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I've been trying to buy PDFs for several PFS scenarios for the past few days, but trying to add anything to my cart results in a "Your request produced an error" message. I would love to keep playing and supporting Paizo during the COVID pandemic, but it's hard to do if the store is down.


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Try bringing the site up in an "Incognito" browser window. That seems to help a lot of people (myself included) bypass a browser caching issue that appears to lead to that problem (or, if you're comfortable with it, you can clear the cookies and cache for and that seems to do wonders).

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Yeah the same thing happened to me using Chrome. I switched to Edge (blech) for the purchase only and it worked fine.

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Hi drober76!

We sincerely apologize for the delay in communication, our office is undergoing procedures to respond to the COVID-19 infection in Washington state. We thank you for your patience as we may have delayed responses. We are currently working through our backlog.

lonejedi and The Painted Oryx did what our tech team is suggesting at the moment to bypass the error as they get it sorted. Thanks for helping out, folks!

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