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Starting a new project.

I wonder what I'll get to destroy today.

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Kinda hard to tear out a yard from my house.

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My all-time least favorite thing to plant...

Colorado Blue Spruce!

It seems everyone wants at least three of the largest ones planted and then they have little to no top soil, so i'm literally digging out a four foot diameter hole with a g!&$@!n pickaxe.

Also i'm allergic to spruce trees.

I also hate Barberries and Mistletoe.

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lisamarlene wrote:

Gee, Tac, would it help if I offered Bardic Performance?

"Scrub, scrub, scrub the dratted diiiiiishes!
Rinse, rinse, rinse,
And with the towel

::bows humbly::

My goto song to listen to when doing housework.

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And here I am envious of those who wake up at 5:30 to go to work.

The early bird gets dibs on the skid loader attachments. :-)

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Is it the seven days a smashing already!

starts tossing dishes on the floor, and at the neighbors, takes a swig of whiskey in slow motion.

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I can't punch a brick in half, I can however knock down a brick wall with a twenty pound maul just as fast. :-)

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Time to get to work on the bed.

But, first I need the right alias to properly capture the experience...

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Just trying to demolish the stereotype of dwarves as dour functional alcoholics that hate everyone. :-)

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Aranna wrote:
Grrrr... Why is it boys solution to problems seems to be bash it till it's worse?!

Seems like a reasonable response to me.

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NobodysHome wrote:

And... life just got better!

Impus Major is in the garage knocking holes in the wall, because he thinks it's "fun". Impus Minor wants a turn next. So I'm sitting around relaxing.

Ah, Tom Sawyer, eat your heart out! (Or was that Huckleberry Finn -- I forget which of them actually pulled off the "work is fun" con...)

Wait! How is knocking holes in walls not fun? Are you still using your tiny kiddie hammer. :-)

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Curses! And here I spent all the Christmas money on presents for the family.

Although I would have to bring my own 20 lb sledgehammer, I just don't think I can use something so tiny for demolition. Maybe for nailing it all back together with 4" inch nails at the end.

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mourge40k wrote:
captain yesterday wrote:
Was it the axe.
What kind of stupid question is that? Of course it was the axe! It's pretty much a universal constant that if you pick up an axe, you have to chop apart limbs!

Ah ha ha ha ha! I see what you did there. :-)

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As a person that loves the demolition phase of working construction, I can say with knowledge that smashing thru multiple walls with pick axes is both time consuming and a blast, I say let them see what happens.

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Tacticslion wrote:
lynora wrote:
Obviously I belong in my nice cave with excellent internet access where people can't disturb me! ;P
That... that sounds really awesome. So, uh, captain yesterday? You getting on that for me yet?

Honestly, I lost interest after the demolition part.

But hey, somewhere in Florida there's a cave with beer cans scattered about, an errant sledgehammer, a bunch of loose wiring, a decrepit couch and poorly scrawled graffiti like "Tacticslion's Den of Solitude" or "beware of Sparkly Vampires"

I was just saying you said it didn't work, I had made a joke that I, like Jerry Seinfeld, was underemployed, on account of my being able to work part time nights what with staying home with the kids.

By the way next fall Tiny T-Rex is off to kindergarten and then I can work part time during the day, which opens up all sorts of possibilities to knock s+$& down.

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Oh i got axes :-)

But i'd rather use them on things then people, besides Karma keeps breaking the a@~+@!#'s bike and our dog goes a!@%%+@ every time he rides by, so we should be fine:-)

true story, our neighborhood is surrounded by woods and when i get frustrated i go out in the woods and knock down sun starved volunteer saplings with my bare hands to vent, works every time, and there is no end to the sun starved saplings in the underbrush:-)

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Man do I love a good axe!

Or a nice heavy hammer, or a nice hefty pick axe :-)

Dwarves know how to roll, except the armor, not a fan of heavy armor :-)

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As someone that spent 10+ years in restaurants i thank you for being such delightful customers, if only everyone was as pleasant as you :-)

Of course then i might not have gotten sick of it and branched off into construction, where i discovered my favorite job Demolition!