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Would it be possible to get a copy of the .pdf?

I can PM someone my address if they would be so kind as to send it.

The Mad Comrade wrote:
The very best of fortune to her in her dire plight, Digger.

Thank you. We are just trying to get the word out and her story circulating.

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If you would have told me earlier tonight that I would be typing this post up I wouldn't have believed it, but desperate times call for desperate measures, so here I am reaching out to any and all who may read this and asking you to please help someone very much in need of all the compassion you may have.

Someone close to my family needs help

I don't know what to say other than please believe me that this is not a scam or a hoax. I am not even asking that you donate a single dime if you have the slightest hesitation at all that her story is not genuine. All that I ask is that you give her story a read and a share so that it will keep moving forward.

If you know any groups who do divorce assistance please PM or post them here so I can share with this person. All I want to do is help a good person out of a very bad situation.

Even though this is the Off Topics thread, I understand if this post is too far astray from the intent of the board. My apologies if this is the case, but again, I don't know what else to do except try and help anyway I can.

Thank you all for your time and consideration in advance.

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My apologies for the sudden disappearance, but I was notified at the beginning of the month that my unit was being activated. This caught us all off guard as we were not in the cycle for activation, but such is life. Due to this fact, I will not have steady access to the boards and have to halt the game.

Again my many apologies, but sometimes RL does not give me the flexibility that I wish it did.


@Taicho: Replied via PM.

@All: If you take an Adventure Path that has a drawback associated with it, you can have a total of 3 traits. If you do not see an AP trait you like, then select a community trait and a standard trait. The traits that are specific to a different AP are not allowed for this game.

dain120475 wrote:
Hello, I'm very interested in participating, but I am wondering if you allow Gunslingers in your game (I mean eventually)? Also, do you have an restrictions on "Archtypes"?

There are a couple of ways that I am working in over the course of the game that might introduce guns into the game, but they would require the PCs to do the leg work.

As far as Archetypes go, no 3rd party ones and only a single archetype can be taken. Also if I review it and it just "feels" broken, then I will call that up front.

@Spazmodeus: Very interesting. Not many gnome paladin's of any gender out and about these days.

Rikash wrote:

How do you feel about Occult Adventures classes, Digger? Specifically thinking about an Occultist who seems to have a lot of flavor that you can play around with (discovering items, learning history, etc). The player's guide (and your listed classes) didn't mention anything so I thought I'd check before I started building a character.

Edit: I just notice you didn't list it as part of the source material. I assume that means Occultists are right out?

They are out right now. I do not have that material and am too unfamiliar with them currently.

DM Immortal wrote:
oops must have come over from pcgen. I'll take those out.

No worries. I know many of these characters may be retreads from previous games. My hope is that asking for a more robust background on them, it will help spark the creative juices that made you want to play them in the first place. :)

One other thing, don't forget when you do decide on your MW item to work it into the backstory as well. I want to know why out of all the things in the world, this particular item means so much to your character.

In my tabletop game the items were as follows:

MW Flask - The flask the party monk took from his trainer after the old man's heart attack.

MW Bug Sprayer with St Cuthbert's symbol engraved on it - Party's cleric has it filled with holy water and it doubles as his holy item in combat.

MW Platemail - Custom fitted armor for the Paladin by her family upon taking the oath of service to Pelor.

MW Violin - This violin belonged to the elven bard who taught the group's gnomish bard. Only he and I know if the instructor gave it to his pupil willingly.

MW Composite Shortbow - The party's rogue spent 20 years in the Cauldron Salt mines for taking the virginity of a consenting priestess. Upon his release, this bow was in the scant items he was given as a free man. A sealed scroll listed a bowyer's address in Cauldron with the simple message of "We must talk"

MW Spear - As fitting a graduate of the Warmage College in Sasserine, this was presented as a status symbol for all to see. Etched with runes and carvings this weapon is one designed for both war and peace times.

DM Immortal wrote:

Presenting Rorimac Lindenbrook:

I went with a more narrative approach which I hope is alright. Please let me know if you have questions and I will do my best to answer them. The crunch is after the

** spoiler omitted **...

Very good write-up and it was easy to see the progression of Rorimac.

One item with the Crunch, I won't be using Stamina pools, so the abilities referencing them should be modified out please.


"Good evening to you Master Maximillion. Please do not stop enjoying your meal on my behalf, as this is not a time of fasting in the Church and even should it be, I would feel the guilt the most if my presence caused you to cease the enjoyment of a simple pleasure such as food."

*pausing to allow the merchant to resume his meal*

"I would also like to say thank you for allowing me to come so late in the day. While I have been given leave by my brethren to come and go as I see fit, there are many old habits that die hard and for me to pass my duties to a junior brother does not come easily. Today was the last day of my instructions for him and I promise that when the sun rises tomorrow I will be ready to go, should you feel that my services would be of use to you."

*nodding his head as Maximillion speaks*

"While Waukeen is indeed the Merchant's friend and I have no doubt that already having two of the Goldeneyes at your disposal will be more than you require, but I do feel it is only fair to point out that unlike those of the Waukeenian faith, the temple of Ilmater will not be requesting a donation for my presence, nor for the usage of my gifts from Ilmater. I would require only the chance to share a meal, perhaps two if there is enough to share with all, with those you have hired and in return I will administer to their needs to the best of my ability. If something should be above my capacity, then they would be able to speak to the Goldeneyes and I will not hinder them in any way. It is merely divine providence that has my leaving the temple in conjunction with your trip and it would be improper of me to seek to profit from a mutually beneficial arrangement."

"I know you have many others to consider, the logistics of the trip compared to the mouths to feed. In many ways, the planning you are doing now is the same as any Quartermaster in the military ranks, except you must also act as the commanding officer and all duties therein."

*shaking his head slightly at Maximillion's question*

"Not anymore sir. While I can still tell you the names of all those in the company I served with almost a decade ago, it feels like a lifetime since I have wore the Purple of the Cormyrian army. I can assure you that I still remember how to set a fire to minimize the smoke, dig a proper latrine pit and never lost the taste of Calimshan coffee so thick it could hold your spoon up for you if you needed to scratch an itch."

*bowing his head as he was dismissed*

"Thank you again for your time and should your sums support the additional mouth to feed, please send word to the temple. If not, then may Ilmater still bless your journey and may all your days of toil be rewarded ten fold upon you."

I am heading home now and will work on all the crunch pieces when I get there, but I wanted to add this to the process while the idea was still fresh in my mind.

@ Robert Henry: If you are willing to give up Sword trained, dropping the race cost to a 9, I am ok with the race. I will expect a good listing of how the tengu community, small as it may be, exists in the bottom tier of Cauldron which is the slum area of the city.

As a martial class you will have access to most of the blades you are giving up, so I think it is a fair trade off if you want to go that route. The social modifier will be that when dealing with those from the upper tiers of society, you will face a situational -2 due to the bias against them.

Updated the char creation section a bit with what I am looking for in the background/appearance section

Background: I want this character to be someone that you will look forward to playing for a long time, as this campaign is designed to do just that. I would like to see how your character is formed through your background. If someone taught them to read the runic letters of the Giants, who did and why would your char wish to know that? What experiences shaped them into taking the Bullied trait? Did a lifetime of childhood pranks lead to the keen eyes and ears of the Alertness Feat? If you have the blood of dragons in your veins, or perhaps the slightest traces of lycanthropy, how do they manifest? Are your eyes yellow and slitted like those of the dragons, or perhaps do you have a course covering of thick body hair that regrows during the night of the full moon no matter how often you shave or wax?

As these forums are the sole RP outlet for some of us, embrace it as deeply as you would like, but at the minimum give me the feeling that your selections are more than +/-s on the character sheet. Give me a chance to use what you provide me to give you a better game. Like I have said many times, I am really all about the story with just enough crunch to keep things interesting.

TheGodd*mnGM wrote:
With all the really high rolls you might want to adjust the point buy.

The stats right now are less important than the character concept and write-ups. If someone who uses the pt buy gets into the game and feels they are underpowered compared to those who rolled, I will work with them to reach an equal footing.

This does raise a good point that I need to finish up the char creation guidelines and what I am looking for with people applying to the game. :)

Ideas at a glance:

Karmic Knight - Human Paladin of Pharasma
Robert Henry - Half-Elf Trapper Ranger Archetype

Reckless - Dwarven Unchained Rogue
Tyranius - Elven Bard
DM Immortal - Halfling Unchained Rogue

Sidewinder2k - Exploiter Wizard Archetype

Tyranius - Human Life Oracle
SnowManInHell - Human Female Cleric

Dotted for Interest
DM Snowe
Archpaladin Zousha
Nuson the Nervy

Robert Henry wrote:

Hey Digger, just noticed you posted a game, talk about an interest check blowing up! I would be interested in applying with a melee or skill character, You said core and base classes, what do you think about a ranger with the trapper archetype? Probably would go half-elf, unless I could talk you into a Tengu. I saw that you said you might consider non-core but there would potential RP reactions to deal with. So let's see what the dice offer.


Wow! that's insane, a 41 point buy... let me see what I can put together!

I will have to read up more of the archetype, but feel free to draft it up as you want. As a more urban ranger may be a better fit, would the trapper convert to that? Or is the goal of the trapper to maintain the woods?

I am always willing to discuss a non-core race, but the more removed from what people are used to seeing, the more their reaction (both pro/con) will be brought into play in terms of situational modifiers.

Tyranius wrote:
Digger wrote:
@Tyranius: Thanks! After looking them over, I am guessing you didn't want to tempt the fate of the RNG and went with the more controlled path of the 20pt buy? You also are keeping the cold iron workers of Cauldron in business and I am sure they appreciate that as well. The concept of Klaern seems to have the most fleshing out, as there is not really a mention of how he has learned to control his powers and where/when he learned of them.

Yes, I have not had a lot of luck with RNG. If you would rather have me roll it I most certainly can.

I am still fleshing out each backstory on their character page. Davian has a bit more now. Those were just the core concepts to them as the Paizo boards have been a bit unfriendly as someone let the goblins out of their cages for a couple of weeks. They were not letting me post much last night.

No worries on using the pt buy and with the boards acting wonky, it has been tough on everyone these past few days.

Thanks. I will wrap up the full scope background, as well as the interview tonight and the crunchy bits tonight.

Seeing how smooth the gameflow could be in 5E, I may have to consider converting my Tabletop game to it soon.

Sidewinder2k wrote:
What is the ruling on archetypes? I'm looking at making some kind of wizard, possibly an exploiter, but I haven't decided yet. He'd be the bookish type; a collector or rare knowledge and spell forms, not matter what archetype I may or may not end up using.

I am not opposed to Archetypes if they make for a good story. Feel free to draft the char up and as I review it if I feel that something doesn't sit right with what I am looking for, we can discuss.

DM Asmodeus: What is your stance on merging a couple of the background paths?

I finally got my 5E book in and have spent the evening off and on going through it. I still have the image of a priest of Ilmater in my head, but now the story I see has a merging of the Soldier and Hermit background.


Human, Chondathan decent (Thinking mid Dalelands or Corymr)
Hermit background (primary)

Life of Seclusion

"They say there is nothing greater than to march into battle surrounded by those who are willing to die for the same cause, but they would be wrong. I have heard the screams of the wounded, shouting out for their parents, spouse, or god to save them from their wounds. I have seen the battlefields turn to mud with the spilling of blood and there is nothing glorious about it.

Had Ilmater not seen to spare my soul on a battlefield such as this, I too would have joined the ranks of those used as pawns on the chessboards of the mighty. I harbor the Crown no ill will, but never again will I say that any battle is beautiful. Necessary sometimes, but never a thing to brag of."

Discovery: A calling to serve the faithful of the Weeping God.

Characteristics (taken from the Soldier branch here):

"Do you know what it is like to awake in the middle of the night shouting at the top of your lungs in blinding panic? To feel your heart thudding inside your chest so hard that you are certain it must burst through your ribs at any moment? To pray that the moisture you feel is sweat and not that you have soiled yourself when the night terrors come? No? Consider yourself blessed then my child, as there are those of us who fear the night's embrace as we do not know what it will hold for us when we close our eyes to rest."

Ideal (Also taken from Soldier branch):

"Ilmater has placed a calling in my heart and I must heed it. For too long have I kept myself in the monastery hiding behind my fear and my doubts. If I am to be of assistance to those who in need, I must be among them. I must allow my faith to be the armor I wear and Ilmater's blessings to be the weapons that helps those in need. To do any less would be to turn my back on the tenets of the Church and against what I know to be meet and right."

Bond (Hermit)

"I am not perfect, nor shall I ever be. Ilmater teaches us that only those who have been truly broken in the name of the Faith have reached perfection. I struggle to determine if the nightmarish scenes that come to me in my sleep are signs that Ilmater cares deeply for me, or is it simply that I am already one step closer to the Abyss? Only through Ilmater's grace and experience will I be able to find out.

Flaw (Hermit)

"Even now, far removed from the man I once was, there are times when the anger and darkness come to me. It whispers that perhaps a touch of cold steel would do more to stop the man beating his child then a lecture of what awaits him in the afterlife. I hate myself for my weakness, but this flesh is weak. I have not raised my hands in anger since the morning I awoke in the care of the priests, but the knowledge is there, like a thorn buried just below the skin."

Trinket: 1d100 ⇒ 86 An empty silver snuffbox bearing an inscription on the surface that says the word "dreams". This item was in his pack when he was nursed back to health with the healers, but he has no recollection of where it came from or who it belonged to previously.

Edit: I won't be offended if this falls into the too cookie cutter concept, as a tormented soul is not exactly new material, but I do think having the god of Endurance through Suffering, might find some people who could relate to that once they parted the Mists.

Nymani wrote:
So we can roll stats and if we don't like them go with 20 point buy? Assuming that's the case...

Most people seem to be knocking the rolls out of the park, so not many have wanted to go back and use the 20pt safety net. :)

Nymani wrote:

Also, no hybrid classes? I made a warpriest for a Giant Slayer game that I didn't get in that id like to play, but I can convert her to a straight cleric.

I'll look over the campaign info and adjust her background around.

Correct. For now just the core and base classes with a few of the unchained ones as well.

@Tyranius: Thanks! After looking them over, I am guessing you didn't want to tempt the fate of the RNG and went with the more controlled path of the 20pt buy? You also are keeping the cold iron workers of Cauldron in business and I am sure they appreciate that as well. The concept of Klaern seems to have the most fleshing out, as there is not really a mention of how he has learned to control his powers and where/when he learned of them.

@DMSnowe: Yeah, the humble bundle has been a blessing and a curse for the boards.

GM Snowe wrote:
Thanks for the chance to submit. I'm taking some time to read over a little about Greyhawks campaign setting so I can flesh out backgrounds for character concepts. I definitely prefer the fluff before the crunch.

The gods will be Pathfinder ones, as well as the lands. I will get an exact location posted up tonight if people want to try to zero more in on a specific feel of the region.

Just wanted to say thanks for all the material you gave Rutseg. Here is hoping that I can pull off a game half as good as this one. :)

@AGamer70: As generous as it has been with some, it has been as cold to others. It is much like the lotto in that regards. :)

Karmic Knight wrote:


Would you allow a paladin that worshipped Pharasma (Wee Jas)? Have an idea for his bkgd but needed ok before I submitted him.

Replied off list. :)

Updated char creation guidelines as well on the campaign info tab.

Nuson the Nervy wrote:


I like this because it cannot be edited via Inspect and it reduces the lowest for me.

@Nuson: The link didn't display anything for me when I clicked on it. If you don't mind, just set up a block of 4d6 rolls like the others have been doing.

DM Immortal wrote:
Any restrictions other than 3rd party Digger? i.e. I know some GM's don't like summoners or have issues with certain character tropes in their games like no guns and that sort of thing.

Currently I am allowing all Core and Base classes, plus a few of the Unchained Ones. Due to the nature of the game, I am cutting Cavaliers since they wouldn't be able to use a lot of their abilities. All Psionics, as to be frank I have not liked them since they first appeared in 2nd Edition and I can't shake my bias towards them. Through the course of the game and potential RP actions Guns and gunslingers may happen, but not at the start of the game.

I am open to either list discussion or PM discussion on non-core Paizo races, but depending on the race there could/will be potential RP reactions to deal with as well.

Added the Player's Guide given to us by GM Rutseg in the Campaign Info tab for ease of finding and referencing.

@Papa-DRB: Since the RNG didn't smile upon you, there is still the safety net of the 20 pt buy. :)

Reckless wrote:

Unchained Rogue gets a slightly better sneak attack ability and eventually gets some extra things it can do with skills, and the ability to choose a few weapons it can use dexterity for instead of strength for damage.

Unchained monk improves flurry of blows, gets full BAB, loses good will saves (probably makes up for this a bit by still being WIS dependant), gains a number of special strikes it can use as part of a flurry, and converts a lot of the prototypical monk abilities into optional issues ala (rogue/ninja) talents.

Since unchained is not part of your bundle, you would have to look at it in the prd or d20pfsrd.

Path of War is 3rd party, and the materials for it are on the d20pfsrd, HERE. I don't believe POW expanded is available in that manner as of yet.

I am fine with the Unchained Rogue/Monk, but keeping the 3rd party material out for now.

@GM Snowe: It was not getting into the Giant Slayer game that sparked me into wanting to run this campaign over the threads. I said 3 was my max commitment, so it might as well be 2 as a player and 1 as a GM.

Make a concept, or two if you like, and we will let the chips fall where they go. :)

Karmic Knight wrote:
For setting. It does seem that Shackled uses old Greyhawk Pantheon will we be using Greyhawk or going with Pathfinder deities?

We will be using the Pathfinder gods. Cauldron boasts temples to St. Cuthbert (Abadar), Kord (Gorum), Wee Jas (Pharasma), and Pelor

(Serenrae). A shrine to Fharlanghn (Desna) resides in a roadhouse called the Lucky Monkey, on the way to Sasserine. Kingfisher Hollow has small shrines to Pelor (Serenrae), Yondalla (Erastil), and Wee Jas (Pharasma), while Redgorge has small houses of worship for Kord (Gorum), Moradin (Torag), and Garl Glittergold (Shelyn). Clerics from the elven pantheons are fairly rare in these parts, as are followers of Boccob and Obad­ Hai.

While there may be some slight modifications that I need to do here and there with the flavor texting and descriptions, in my table top I just moved St. Cuthbert over to be lazy, the Player's Guide that GM Rutseg
shared is solid enough to me to let stand.


Spot on with the dice. I would recommend lighting a candle in thanks to the RNG that sent them your way.

It looks like yours will translate down to:
15, 14, 12, 14, 8, 11.

Depending on where you may go race wise, solid numbers there also.

Karmic Knight wrote:


Will we be allowed to use archetypes for the classes you indicated in your campaign tab?

The Shackled City Player's Guide that GM Rutseg has some very good Archetypes for the setting that I would also be comfortable with as options.

Nuson the Nervy wrote:

Ah ok, maybe they need someone to write out the tiers more clear.

Also I am interested, stupid question: Gestalt? It seems that draws lots of attention lately.
What books are allowed? Classes?

No gestalt. To be honest I have never been a big fan of it, but I know many are.

I will get a full list of books tonight once I can redeem my codes and access my google drive to see what digital copies I have as well.

Classes: All core and advanced classes are on the table except Cavalier and Gunslinger. Psionics are also not in play, but depending on how the campaign shapes up, Gunslinger may be something that can be unlocked along the way.

I got a redemption codes for about twelve books and a ton of adventures and misc game aide stuff. I also paid the $25 to send the beginner box to my son as an early spring break present.

Reckless wrote:

Question: Would the unchained version of monk be allowed in the game, and/or the unchained version of Rogue? Would Path of War and/or Path of War Expanded characters be an option?

Could you PM me what the main differences are? I think the unchained is listed in the SRD also, so I will try to look at lunch today when I have a break also.

Unless those books were included in the Humble Bundle that I purchased yesterday, then I will have to say no. I have a scattering of the books and plan on the HB to plug in the gaps more fully.

Thank you to everyone who is interested and willing to take a shot at this with me. I promise to give you my best and here is hoping we all have fun along the way.

I have started filling in the campaign information, I can't see GM Rutseg's link at work, and will review that and add it in as well. I will continue to add what I have access to and fill in the Campaign Info throughout the day.

I will keep the Recruitment open until 1 March and then close it and select the five that will journey onwards from there.

Updates will be coming in sporadically as I have time today.

It will be here, just if/when combat happens we will use the site for maps. Sorry about that.

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I will start compiling the char creation material and see if I can retool this thread into a full recruitment thread, or if I need to create a new thread.

I will use the same creation guidelines as I did with the table group. You can either do a flat 20pt buy, or roll 4d6 dropping the lowest dice with the ability to reroll a one if there is more than one as the lowest dice.

In full disclosure, I am by far more interested in the storytelling vs the dice and will encourage the players to think of out of the box ways to deal with something that you may face. The maps on roll20 will be fully fleshed out with background items listed in the description and the environment will be in play both to aide and hinder you. Hopefully this will be something everyone will enjoy incorporating as well.

Now enough of my rambling and I am off to get everything ready to post up.

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I made a primer of sorts for my table top group, so I would link all that in via spoiler tagged posts to keep the thread neat and not too long.

It has the traits for local people, the city overview and most likely NPCs to know right off the bat.

I am currently running my RL gaming group through the Shackled City Adventure Path upgraded for Pathfinder. So as I am always trying to keep the table game sharp and inventive, I thought maybe running it on the board would be something that some people might like to do as well.

I am well aware that the campaign is huge in scope, so we will take it a module at the time and as long as people are having fun, we will keep it going. If people start getting burned out, or not having fun at all, then we will end it and part as friends.

Character creation details and a full recruitment thread if there is enough interest to get a party of five.

I will work on the char sheet tonight, but I also would like to throw my hat into the ring for this game. This will be my first 5E character, so I apologize in advance if there are glaring holes in the first draft of things.

The character I have in mind is a half-elf that joins the caravan after the death of his wife and child due to a sickness that swept through the poorer sections of town. While he used all the training he learned from preparing to be a priest, in the end neither spell nor herb could save them. He does not blame Ilmater for taking them, as the core tenets of the faith stress that the faithful will always live a life of strife in order to be an example to others in similar situations, but he is but a mortal who has lost much and needs a change of scenery.

I can normally post multiple times a day and am located in the EST. My only major time restraint is taking care of my daughter after work, so my posting speeds up again once she goes to sleep.

I have always loved the setting and have most of the old novels and the 2nd and 3.5 edition game material in the gaming shelves. Regardless of getting picked or not, I will be lurking on this as the game progresses.

I will work up a Catfolk Ranger concept. Focus will be heavy on tracking and archery.

5d6 ⇒ (6, 1, 1, 4, 5) = 17 (15)
5d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 4, 2, 3) = 14 (11)
5d6 ⇒ (6, 6, 6, 6, 3) = 27 (18)
5d6 ⇒ (3, 2, 6, 4, 5) = 20 (15)
5d6 ⇒ (1, 4, 1, 6, 3) = 15 (13)
5d6 ⇒ (4, 2, 6, 1, 2) = 15 (12)

Is a dwarven Paladin acceptable? If so I will get him ready tonight.

I really like the flavor concept of the Bearsarker and wonder if I could merge that Bjarni's mother was a godi and perished when the jarl first landed and razed the city. As it is now 20 years later, Bjarni is now a grown man, but feels a different call to the land than his mother's blood. With his affinity for the bear, I can see him seeing them as very kindred spirits, but Bjarni never felt the calling to join their ranks.

If you think this might work, I will get to crafting the full backstory I have floating in my head now, :)

Dotting for interest. I think a ranger with the shapeshifter path, form of bear, would work in the spirit of this. If not, then just a ranger with a bear companion down the road.

Not even enough time to drive home and a dwarven inquisitor is already posted. Time to tweak my idea to not submit the same char.

Shifting focus to an Inquisitor build that courtesy of listening to Dracula on Audible won't go away. Should have the bones of him ready by tonight.

Dotting for interest.

I will start working on background requirements, but snapshot concept will be gnomish bard occult investigator. Bardic knowledge heavy on tales of the undead and those who vanquished them, or were vanquished by them.

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