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Forgot to add a descriptor:

The italicized words refer to a word that is replaced by a specifics of the face's effect (e.g. Tradition Semblance becomes Acid Splash Semblance, or Weapon Calling becomes Longsword Calling.)

Hello everyone.

I got an idea of an interesting artifact that I want to put into my campaign at some point, but I need some help balancing it out. If you have any suggestions please let me know. This is kind of a long post and I hope that doesn't deter anyone from reading it further.

[Unique] [Artifact] [Magical] [Chaotic] [Divine]
This cube is made from indestructible stone of an unknown origin. On each of its six faces is a slot for a removable face. Once handled by someone touched by a deity, it is bound to that person until they expire. The cube can only be activated once every 1d10 rounds in combat, or once per minute out of combat. After activation the cube teleports to its bound partner. The faces can be switched out by performing a 10 minute ritual on the cube when you have an extra face that is not bound to the cube.

ACTIVATION [Interact [1-Action]] Roll a d6 with the numbers corresponding to the different faces of the cube. The rolled number is the effect that is activated. If you roll a number without a face there is no effect.


Tradition Semblance | Level: 2 wrote:
You cast the Tradition cantrip stored within the face of the cube, heightened as a cantrip would be for your level.
School Semblance | Level: 2 wrote:
You cast the School cantrip stored within the face of the cube, heightened as a cantrip would be for your level.
Skill Semblance | Level: 2 wrote:
The face turns to energy and surrounds you, granting you a +2 status bonus to Skill for 2 rounds. If you roll a critical failure, you get a failure instead. (This is a fortune effect.)
Lucky Semblance | Level: 3 wrote:
You gain a +2 bonus to a d20 roll of your choice within the next 1 minute. Increase the success level of this roll by 1, up to a maximum of a success (e.g. critical failure to failure, failure to success). (This is a fortune effect)
Movement Semblance | Level:3 wrote:
Increase your Movement by +10ft, or if you do not have a Movement speed, you gain a 20ft Movement speed. This effect lasts for up to 10 minutes.
Weapon Calling | Level: 2-10 wrote:
The cube changes shape into a Weapon and returns to its bound partner. The Weapon lasts for 1 minute or until reaching its BT. Initially it'll have no runes on it, but as you gain in power the GM may add runes to it that are equivalent to your level. Ranged weapons take an action to materialize more ammunition.
Armor Calling | Level: 2-10 wrote:
The cube changes shape into a Armor and equips to its bound partner as long as they are not wearing armor. The Armor lasts for 1 minute or until reaching its BT. Initially it'll have no runes on it, but as you gain in power the GM may add runes to it that are equivalent to your level.
Shield Calling | Level: 2-10 wrote:
The cube changes shape into a Shield and equips to its bound partner as long as they are not wearing a shield. The Shield lasts for 1 minute or until reaching its BT. Initially it'll have no runes on it, but as you gain in power the GM may add runes to it that are equivalent to your level.
Treasure Chest | Level: 1-11 wrote:

The cube transforms into a chest that can hold X bulk of items in an extradimensional space, functioning like a bag of holding. Once you close the chest, it reverts back to the cube.

Type: I Level: 1 Capacity: 5 Bulk
Type: II Level: 4 Capacity: 25 Bulk
Type: III Level: 7 Capacity: 50 Bulk
Type: IV Level: 11 Capacity: 100 Bulk
Divine Guardian | Level: 5 wrote:

The cube changes shape into a similar shape to a Hound Archon as if summoned by the cube, except with the following changes:

1. It has the construct trait and does not have a greatsword.
2. It cannot use the Change Shape ability, and cannot communicate.
3. It only lasts for 1 minute in combat, or 1 hour outside of combat.
4. It is fully in the shape of a hound of medium size.
5. It has the minion trait and will attempt to follow your orders as best as it can when you spend an action to give it a command.
Divine Avatar | Level: 20 wrote:
You cast the Avatar spell on yourself, taking the shape associated with your deity. This lasts for up to 1 minute and cannot be reused for 24 hours.

So I have a couple questions about druid Animal Companions. I couldn't find the answers in the books, so I'm looking to other people's house rules for a good answer.

1. Does a druid's animal companion have to fall under the same rules for wearing metal armor as the druid does, or can the companion wear any armor that it qualifies for?

2. Is there specific armor that is for animal companions or do you use the normal armor lists?

3. Does barding for animal companions encompass all the different armor classes, or is it just light armor?

No prob, I did have the compiled class available but wasn't sure if that would be easier for people to read. And your version of the class does look very familiar, so I probably did use some aspects of it as inspiration for my version. Thank you for the help and inspiration.

Have you had a chance to play test the class at all? And if so, does it seem balanced with the other classes in the game?

I like this. It is very unique and has a lot of versatility to it. There are just a couple things I would change about it.

1. I would change the flaw from Dexterity to Intelligence since most slimes are mindless creatures and Dexterity doesn't make sense with how flexible this ancestry should be able to be.

2. I would change the Malleable feature from an automatic feature to a 1st level feat. Other ancestries have only 1 special trait gained at 1st level automatically. This would also allow you to reduce the ancestry from Rare to Uncommon.

Just my thoughts from reading through it, but I think this is really well done and very unique. Great job.

I like the concepts for both conditions. Staggered seems to of been pretty well laid out with all suggestions here. As for Ardent I would make the following changes.

Ardent: You gain an additional reaction that you can use until the beginning of your next turn. Ardent always includes a value. This value indicates how many rounds this condition lasts. Whenever you gain this condition, the source will indicate what type of reaction you can use as your additional reaction (e.g. strikes, movement, ect.). At the beginning of your turn you reduce the value of Ardent by one, and if you gain the Staggered condition, you reduce its value by the value of staggered gained. You cannot become Ardent from multiple sources.

I would also say to not have this condition usable until at least 5th level (3rd level spell).

If you don't mind, I would also like to use this in some custom classes I'm currently working on. I will give you credit for them too.

I have a couple character sheets that are printable and fillable. You just need to download them for them to have the fillable sections appear. I got them from Their site is currently being rebuild so here is a google file that is printable and fillable. It's generic so I'm not sure if it has enough slots for you or not. Also they are on YouTube with some great Paizo affiliated content and a campaign that is still ongoing.

Link in color ; Link in black and white

Wow, this is a really well done program. The only thing I can suggest for an improvement is to input drop down menus. Based on all the inputs that are in it, it seems like this took you quite a while to make. Are you planning on inputting the APG or other rulebooks as well? Again this is really well done and I look forward to your next expansion.

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Thank you for the kind words. I'm not sure if I saw yours or not, but I was using a bunch of warlock classes I found as inspiration. I was trying to stick with the theme of the D&D 3.5e warlock myself, cause I wanted to get that feel of an all day caster without it being overpowered compared to the core casters. That is also why I went with the invocations instead of using the spell lists. I was also trying to add more flare to the warlock by adding in more patrons and having "pleasing the patron" be the driving force behind the warlock's power.

As for an all-in-one file, here ya go. I figured the different sections uploaded separately might make reading it a bit easier since the complete file is 34 pages long.

I'm also hoping that Paizo realizes that they can create an official Warlock class now that the OGL v1.0a, that is the basis of the entire Pathfinder engine, has been updated to include the warlock class. Based on section 9 of the OGL, they can use any iteration of the OGL v1.0a that has been released.

You have done a great job on this class! I have not looked at everything yet, but from what I have reviewed so far it looks a ton more balanced than most other homebrews I have reviewed (including my own). I must agree with nick1wasd this is is basically release ready.

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Hello everyone.

I created a homebrew Warlock class for PF2e since there hasn't been one created yet from Paizo. I used other warlock classes for inspiration and was wondering if I could get some advice for balancing out the class. My goal is to get this class as close to balanced with the core classes as I can. One of my players is a huge fan of them and wanted to play one.

You can view the class sections here:
Class ; Feats ; Patrons ; Boons ; Invocations ; Focus Spells ; Archetype

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I have gone through all of the sections to correct any discrepancies that i could find, and made some clarifications to some of the sections. All of the changes are minor except the inclusion of one additional class feature. I included a similar class feature to other spellcasters, granting the warlock a single high level spell that cannot be changed after learning. This also added 5 more invocations to the invocations list.

Here are all of the various sections of the warlock class I have put together:
Base Class
Class Feats
Focus Spells

If you have any questions or if there are further balancing recommendations you have, please let me know and I'll make the appropriate changes and repost. Thanks again to everyone that has helped me bring this class to a balanced stage.

Finally finished the Invocations and had to make some minor changes to the invocations section of the base class. Let me know what you guys think and if there are any balancing issues that you discover.

Pathfinder Second Edition Warlock Class v2.3
Pathfinder Second Edition Warlock Invocations v2.2

For the invocations I used the D&D 3.5 invocations, cantrips through 3rd level spells from all traditions of magic, and cantrips from the Bard class as the base for them. I made tweeks to each one so it is unique compared to the spell I was using as inspiration and tried to balance them out as best as possible to prevent them from being abused in a game.

Thank you again for any assistance you have or will be able to provide. It has been a lot of fun making this class conversion from D&D 3.5e, but also takes a ton of time. I tip my hat to the developers of Pathfinder for all the amazing and hard work they have put into such a wonderful game for us to be able to play.

I have made some changes to the base class, Boons, Invocations, focus spells, Archetype, and Feats. The balancing suggestions of MaxAstro have greatly assisted me in balancing out this class with the core classes, and helped make this a unique class itself.

Pathfinder Second Edition Warlock Class v2.2

There is just one section that is missing and will be posted as soon as possible. That section is the custom invocation list. This class will no longer be pulling off the spells lists for the various traditions for its invocations.

I hope that anyone reviewing this enjoys the changes. If you find anything that makes this class unbalanced, please let me know and I'll make the appropriate changes. This class is heavily based off the D&D 3.5e Warlock class from the Complete Arcana book, with lots of flavor put into it, and some inspiration taken from other warlock classes that I have reviewed.

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Thank you to everyone that assisted me with this conversion. I have created another post chain implementing a lot of the changes suggested in this post. If you would like to follow that chain it is here. It took me a while to balance everything out and work out a lot of the kinks, and I thank all of you for your assistance.

Thank you again for all the assistance with this. From what you have suggested, I have gotten a few ideas of how to implement the invocations. Which one do you think would be the most balanced to do?

1. Keep them relatively the same as they are right now with minor changes. Basically removing the heightening and making a custom list of invocation spells.

2. Give the warlock a focus pool to cast their spells out of with some feats/abilities that replenish focus spells in battle. and have them choose off the already made spell list for their invocations, with automatic heightening. Having the level of the spell affect how much focus the invocation costs.

3. Make a custom invocation list and have them choose an invocation every odd level that they can cast at will. with no heightening on any invocations. Exactly how the 3.5 warlock is.

4. Basically just give the warlock those three spellcasting feats from the multiclassing and have them be the tradition of the patron with the key spellcasting ability being Charisma only. Keeping it as limited spellcasting without heightening or casting at-will. (This sounds like the easiest way without keeping with the 3.5 warlock unlimited spellcasting theme.)

Thank you for the additional feedback on the other areas too. I'm thinking of switching the invocations in the multiclassing for a limited boon type progression. And yeah the Patrons where more for flavor than anything else.

Thank you for the advice. I was definitely being lazy about the invocations and trying to take an easy route with them. It would definitely be better to make a list of custom invocations, so I'll work on that and post those a bit later then the rest of the balancing (cause that will take ma a while to get through, lol). And I'll get rid of the automatic heightening cause you bring up some very real/fair points with people abusing an ability.

As for the Pact of the Tome, I'll take a look at the Eldritch Trickster Rogue and the multiclassing spelllcasting.

Do you have any advice on the focus spells, patrons, multiclass dedication, or feats at all?

@Prince Setehreal
Thank you. I'm glad you like it and I hope you enjoy any changes that are made for balancing.

Thank you for the feedback. I will take everything into account to re-balance this class.

To clarify a couple of things first, the Invocations are required to be non-damaging and the cantrips were supposed to fall under the same rules as invocations. Invocation spells are also chosen off of the full spell list instead of the focus spell list. I also stopped at 5th level for the invocations because they are all heightened to half your level rounded up automatically. My idea was to give them unlimited support type spells (similar to what the D&D 3.5e Warlock class had) and have their only offensive spell be the Eldritch Blast ability.

As of now, a 20th level Warlock with the critical effects feats can deal between 17-104 damage with a single blast (unless my math is off). I didn't want the damage to get too high with a critical strike, but I can up the damage to scale with other cantrips to be more balanced.

As for the boons, I will take all of this into account and re-balance them. The Pact of the Tome boon is supposed to be separate spellcasting than the Invocations, and the known spells are supposed to be equal to the number of spell slots you have, with rituals being able to be learned by copying texts from other books. I'll look into this further for balancing. Thank you very much. I'll look into the Pact of the Blade and Cloak as well to give them a bit more of a boost and balancing.

As for the initial proficiencies, I can give them simple weapons training and expert unarmered defense at 11th or 13th level.

Thank you again for the feedback and the insight. I'll have a revised version out within 2 weeks.

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Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening everyone. I have spent some time looking at all the different versions of the Warlock class across D&D and Pathfinder, both homebrew classes and official classes. There was something missing from them all that I tried to incorporate into my own homebrew class. Below is a link to the PDF file for my custom Warlock class. I tried to add a lot of flavor into it and keep it balanced with other classes. Please review this if you are interested and let me know what you guys think. If there are any balancing issues, please let me know. Previously when I posted this there was a huge calculation issue that was revealed to me with how strong a Minmaxer could make this class. I'm hoping that this was resolved. Please let me know if there is anything missed that could break this class.

Pathfinder Second Edition Warlock Class v2.1

Thank you again for any interest in my creation and any assistance you can give to further balancing this with the official classes. Also please let me know if this is a class that any of you would be willing to play or allow in your games with how it is balanced.

I have been working on all the changes that have been suggested to me and am taking longer than I expected to finish them. My appologies for the long wait for the changes to everyone helping me with this. Below is the updated base class and multiclass portions that I have completed so far. I will have the updated feats and focus spells soon. Thank you again for your patience.

Warlock 2ePF Class v1.2
Warlock 2ePF Multiclass v1.2

If there are any suggestions that I missed or overlooked please let me know and I will make the recommended improvements.

Thank you for all the inputs. I have had some technical difficulties on my end so i haven't been able to check this post in a bit. I will go through and make the necessary balancing adjustments. I also got some input from a friend on discord. Here is what he put, what do you guys think of his input as well?

Hizzard wrote:

Right off the bat, Eldridge blast needs to be a two action ability. Give them feats to modify it. 1 feat reduces it to 1 action. 1 feat keeps the two actions, but makes it so they shoot twice without incrementing the current attack penalty. Can't have both at once, but you can freely switch them during your morning preparations...

The MAP as they call it is automatically calculated multiple attack penalty. It just says that "Each subsequent attack made on your turn adds a -5 penalty to the attack roll and the third attack adds a -10 penalty." So you don't actually have to do anything with that. Your wording of "Make a ranged spell attack" is enough to let people know to apply the penalty.
I'd make the damage dice increases part of feats. Just add a little blurb at the bottom, "Oh, by the way, the number of damage die has gone up by 1."
Pact of the Tome doesn't need to say "innate at will" It just needs to say "Must be within five feet to cast these cantrips."
Also, how do you feel about making that grimoire even better? Give them the ability to learn all the rituals in the game if they take the time to copy it into the grimoire.
All classes get a Lore skill training, too. Make this one "Eldridge Lore" Or add a third skill and make sure it's a lore in the Patron table on page 2. You know, tailored for each Patron. If you want. That's a lot of work coming up with 8 different lore titles...
Masters eyes is... Goofy. My ranger has an animal companion that he can use to attack and give orders to. It takes an action to use, but grants two actions for the companion. I think Master's Eyes should do something similar. You can either order it to take up to 2 actions if it's within 60 feet or possess it and it only takes 1 action if it's within 1 mile of you. Speaking of which, 200ft isn't really very far. Probably to your neighbor's house if you live in the 'burbs...
"There is no MAP for the attacks" as in Twin blast seems to imply that the Eldridge Blast will NOT be affected by the attack penalty whilst at the same time causing it to increase... Meaning you can shoot three E. Blasts with no penalty, but if you try another form of attack, the penalty will apply. "Both attacks use the current attack penalty and the first attack doesn't cause the penalty to increase" is more clear. Same with Triple Blast. Making it 2 actions eliminates the need for the flourish trait.
I wouldn't allow 3 actions that all have 10d6 damage in my game, let alone adding the Improved Eldridge Blast feat on top of it that makes it 3x 10d8... LET ALONE adding MASTER Eldritch Blast!
Second and Third Patrons are odd... If I was a patron and I found out you were serving OTHER patrons, I'd be pretty pissed and might just decide to pay you a visit in person... Unless I was the Great Old One, then I could probably give a s#!%. Secondary Patron prerequisite: Great Old One patron.
Also, If I was a secondary patron, I would refuse to work with a Third Patron that was opposite of my alignment (Good/Evil.)
How about "Pact of the Shadows" that allows you to go invisible, teleport various distances, cast illusions, etc using Focus points and/or multiple actions?
Greater Invisibility Feat 14
prerequisite: blah
You are able to maintain invisibility when you make ranged attacks.
Shadow Stalker Feat x
prerequisite: xxxxxx
You are able to teleport between areas of dim lighting or darkness within 30/60/90 feet of you.
You too.
(Just stream of conscious before I forget. I'm still looking at your warlock...)
Eldritch Focus is probably unnecessary. It only takes 10 minutes to refocus a single point.
The creature with the most HP in the game only has 550HP. At level 20, with the right feats, your Eldritch blast has the potential to one-shot it before you ever add criticals into the mix, let alone triple damage. Eldritch Blast needs some serious nerfing.
The most powerful spell in the game does 21d10 damage, but you can really only cast it once per day (Twice if you burn another feat for the second slot.) Your powered up Eldritch Blast can deal 15d10 damage per turn, assuming all three attack actions hit the target. It can do 10d10 on a critical, and assuming you never get more than one crit per turn, that's 20d10 on turns when you DO get a crit. And you can cast that s%!! all day long.
If you get a crit on a powered up Quad blast, you're dealing out 80d10 damage with a single action. And you're allowed to try for a quad blast every. Single. Turn. A barbarian with a Sky Hammer can do 12d6 fire damage PLUS 6d10 bludgeoning damage on a turn where he lands all three attacks and one is a crit. Granted, that's essentially equivalent to 13d10, but that's for an entire turn's worth of actions with critical damage applied. I think Eldritch blast needs some serious work, and I can't in good conscious allow it in my game until it's brought down to reasonable levels.
How about E. Blast deals 1d6 damage base. you can make it d8/d10 via feats. You add your Eldridge Lore skill modifier to the damage (With a feat, ofc.) At Level 1 that's 1d6 +3 +CHA modifier. Feats can take your Eldridge Lore skill up to Expert/Master/Legendary by level 20 which would be 1d10 +30 +CHA mod... maybe. It's a starting point, anyway.

Are there any other suggestions for improvements to my warlock conversion class? I'm going to be submitting it to a magazine soon for publishing. I want to make sure that this class is well balanced before I do that though. Any other balancing or flavor improvements that anyone has?

Warlock 2ePF v1.1

Garretmander wrote:
... don't cantrips end up at 10 dice at 19? They are heightened to 1/2 level rounded up and tenth level spells are a thing

Yes cantrips do go up to 10dX. I'm not having the eldritch blast go up to 10d6 since it can be altered and enhanced to be far better than a cantrip and is able to be used at-will.

Correction to my last post. At max the Warlock could have 22 invocations with just focusing warlock feats on them and maybe an additional 5 if they take the general feat Adopted Ancestry feat to take the human Natural Ambition feat or if they are human having an additional 5 from their ancestry feat Natural Ambition. So at most with a focus on invocations that's 27 invocations max.

Lanathar wrote:

I apologise in that I appear to have jumped in too quickly after only reading the headlines quickly so my points may not have been that useful!

So I will certainly return to this and have more of a detailed look. Notably because it will be interesting how you have overcome the lack of official spell slots
Re: touch attacks - I don’t think this will ever be a thing in 2E and the way proficiency works they do not need to be. ... But this is your homebrew and removing item bonus isn’t massive

Your points were very useful. Thank you again for the input. And I have overcome not having spell slots by having a very limited number of spells that can be done at any level. At level 1 it's a maximum of 2 invocations known and at level 20 is only 11 invocations unless you focused on spells only. To make up for the lack of spell options or versatility the spells have been made inherent at-will spells. At most at level 20 (and this is with only focusing on spells known) you can have 31 invocations. I don't think anyone would choose to go that route since every other aspect of your character would be weak.

BishopMcQ wrote:
An alternative to the Touch attack mechanic, would be to give a class ability feat that allows minimal damage on a miss. At X level, on a failed attack roll, the damage is treated as if all 1s on the dice roll. This does not apply on a critical failure.

I will add that into the critical effects feats and see how that works. Do you think that removing of the item bonus for armor is too strong or should I do one or the other only?

Also here is an updated version of the Warlock with all your guys' inputs taken into account.

Warlock V1.1

Thank you for the feedback. I'll be resubmitting the class after I have a few more inputs to adjust it. Here are my responses to your comments:

BishopMcQ wrote:
The Eldritch blast needs some tuning. Currently, it's a 1-action cantrip with no MAP and doesn't align with the flow of spells in 2E. If you want it to remain a 1 action, I would suggest that you add [Attack] . This will also help it line up with some of the abilities like Dual Blast that you've included.

That makes a lot of sense and I'll add that in to the Eldritch Blasts discriptions. Also i didn't put a MAP into it because I'm not sure how to. If you have a suggestion please let me know.

BishopMcQ wrote:
In your focus spells, the number of Actions to cast the spell is equal to the number of components. A spell with Verbal and Somatic components, should take 2 actions to cast. All but one of your spells are 1 action and 2 components.

I'll adjust them to either 2 actions or remove one of the components then. I wasn't aware of that restriction. I could also adjust a feat to make the focus spells take one action for two components as well. Which do you think would be a better option to do?

BishopMcQ wrote:
For Celestial Patrons, is it your plan that the Eldritch blast can heal creatures/harm undead only? Vice versa for the Fiend? This may tread on the toes of healers quite a bit. Some abilities that grant Positive/Negative energy attacks specifically state that they do not heal.

I wasn't planning on having it heal/harm exclusively. I'll put into the description that it does not heal. I was just doing that for flavor really. I was looking for something to make the patron's more unique between each of them.

BishopMcQ wrote:
For Force damage, I'd probably scale the dice down to d4s given the absence of resistance and ability to effect incorporeal etc.

I was thinking that since it's a spell all the eldritch blast abilities could affect incorporeal being. If there is not resistance to Force damage then I could choose a different damage type to go with. What do you think would be the best option?

BishopMcQ wrote:
Pact of the Tome allows a character to learn cantrips equal to their Charisma modifier. Pact Mastery then says up to 5 cantrips. Is this meant to be a hard cap or in addition to the ones that were already learned? Legendary Pact makes it clearer that the spells are in addition to ones already in the tome. Also if the Warlock's charisma modifier increases, do they gain additional cantrips? If it's >5, does the hard cap limit that?

I was thinking that the 5 cantrips would be a hard cap since at 1st level its hard to get higher than an 18 in any one stat. I'll switch it to 2 or 3 additional cantrips instead.

Lanathar wrote:
- needs one expert save. I don’t think there are any classes without one

The expert save is determined by the patron chosen at 1st level.

Lanathar wrote:
- touch attacks don’t exist anymore

My intention is to have touch attacks just remove the item bonus from AC. I might have to change the name of this type of attack so if you have any suggestions can you please let me know.

Lanathar wrote:
- you should be able to both crit succeed and crit fail with a blast

Crit effects are gained by taking class feats. I did this because the warlock wouldn't know how to strike critical points on things until they have trained to do so.

Lanathar wrote:
- it seems like damage should simply be every odd level ending at 9d6 similar to cantrips

I'm not scaling the damage that high because I don't want this to be an overpowered technique. It can be altered be blast essence and blast shapes so a lower powered attack seemed more reasonable to me.

Lanathar wrote:
Oh I missed it was one action. I guess that was the reason it doesn’t allow crits.

That is part of the reason.

Lanathar wrote:
Either way if it remains one action it should definitely have “attack” (and therefore MAP) and not scale up to 7d6 as that is out of step with other single action “at will” attacks (weapons in this case)

I will be adding the [Attack] to it and adding a MAP. And what would you have it scale up to then, or would you recommend that it be a two action ability?

Thank you again for all the inputs. I was also wondering what people thought of the Pact of the Cloak I put in. I noticed that in D&D 5e the warlock is a glass canon and I wanted to rectify this if I could.

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Hey everyone.

I have been working on a conversion of the D&D 3.5e Warlock to Pathfinder 2e. I know that pathfinder doesn't officially have a warlock class but this is the closest I can get to what I think they would put out for it. Please rate this conversion and critique it to hell. If there is anything that I can improve on or if it's over/under-powered at all, please let me know how best to re-balance it. sharing

Thank you for the help with my little project.

Lanathar wrote:

No other classes for the APG otherwise they would have been part of the playtest

For your list: ...
So in summary no further classes and of the ones you mentioned only one is likely to be one

Thank you very much for the feedback.

I'm just wondering if there are going to be other classes added to the APG besides the 4 listed? I know that with my group the Warlock, Gunslinger, Cavalier, and Summoner are all popular to play. So far I am liking everything that Paizo is putting out, but would really like these other popular classes to be available for 2e.