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An Ordered Path


A nice foray into the plane of Law, Axis, as well as the realm of a deity. Combat and creatures were varied (not just outsiders - a couple of which that were not expected). As with most of this adventure path, there was a good balance between social mechanics and combat encounters.

The article about Thamir Gixx was interesting (always great to have some of the nonhuman pantheons given some love). Would have liked to have Gixx's domains listed for quick reference, as well as special servitors and his herald.

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Amok, Amok, Amok!

Rather enjoyed this product. The specific changeling heritages are both descriptive and varied, much like the “Blood of Angels/Fiends” books were, with an addition to unlock more of your hag-heritage!

Also, of note was an expansion on patrons, called ‘agendas’ – you can now have a patron that perhaps pays more attention to you than other witches, and include both boons and banes.

There is some material about hags and covens, but it doesn’t make the mistake Blood of the Night’s mistake with dedicating player options for vampires. Informative, but short.

Of the archetypes, the malice binder was very cool and interesting: a witch hunter that uses a specific magic to aid in battling their prey. It is an archetype that I would like to see have more options released in future products regarding one of its selectable class abilities (similar to new discoveries).