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If you use your downtime to craft, you use 4 days of Downtime for prep and then spend half the cost. Additional days lower the remaining cost based on your level on the Earned Income table. But these amounts are so small that, unless you need the item immediately, it is worth taking some time to accrue the discount (particularly in comparison to the Earn Income amount at Level-2).

But when I move up to Level 2, does my 2 sp per day discount become 3 sp per day? Or do I continue using the same 2 sp per day discount from when I made the roll?

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I was watching episode 5 of Knights of Everflame, and heard Jason Bulmahn mention that good damage and positive damage were two different damage types. I see the reason for a distinction between a Disrupting rune and a Holy rune, for example, that would be supported by this distinction.

The weird consequence of this, though, is that it seems like a cleric or champion channeling divine power to use a heal spell or other positive healing energy to harm an undead would have the positive trait, but not the good trait. This makes sense that it's not automatic, but the complete absence also seems strange. For example, it makes some sense that the heal spell from a cleric of Pharasma wouldn't have the good trait, but the heal spell from Sarenrae would seem like it would have the good trait.

Even if you use the Holy Castigation feat so that your heal spell can damage fiends as if they were undead, the spell is still just a positive spell, not necessarily a good spell. It seems odd that holy water deals good damage, but the direct divine power that gives holy water its power doesn't. (This also raises the tangential question: Can a neutral priest of Pharasma create holy water, if neither they nor their deity are good-aligned?)

Am I reading this right? Or do divine spells cast from a good deity gain the good descriptor as well as the positive descriptor (and maybe I'm missing the reference)?


Is there any restriction on placing weapon accessories on railed weapons that are mounted on power armor?

It seems like by the rules, I could mount a melee weapon as a bayonet on a longarm and then mount the longarm on power armor, effectively always having both a melee and ranged weapon at the ready. Am I missing something about how this would work (or not work)?


Novice Operative with a couple of questions ... Does an operative melee weapon on a bayonet retain the operative property?

Two specific cases that come to mind:

If you have a small arm with a light bayonet, and you put an operative weapon on it, is the melee attack still with an operative weapon, even though this thing is clearly more unwieldy than before?

Similarly, if an operative weapon is on a sniper rifle, is the melee attack still operative?

This seems clearly the RAW, but I am concerned I might be missing something, since whacking someone with a baton on the end of a sniper rifle seems inelegant compared to other operative attacks.


I can't see if this has been asked or answered before, but can you add a weapon fusion to your optical laser? The argument in favor seems obvious. The argument against is that it's a cybernetic type of equipment and not a weapon, even though it "functions" like a weapon.

Optical Laser description wrote:
This system replaces one of your eyes with a compact laser weapon that functions as a small arm with the integrated weapon special property and deals damage based on its model. An optical laser has a 50-foot range increment, and it can’t be disarmed. Once you’ve used the optical laser for a single attack, its tiny battery is depleted; you can’t use it again until you’ve rested for 10 minutes to regain Stamina Points, though you can spend 1 Resolve Point at any point to recharge it immediately.

If you had a small arm with the integrated weapon special property, and you were inserting it into a weaponized prosthesis, I think it's unambiguous that you could put a weapon fusion on it. But this is just different enough that I'm not sure.

I see a similar thread asking this about venom spur. It seems not entirely resolved on that thread, but I feel that the "functions as a small arm" part of the optic laser description might result in a slightly different answer.

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The Guide says you can replay adventures with Novas and the Seeker of Knowledge boon. I just want to confirm I am not missing a rule nuance: this applies to modules (AP & Skitter standalones), not just scenarios, right?

Also, can the "replay" include running it a second time to get a second GM sheet?

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Curious to know if maybe there's some aspect I've been missing, or if there are scenarios where it comes into play ... but is there any particular reason in SFS play for a character, even a tech-focused character, to upgrade beyond a basic starting computer?

At no point, even when doing hacking rolls or accessing data, have I ever been asked for the Tier of the computer I'm using to perform these tasks. I still have the Tier 1 computer that I started with, and I can't justify the cost it would take to buy a new one. But I assume that computers are being used more creatively and proactively by others, and there might be mechanics and uses that are based on Tier which I just haven't taken advantage of.

Any advice or thoughts would be appreciated.

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If you buy an Improved Faction Boon for 4 Fame, can you then sell back the original standard Faction Boon for its cost of 2 Fame using the Sellback Plan? I assumed you could, but it is a prerequisite for the Improved boon, so I want to be sure I can use the Improved Boon if I don't keep the original.

Also, can I sell the boon for it's listed cost even if I received it for free (either as starting Faction Boon or from a Chronicle sheet)?

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Sorry if this has already been answered, but I just wanted to clarify that I'm interpreting the awarding of GM chronicles/boons properly.

From what I can tell from the text on p. 17 of the Guild Guide, it seems like the GM takes a Chronicle sheet and can award themselves the Fame/Reputation for the adventure, including any boons they are qualified for.

But I just want to confirm that these awards are independent of the actual outcome of the game. So if the players don't achieve the Secondary Success Condition, or don't get the extra faction award, does the GM still receive those? What if the players didn't successfully complete the task to obtain a boon? Does the GM get the full awards in this case?

Also, if there's a boon that requires an earlier boon to "trigger" the event, does the GM have to possess the earlier boon?

Specific Example:
I'm thinking here specifically of Star Sugar Heartlove!!! chronicle sheets applied to a character who never did The Commencement, or who did the adventure but traded the album for credits at that time. Do those characters have to pass on the Heart Friend Forever boon?


Just finished running The Lost Star, and one of the issues I ran into was in area A9, it was unclear how to treat the 10 feet of swirling sand. The Effect targets "a creature that starts its turn in the area" ... but the person who triggers the trap by walking through it doesn't start their turn there. Nothing in the Effect description indicates that their movement is stopped by the assault, nor exactly how to treat the 10 feet of swirling sands within the corridor.

I handled it this way: The person who triggered the trap had to stop and make the save, taking damage for a fail. Anyone else who entered the area, even if they had the movement to clear it, also had to make the save once while in the sand-filled area. And the area with sand was treated as Difficult Terrain for movement purposes.

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So I've been toying around with a concept for an Operative who is also a Hellknight, Order of the Chain. I'm thinking of taking the Star Knight archetype, which at 2nd level grants proficiency with heavy armor.

But the Operative's abilities like Evasion and Quick Movement only apply when wearing Light Armor. I'm looking to see if there is any special material or armor upgrade or feature or feat that I am missing that would allow me to have heavy armor that counts as light armor for the purposes of these feats (similar to Mithral in Pathfinder).

I know there are some Armory upgrades that reduce the heavy armor movement penalty or armor penalty and such, but unfortunately I haven't been able to find anything that actually allows it to be counted as light armor.

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I recently acquired a boon that allowed me to create a new character that begins at Level 2, granting some extra starting credits, XP, and 5 Fame/Reputation. I am going to be running a scenario in a few days, and plan to apply the GM credit to the new Level 2 character. But I'm not sure how to record the extra Reputation in the reporting.

Do I report that I get 7 reputation when I report the Scenario, to account for the extra 5 I get from the original boon? Or should the extra 5 just show up on my Chronicle sheets and not ever get reported into the system?

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Does the +10 land speed from the soldier's Rapid Response also increase the land speed of the soldier in powered armor, or just the soldier's un-powered land speed?


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If I play a Scenario that grants me a new race as a boon, then that Chronicle sheet is applied to the character I used to play the Scenario. The boon granting the new character requires that "A copy of this Chronicle sheet must be the first Chronicle sheet for the given character." Does this mean the Chronicle sheet can be applied to the NEW character instead of the character I played through the Scenario on? Or do I still apply it to the original character, and just make a copy of the character sheet to go with the new character (but the new character doesn't earn XP, gold, fame, etc.)?