the new Iconics will debut? To the best of my knowledge sheets for Seltyiel (Magus) and Ija (Summoner) from Secrets of Magic haven't been released yet (the Community Use packet of Iconics hasn't been updated since Sept 2020). Has this been addressed elsewhere?

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1+ Wisdom based psychic

The wise sage who can move things with their mind is a classic trope.

Prof X = Int/Logic
Yoda = Wis/Intuition
Firestarter = Cha/Emotion

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Thanks for the replies. I mainly threw this out there as a thought experiment, both as a GM and a player. This is exactly the kind of input I was looking for.

I like the idea of trying them as “dual class” companions.

@breithauptclan, thanks for pointing out some possible OP synergies. Not sure the “flier” familiar ability really breaks anything on its own: birds are available as animal companions at level one and I think if I were to implement this at some point I’d keep the rules for familiar abilities, where if the base creature has an ability available they have to use one of their familiar abilities for that (e.g. flier). Although maybe a flying ape would be problematic… (but fun!)

@gortle, thanks for the reminder about Sprite Corgi’s.

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There is no mechanism for it, but let’s say a Witch takes the Beastmaster dedication at level 2, for example - are there mechanical issues or is it overpowered to let her animal companion also serve as her familiar? So one creature is both her combat buddy and magical battery/scout. Thoughts? Has this been covered in another thread? Couldn’t find one.

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BACKGROUND: My group and I moved from r20 to Foundry early in the pandemic and have been super happy with the switch. We primarily play 2e, and as others have said, the community module is amazing and very active, with new content added under the OGL usually within 24-48 hours of release. I've also been using the excellent PDF to Foundry module by Fryguy, which uses a watermarked Paizo PDF to import maps, journal entries, etc. that the author has manually parsed himself. We use The Forge service for game hosting rather than running on a home server, primarily due to bandwidth issues.

FIRST IMPRESSION: Very excited to see this announcement, but approached with some skepticism/trepidation. Not sure if this was going to be useful given the excellent community support.

LIKE: I bought Bounty 5 and was able to activate it even though we use The Forge for hosting. The quality of the art and the implementation is excellent. Having the token art, the monster stats, the tokens on the map, starting place on the maps, etc. is awesome. The format of the journal entries is also awesome - I've been a direct supporter of PDF to Foundry, but vastly prefer's Paizo journal structure. It's basically turn key and ready to run.

1. I wish the PDF was included. I understand it's a separate product, but I'm used to running it off my iPad while using Foundry and reading the PDF to mentally prep. They're also pretty to look at.
2. The activation process was kind of weird/cumbersome.

1. Token packs for bestiaries, as many others have requested.
2. APs, PFS scenarios, etc.
3. Finding ways to maximize value/minimize "re-buy" for players/GMs, while still making it worthwhile for Paizo (and Foundry). I love Paizo and am a rulebook and Lost Omen's subscriber, which means I own physical and digital copies of all the Bestiaries. I've also purchase the PF2e pawn box, both the physical form and the PDF. It's going to sting if/when I have to purchase token packs for all the Bestiaries that I already own. Again, I understand that extra effort goes into making the tokens, and not everyone needs them. On the other hand, VTTs and digital play aren't going away. Foundry also seems to have a different business model than most other VTTs - purchase once and then roll-your-own game module - with this in mind Foundry works great with system agnostic digital content (PNG/JPG files). Could there be different product tiers (1. physical only, 2. physical + PDF, 3. physical + PDF + Digital assets) to suit everyone's needs? If I can get the book for $50, the PDF for $15, I don't want to really pay full price again just for tokens.

Thank you to Paizo, Foundry and the excellent gaming community!

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I haven’t seen this addressed recently (or really at all by the devs), so thought I’d start a new thread. If there is a current discussion on this, especially with dev input, please link it in the replies.

In first edition, there was a soft cap for play at level 12, which was extended up to level 18 with a few “Seeker” level scenarios.

We are almost 2 years into Second Edition Society play, and so far (April 2021) scenarios have capped at level 8. One argument against higher level play for PFS in the past has been that there simply aren’t that many people in a geographic area with high level characters to fill up a scenario. COVID and the rise of VTTs has largely removed this obstacle. Other arguments against high level play were related to game mechanics (time, skill sets, powers, etc), which maybe aren’t as much of an issue in PF2e?

Without spoilers, are there plans for play beyond level 8 for Second Edition PFS? With sanctioning of APs other content (Plaguestone, Slithering, etc.) I have 1 character that I’ve played to level 9, and others coming up fast (with GMing I’ve had to spread levels to a bunch of place holder characters that I’ve never even played to avoid the level cap for other characters).

It really alters the character building process to know that you’re never going to reach level 10 (or greater) feats or stat bumps, and effectively cuts the career of a character (and the game) in half vs. non-society play.

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I know this is an old thread, but it’s only one on the forums about this particular spell. I’m also trying to wrap my head around this. Is it possible that Dim the Light could trigger itself? It actually has the Darkness trait and is a focus spell. So you cast it and hide as a reaction? I honestly don’t think this works as written, but I don’t feel that it’s particularly overpowered to use a focus point to be able to attempt to hide without immediate cover. I guess like others I’m just trying to figure the though process behind this spell.

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Sadly, I think I have to agree, RAW. Hopefully it gets errata’d.

Nefreet wrote:
I am loathe to ever agree with HeroLab, but since the official SRD entry for Prevailing Position links to the Stance Trait, it appears they have this one correct.

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RAW, do Clinging Shadows Initiate and Wild Winds Initiate satisfy the prerequisite for Prevailing Position of having “at least one stance feat?” Neither of these have the Stance trait, but both give access to a stance. RAI, I would definitely allow it.

The folks at Lone Wolf Development maintain that a “stance feat” is a feat with the Stance trait. Changing the wording of the prerequisite to “a feat that grants a stance” would eliminate any ambiguity.

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Your answer is on p149 APG under “Additional Feats.” The archetype gives access to the feat at the indicated level.

Ed Reppert wrote:

Hm. It's an "additional feat" listed with several others in the beginning general description of the Shadowdancer Archetype. There's a reference to the CRB (page 229), where we find it as part of the Rogue Multiclass Archetype, with a prerequisite of "Rogue Dedication", which I suppose is where the AoN entry comes from.

Personally I would rule that if you're gaining this feat via the Shadowdancer Archetype, you need the Shadowdancer Dedication as a prerequisite, but not the Rogue Dedication. But I can't find anything in RAW that actually says that. :-(

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Castilliano wrote:

While there may be no side route to acquire the feat, if in the future Paizo develops such, the feat's prepared for that. So it's futureproofing. And in this instance, the oddity's harmless since you get to take another skill anyway.

And it borrows pretty standard skills acquisition language, so it's not going out of its way to be complicated; it's just covering bases.

I think this whole feat needs to be revised. As far as I can tell, there are no “kobold snares,” uncommon or not, anywhere in the APG or elsewhere.

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The Gunslinger gets Basic, Advanced and Greater Deeds as a standard part of class progression. This makes sense because these features are directly tied to their chosen Way and define their style of play.

By comparison, the Witch has to take Basic, Greater and Major lessons as class feats. To me, this leaves many witch builds feeling un-witchy and more wizard-with-familiar-for-a-spell-book. Would love to see this fixed in the future.

So, yes, this post is more about my sour grapes over the Witch class than positive feedback on the Gunslinger, but I feel they got one right and one wrong.

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Thanks for the replies. Blave, I hear what you’re saying. I guess I wish they would have made the herbalist an Elixir specialist that uses nature for crafting instead of another healer archetype. AnimatedPaper, good thoughts - will keep my fingers crossed for future releases. Doesn’t seem like something that will be in Secrets of Magic, but I’m sure they will be more releases to come. Could fit into the LO Mwangi book.

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The Herbalist is a cool dedication, but is one of three in the APG that adds healing abilities as an archetype (the others being Medic and Blessed One) - that’s a lot of healing!

Thematically, I don’t see why the “Herbal Items” defined in the Archetype description doesn’t also include Elixirs. I can totally envision a crafty herbalist swirling herbs and crushing leaves to create an elixir to temporarily enhance a persons abilities, sometimes with significant drawbacks. Is this mechanically too powerful? Why do you think the game designers didn’t include this? It bums me out. I want an Elixir dedication!

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Ssalarn wrote:
** spoiler omitted **

Thematically cool, but not sure this works. For access to dragon disciple: “You are a kobold with the dragonscaled or spellscaled heritage, a dragon instinct barbarian, or a draconic bloodline sorcerer.” APG p.168

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Alex Speidel wrote:
The PDF for this scenario has just been updated on and is available for download.

Alex, you’ve posted this in a couple places in the forums, but I don’t see any way to download the PDF. Katrina Davis said at the top of this thread the scenario won’t be available until August 4, 2021. What’s the real deal?

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thenobledrake wrote:
No one said it was necessary. I will make a statement now about how is necessary though; not errata. We don't need official clarifications in order to make the rules work for our groups even if what we find in the books to base our rulings on is missing parts, full of typos, or otherwise not clearly communicating the author's intentions for a rule.

For home games, I guess that’s true: you can house rule whatever you want. I play a lot of PFS, and for Society play, clarification on certain points would be helpful, because only cannon options are allowed.

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@Gary Bush: You'd still know where to find the FAQ/errata - it would be on a searchable, updated website. There would also be "digests" of compiled errata with the same information published periodically. We all win.

To thenobledrake's last point, someone is already doing the work of keeping track of these. I am just suggesting that they are released when ready, not held for batch publication.

None of this is relevant to 99% of the publish content, just areas of confusion or for clerical errors, so I don't think being intimately familiar with the most up to date errata is necessary to run a game.

But when two people are debating whether a Sun Blade does full damage on a missed strike... oh, I just looked it up and here's the answer.

Devs used to sometimes comment in the forums on areas of confusion, but I think Paizo is trying to avoid this now. The last (and only) errata for the CRB was published in Oct 2019. There have never been other errata published for any other the other 2e sourcebooks or Lost Omens guides. Putting out an exhaustive errata document seems to take a very long time. More frequent, smaller updates would help players and GMs clarify points of confusion and hopefully lead to more enjoyment of this excellent game.

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Historically, in the time of paper-only texts, publishing errata and rule clarifications in batches was the only way to disseminate this type of information. I can only imagine collecting and collating this type of data takes significant time and effort, leading to long periods of time between updates.

Could I suggest transitioning to a hybrid model, where individual points of clarification could be published online on a rolling basis, similar to the website for organized play sanctioning, and then collected at intervals (every 6 months?) and published as a PDF?

Issues that have come up frequently in the forums over the past weeks to months since the original CRB errata were published include property runes for magical staves, Ancient Elf/Eldritch Trickster compatibility, effects of Sun Blade on a failed strike, etc. Having an online repository that can be amended or added to as new issues are discovered would allow common points of confusion to be address more easily and in a timely way.

P.S. I love Paizo and Pathfinder and think you guys are doing a great job!

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I’ve favorited this thread. I would really like a dev to weigh in and answer this.

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Beautiful post! As a cis-gendered, heterosexual male, just want to say how proud I am to be part of the inclusive Paizo community! This includes not only explicitly supporting gender and orientation inclusivity in the Introduction to the CRB, but also the transition from Race to Ancestries in 2E. Keep up the good work and Happy Pride everyone!

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I've been trying to buy PDFs for several PFS scenarios for the past few days, but trying to add anything to my cart results in a "Your request produced an error" message. I would love to keep playing and supporting Paizo during the COVID pandemic, but it's hard to do if the store is down.


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In first edition, the corresponding hex (Prehensile Hair) used the witch’s intelligence modifier in place of strength for attack and damage modifiers, which I did not find over powered in practice and made it fun to have my puny witch occasionally bash down a door with her hair. Given the witch’s limited combat prowess and likely low strength, I would like to see this come back or at the least add the finesse trait to get the dex modifier to hit.

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Rysky wrote:
drober76 wrote:

Core Rulebook:

p 343. Hand of the Apprentice, referenced in the Universalist Wizard description (p 209) is missing. In Playtest, was between Hallucinatory Terrain and Harm spells.

Hand of the Apprentice is a Focus Spell, it's in the Wizard Focus Spells section, not the normal spells section.

They thankfully broke up the Spells section into Spells > Focus Spells > Rituals rather than letting them all be jumbled together.

Thank you! I hoped it was in there, but couldn’t find it and it wasn’t in the index!

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Core Rulebook:
p 343. Hand of the Apprentice, referenced in the Universalist Wizard description (p 209) is missing. In Playtest, was between Hallucinatory Terrain and Harm spells.

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