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Easy. I choose to become a Level 8 Samsaran Arcanist, ensuring my own effective reincarnation and immortality for all time. I store all my wealth in a safely guarded location and memorize the details in several dozen different forms, ensuring my next incarnation will certainly remember where it is. I then purchase an elixir of sex shift, immediately drink the elixir and revert back to my normal gender.

The assassin I hired will then kill me as arranged before your magic activates to send my body back to my original world, and I will then be reborn to live as I wish with all the knowledge of where I stored my original materials.

DM/Paizo fiat: Paragon Surge is now available for everyone!

And lo, there was much rejoicing in the land, at least until someone was smacked over the head with a heavy book.

Or you could become a clergy member of Shelyn and use your tongue to...
... hold a paintbrush and paint while mixing acrylics with your other hands. You dirty-minded people.

You could kill someone with Gory Finish and scare anyone watching, however. That's even more fun. =D

Time to wish for a Lawful Evil Candle of Invocation.

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Tsiron Ragmar wrote:
I challenge you to make your MOST BORKEN BUILD for PFS

Here you go:

Human Expert (Chef)
Traits: Patient Calm, Black Powder Fortune
1 Skill Focus (Profession: baker), Cosmopolitan
3 Skill Focus (Profession: brewer)
5 Skill Focus (Profession: butcher)
7 Skill Focus (Profession: cook)
9 Skill Focus (Perform: sing)
11 Skill Focus (Perform: percussion instruments)
13 Prodigy (Profession: baker; Profession: brewer)
15 Prodigy (Profession: butcher; Profession: cook)
17 Prodigy (Perform: sing; Perform: percussion instruments)
19 Antagonize

Basically this guy.