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After a fair bit of searching, I haven't found any form-fillable character sheets that have enough skill feat slots for a rogue or investigator. Is anyone aware of one?

Ideally an actual printable sheet, rather than a Google Sheets thing.

This is completely self serving, but you could check this out. No Investigator yet, but Rogue is currently available up to level 6. Work still in progress.

Visit and look for the link to download a self-calculating character sheet you can print or use on iPad.

I have a couple character sheets that are printable and fillable. You just need to download them for them to have the fillable sections appear. I got them from Their site is currently being rebuild so here is a google file that is printable and fillable. It's generic so I'm not sure if it has enough slots for you or not. Also they are on YouTube with some great Paizo affiliated content and a campaign that is still ongoing.

Link in color ; Link in black and white

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