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Solid Set


Picked up a brick yesterday. Nice variety and better sculpts than I expected. Faces were very well detailed, much better than previous sets. Only disappointment was that more depth could have been added to the minis by a quick wash. I can easily do that, but so could wizkids. I was lucky and pulled a pit devil- it is so large that it needs assembly, one wing needs to be inserted and glued on. I needed to trim the wing male portion to make it fit properly- again, easy enough for me to fix and assemble but may be a pain for others I was thinking as I fixed. Overall a very good set from what I have seen.

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Bunch of fun


GMed this all the way through. We had four PCs - gnome Sorc, Ranger, Inquisitor, Cleric. The challenges were good overall but mainly at the first few levels and the end - they managed the middle levels with relative ease. It had a wide variety of monsters and challenges and kept these experienced players a bit off balance. The continuity between levels was a bit of a stretch, but since we all expected a crawl, it was not that big of an issue. Overall - just multiple levels of fun...

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Not so good


I had to shorten the main handle (plastic/rubber) to allow for the screw down/clamping of the blade to allow it to screw down enough to hold a blade. Nice overall feel but too much work to get it useable.