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TLDR: Visit and look for the link to download a self-calculating character sheet you can print or use on iPad.

I’ve had trouble finding a digital character builder to help me stat out Pathfinder 2E characters as both a GM and a very indecisive player. So I made my own and want to provide it to anyone who is interested.

Tabletop Unchained is a quick, easy to use Excel File for new and experienced players. It takes you through the steps of Character Creation quickly by only displaying what matters based on your prior choices. At the end, you are given a character sheet that organizes your Combat Abilities, Exploration Feats, and Social Actions into different sections to reduce the amount of page flipping required during play.

You can also level up your character, transferring information from Character Creation to higher level choices and Multiclass Dedication Feats. All bonuses to your abilities will be updated automatically and feats improving on related actions will all be collected in one place. As of September 2020, you can bring your character up to Level 6, with expansion to Level 14 planned before the end of the year.

For Game Masters and players that like to explore their options, Tabletop Unchained will save you hours of flipping through rulebooks and tedious math. For most other players, Tabletop Unchained will reduce Leveling up your character to a few minutes and produce a fully updated sheet.

Full Disclosure: Because of coding expediency and space considerations, I had to edit some items to condense wording and simplify calculuations. I’m aiming for about 90-95% Pathfinder Rules Compliance. Also, some Spells are described correctly but edited down, since I did not have the space to describe every Spell’s Critical Failure results and spell interactions with specific creatures.

Further Disclosure: Only Core Rulebook options are available right now. Additionally, the Summoning Tab only considers monster abilities from Bestiary 1.

If interested, please download at

Wow, this is a really well done program. The only thing I can suggest for an improvement is to input drop down menus. Based on all the inputs that are in it, it seems like this took you quite a while to make. Are you planning on inputting the APG or other rulebooks as well? Again this is really well done and I look forward to your next expansion.

Thank you. It did take a while.
After I get to Level 20 with CRB I plan to start adding APG and some other options. Not at the point where I can even scope out how much work that will be yet.
I can say Level 14 will probably be done by the end of this year and Level 20 by end of Q1 next year.
Good suggestion on drop downs. Not sure if/when I will look into how much it would take to rework that.

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