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I am curious which polymorph spell I would use to turn in to a Wyvern.

A Wyvern is not a chromatic or metallic dragon, so that spell is out. Is there another spell out there that covers just a dragon of no other type like a wyvern is?

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I am playing a Barbarian/Wizard (transmog-polymorph) And I am Level 5 (2/3) with no more barbarian levels coming. Before I start setting my feat path, I really want to make the Silver shoanti warpaint (+3 deflection bonus to AC) which requires I have the spell Shield of Faith.

of course, being a wizard I will not get that spell. What I am hoping for is a way to be able to get that spell on my wizard spell list without taking a level in cleric/oracle or any other divine spell casting class. (perhaps a feat?)

And before the recommendations come in, I would like to try to do this without using UMD on a shield of faith wand, cooperative crafting, or any other means by which I will have to rely on a device or npc/pc. Also, no divine casting class dip.

I just want to make sure I did a thorough search because I found no other way to get that without dipping into another class or one of the other options I mentioned above.

Thank you for your replies in advance, and I do not want anyone doing a long search to answer me. I have done that already and I am hoping someone might know of a way I missed.


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In the description of the power it states that it can be used once per round without invoking attacks of opportunity.

In most of the other rage powers, there is a sentence that states "While raging..."

That "while raging" is not stated in the Knockback power description. Am I to assume that it can only be done while raging? Or is this power able to be used 1/round outside of raging?

Thank you in advance.


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What is the curse that is bestowed as part of this new marking? Is it like a Bestow Curse Spell? I can not find out what this additional curse is. Please direct me to the page#. I read the entire archetype and could find nothing on it.

description: A fiendbound marauder’s armiger’s mark is tainted by his eldritch power, causing marked creatures to also become cursed for the duration of the mark. The mark is now a supernatural ability, but otherwise functions as the armiger’s mark class feature. The fiendbound marauder can use feats and abilities that require or alter the armiger’s mark class feature as normal.

Thanks in advance.


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I looked at the old 2010 thread on this and really didn't see anything there that came close to my idea of a half-dryad. I admit to looking at the wiki page for the 3.5 version and that is way to powerful. So I decided to make this. Please give me any suggestions/recommendations!

Name: Half-Dryad (11 total Racial Points)

Half-Dryads have weaker ties to the forest, and as such are more closely related to their human parent than their dryad one. They more closely resemble their paternal race than their mother's. By most standards they appear to be a child of normal birth. But the half-dryad's fey heritage always shows in one obvious detail, their hair. A half-dryad's hair changes with the seasons, in the spring and summer their hair comes in mixed shades of green, in the fall and winter their hair changes a varied blend of blonde, brown, and red. Leaves and flowers from their mother's root tree occasionally grow within a half-dryad's hair, for some it is mixed in among the strands of hair, for others it spreads to become foliage, their hair closely resembling a mass of verdant vines.

Type (2rp): Fey

Senses (0rp): Lowlight Vision – a part of the fey type

Size (0rp): Medium

Movement (0rp): 30ft – normal for medium creatures

Ability Score Mods (0rp): Standard - +2 Con, +2 Wis, -2 Str

Linguist (1rp): Start with Common and Sylvan languages and can learn any language with a high int score (except druidic).

Wilderness Skilled (2rp): Half-Dryads gain a +2 racial bonus to Survival and Knowledge (Nature)

Hydrated Vitality (2 RP): Prerequisite: Outsider (native) with ties to the Plane of Water, fey type, or plant type; Benefit: Members of this race gain fast healing 2 for 1 round anytime they submerge completely within a body of natural fresh water or brackish water. Stagnant, poisoned, or trapped water (such as water within an artificial pit or a bag of holding) does not activate this ability. Members of this race can heal up to 2 hit points per level per day with this ability, after which it ceases to function.

Camouflage (1 RP): Prerequisites: None; Benefit: Members of this race gain a +4 racial bonus on Stealth checks while within the forest terrain type.

Stability (1 RP): Benefit: Members of this race receive a +4 racial bonus to their CMD when resisting bull rush or trip attempts while standing on the ground.

Wood Weapon Skill (4rp): half-dryad begins play with proficiency in any 2 weapons made out of wood (such as quarterstaffs, clubs and bows). In addition, Half Dryads get a +1 to hit and +1 damage from any wooden weapons they use.

Tree-speech (1 RP): Members of this race have the ability to converse with only trees as if subject to a continual speak with plants spell

Civaphobia(-1rp): Half-Dryads feel most comfortable in places that have some respect for the land and are not civilized. When within the immediate area of a settlement of a size of Small Town or larger (Over 200 people) the Half-Dryad has a -2 racial penalty on all Cha based checks.

Voice of the Earth (Ex) (-2rp): Half-Dryads retain some ties to the forest, if not much. If a half-dryad enters a zone where the ground is "poisoned" somehow (by chemical leaks, drought, lingering magical effects like blight, etc.), they must make a DC 25 Fortitude save or be sickened until they leave the zone.

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For the first level bloodline power (Wall of Darkness) there is no statement on what type of action is required to activate the power.

I need to know if it is a swift/move/standard action.

It seems all the attack type 1st level powers are a standard action or part of a melee or ranged attack (which is a standard action), but most of the other powers that do not involve an attack are anything but standard actions.

Please let me know.

Thanks, CC

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I am playing a Sea Singer Bard and want to increase the range of some of my 30ft. ranged Sea Songs. I could not find any feats that increased the range.

Does anyone know where I might find those feats or if they even exist?

Silver Crusade

My question is, do I use my full BAB? Are there two weapon fighting penalties? and what is the range increment?

I have nothing to go on from this description...

Benefit: You can throw the shield as a free action. Neither a shield’s enhancement bonus to AC nor its shield spikes apply to your attack or damage rolls.

Restriction: Tower shields cannot be throwing shields.

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I know the spell was written well before the gunslinger was created, but it does state 50 projectiles (which are bullets).

It is vague enough not to be clear and I would love some verification.

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Thank you.

As a 6th lvl caster, I could affect (6) small, or (3) medium, or (1) large piece of wood. Being Mythic, I could use my ability to cast the spell @ +2 caster level, so I could technically warp a Huge piece of wood. What would the size of a Keel be on a Colossal sized ship? Specifically one that is 60ft (12)squares in length.

Since I have no technical knowledge of ships, I am unsure if the Keel is made of several large (or smaller sized) pieces of wood, or if it is all one piece.

I think everyone can figure out what I am trying to do (sink a ship), and I need to know if this is even possible with this spell, or would I have to cast it numerous times to get the keel warped enough to make a ship go down.

Thanks for your input in advance.

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Can you please remove the Pathfinder roleplaying game subscription from my subscription list please? I am not wanting to get the Monster Codex.

Thank you very much.


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Hello Sara Marie,

First off, thanks for everything you did for me concerning that graduation present with the Core RB. You have one happy graduate that is now starting a pathfinder game @ Trinity university in San Antonio Tx. So more people getting their feet wet in PF.

But I just added Order 3272854 to my subscriptions and I didn't want it to ship until my next set of subscriptions was ready to go out.(in Sept)

Could you make that happen for me?

Also, is there a way to combine shipments manually rather than asking in the forums? If there is I would appreciate you telling me where that interface is on the website. It used to be so easy and now I cant find it.

Thanks in advance,


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Hey Sara Marie,

I noticed that my shipment was suspended and not pending. What happened here? This was the one that had the special request we had been emailing each other about.

please fill me in on what is up when you have time. Feel free to email.

Thanks, Curt

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Lets say you are a wizard that is grappled and you cast a shocking grasp while grappled. you obviously succeed at your concentration check to get it cast.

page 185-186 of the CRB states that the spell goes off even on an accidental touch by anyone once the spell is held.

It is at this point that my question is pertinent. In the CRB the wording of holding a spell states that once a melee touch spell is cast, if it is not discharged on that same round, the caster can hold it.

So does the shocking grasp go off on the initiative right after my wizard's turn is over? Does it wait to go off on the grappler's initiative? Does it not go off on my next turn or is it an immediate discharge with no melee touch required?

Thanks in advance

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Just mentioning that the link to my purchase of bestiary 4 is not available.

My order number is: 3151960

Thanks in advance

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I would like to cancel that part of my subscriptions please. Thanks in advance.

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I cant seem to find out how to add two pending shipments together so there is only 1 shipment.

My orders 3121832 & 3151960 are both in pending mode. Can I get you guys to combine them so there is only one shipment? And more importantly, where is that option now? It didn't seem to be in the same place. (of course, I haven't done that in almost 18 months.)

Thanks in advance.

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I am considering playing an Elan Fighter Ninja and going down the feat path in Lords of Madness (the aberration blood feats).

One of the feats is called WATERSPAWN which does this..

Benefit: You gain a Swim speed equal to your land speed.
This also grants you a +8 racial bonus on Swim checks, the
ability to take 10 on any Swim check, and the ability to use
the run action while swimming.
You gain resistance to cold 5. You can breathe air and water
with equal ease.

What I need to know is if swimming comes into play during the adventure at all or would this be a wasted feat? I do not care about water breathing if there will be no adventuring in the water.

(and yes, I am taking the aberration feats to give the character some flavor and to get a few extra power points from...)

Benefit: You gain a racial bonus on Will saves against mind affecting
spells and abilities equal to one-half the number of aberrant feats you possess.
You gain 1 psionic power point for each aberrant feat you

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I would appreciate this. Leave all other subscriptions the same.

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For those not familiar with the feat
Spell Perfection:
Benefit: Pick one spell which you have the ability to
cast. Whenever you cast that spell you may apply any one
metamagic feat you have to that spell without affecting its
level or casting time, as long as the total modified level
of the spell does not use a spell slot above 9th level. In
addition, if you have other feats which allow you to apply
a set numerical bonus to any aspect of this spell (such as
Spell Focus, Spell Penetration, Weapon Focus [ray], and so
on), double the bonus granted by that feat when applied to
this spell.

First off, This is for my wizard15 evocation specialist:

Can I memorize a Piercing Lightning bolt in a 4th level slot (piercing =Affected spell treats creatures with SR as having
an SR of 5 lower

Then cast it on my turn, applying the spell perfection feat to it.

Does this application of Spell perfection make the sr 10 lower since the metamagic feat piercing was already applied in the 4ht level slot?

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I had just re-signed up for the adventure path and campaign subscriptions.

I chose the Ultimate campaign as the starting point of my campaign subscription, yet, in my side cart, all I see is the mythic adventures and nothing to do with the ultimate campaign.

Please let me know what happened here. I was very careful to make sure I chose the ultimate campaign as the starting point of my new subscription.

Am I just missing something?

I did not see the ultimate campaign in my downloads, so I know something is up.

Please advise.

Silver Crusade

Spoiler Alert to any who have not played the Wake of the Watcher.

Greetings everyone,

My group just got done kicking the crap out of the Vicar and his 10 lower level minions in the Temple of Gozreh in Illmarsh and I had to let everyone know about it.

our group:
Cornellius: Dhampir Crusader (me)
Crolimar: Gnome Alchemist
Illona: Human Witch (Female)
Y'lderick: Human Inquisitor
Kate: Human Ranger (female)
Cassomyr: Elf Rogue (hehe)

First off, we snuck in (or thought we were) and got into the second open area where there is a door to the far left and another to the far right. through the open 10ft wide pathway in the middle, we see 5 clerics bowed down in worship. We already know these guys are worshipping Dagon, and are responsible for the disappearance of a dozen citizens. So, we begin our stealthy approach and I, the pretty decently quiet Crusader alerts them with a 20 stealth roll. Gotta love that, but in the ensuing melee, our Naginata wielding Ranger is guarding the right door (which she defended vs. 3 of the 3/3 cleric rogues), and our alchemist is bombing the hell out of the left side with poisonous vapor bombs that drain wisdom (which had another 2 of the 3/3 cleric rogues and the main cleric boss). That leaves me, our rogue, and our inquisitor to defend and crush the middle.

And oh how we crushed them...

Being a Crusader 7 / Oracle 1 / Ustalavan Knight 1 (the red ruby knight PrC from BoNS), I had just received the Island of Blades stance, and me and our rogue walked through those 3/3 cleric rogues like the were butter and we were the hot knives. I wont go into huge detail, but for those that know the BoNS, my crusader has the Manuevers - White Raven Tactics and Divine Surge. So through out the melee, our rogue would get his sneak attack on any enemy I was adjacent to (thanks to the island of blades stance), and on the Scion of the Sea-(divine guardian Chuul) and the Main cleric, I was able to let the rogue get his full attack, use white raven on him, use my divine surge, then the rogue would get another full attack on the initiative right after me. Since this battle was 16 rounds, I was able to go through my 5 maneuvers 3 times, which was devastating to the rogue/clerics we were fighting.

I mean, once I got my white raven tactics back, I would delay till after our rogue did his full attack, then use it so he would go after me again, and thus, set up 3 opportunities for the rogue to get 4 attacks @ 5d6 sneak damage each.

Of course, he didn't hit every time, but he got two hits twice and 3 hits once, so it was truly deadly, especially against the Scion, which almost killed two other team members. (It had a dislike for the alchemist who poisoned almost every cleric in the place, with 4 of the ten receiving -5 wis, and another 2 getting -3 wis.)

Lets just say we were not being pelted by spells during most of the battle.

I will say that near the end of the fight, when only the main cleric stood, that it did get a nasty command spell off on our witch, and she had to cast her Cloud Kill spell on me and the inquisitor. He succeeded on his save (whew! it was close) and I rolled a natural 20 on mine, so I was good. But other than that, the only real threat was to our alchemist who stood at -4hp on the scions tenticles, and to the inquisitor, who was under 20hp.

It was one of the best fights I had been in in recent memory, and if I had not pulled a white raven out of my ass on the Scion, our poor alchemist would have awakened in the realm of Dagon, screaming from being violated in the worst possible ways...

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About 3 months ago I was digging around on the internet and came across a 3rd party feat that gives +1d6 to the channel energy heal/damage. You can only take it once (at least, that is what I remember).

Now I can not find it again. After looking for the last week, I have decided to ask the community.

Does anyone know where this feat was published? Or am I having delusions of such a feat existing?

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks in advance guys (Sara or Cosmo)

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Can I have the 1x Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Shattered Star Poster Map Folio, $16.99 taken off my January order?

Or do I have to drop the entire Campaign Setting subsciption for January and order the Irrisen—Land of Eternal Winter (PFRPG), $16.99 seperately in Feb?

Please let me know. I hate stopping and starting subscriptions for this reason. Has anything come up in your ordering process that would help me not to have to do this anymore?

Thanks in advance,


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I am curious if this trait concept is right on power level. It is based off the Practiced Spellcaster feat from 3.5.

My question is, would any DM accept this trait in their game? And if not, please explain why. If you would accept it, I would love the reasoning for this as well.

Please refrain from comments stating that you would not allow a BoNS character in your pathfinder campaign. This is not the question I need answered. :D TY.

Trait Name: Martial Minded
Benefit: Your Initiator level for the selected non-martial class (any class not Crusader/Swordsage/Warblade) increases by 2. The character's initiator level can never exceed his hit dice. Example, if a (fighter 2 / Crusader 2) took this trait, the initiator level for this character would be 4, not 3. A character with more than one non-martial class must select which one will recieve the benefit of this trait. It is also possible to not fully benefit from this trait when it is initially taken. In the example above, when the character reached 4th level fighter, he would gain the last of the benefits from this trait.
Normal: Your Initiator Level is equal to 1/2 your character level with all non-martial classes (classes that do not provide access to martial manuevers).

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I recently added a hard cover copy of Ultimate Magic to replace my previous one. However, I noticed I was also charged for a Ultimate Magic PDF when I already had one.

Order 2060814 shows this.

I am not sure what happened here, because I know I only added the hard bound copy to my order. Why would I order a second pdf when I recieved it for free with my subscription last year?

I would like this charge added as credit towards my next subscription order please.

Thanks in advance.


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Male Human Monk 12 / Crane Shen 4

This is for discussion outside the "in-game" posts. I will constantly monitor this site.

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Male Human Monk 12 / Crane Shen 4

This is the continuation of a campaign started over a year ago but due to job issues and personal events, our group had to split up on the verge of entering the House of the beast.

This is our attempt at finishing that campaign since we all fell in love with our characters and didnt want to see this end in such a way.

I am posting in several installments the emails that were sent over the last year so that our stories are always present and readilly available for review.

My name is Curtis Sheldon, and I am the DM of this campaign. Invites have been set out to all the players. I look forward to this and will review the rules for running this campaign this way.

Thanks again to all my players, and I hope this works out for us all.


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Please cancel all my subscriptions and the order that is about to ship to me.

I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks, CC

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Customer Service,

Could you please cancel all my subscriptions but the Adventure Path and Roleplaying Game subscriptions?

Thanks in advance


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Ok, looks like things are getting started quicker than I thought. We just started LoF yesterday, about 6 months earlier than I thought we would, so things changed real fast.

As I cant edit the first post (for some reason). I will post the changes in the characters now, but thank goodness we are not doing an all small pc group. :D

Players and their characters: (here we have the PC’s)

Keil Hubert is playing Darvah Raff ibn Kazuma. We all call him Little Fox since that is his nickname. He is a CG male Dustwalker Elf Swordsage.

Morgan Hubert is playing Theradon, a LE male Div Tiefling Cavalier.

Austin Hubert is playing Theron, a LE male whisper Gnome Scout.

Monica Sheldon (since we started earlier than expected) is playing Rajah , a N Female Human Wizard.

Jon Cunningham is playing Talib Saalim, a N male Human Druid.

Backgrounds will be revealed throughout the journal as we reveal what happens to the heroes in Solku and beyond.

Next post will start the Journal.

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I am failing to find such an entry. Is it something I have to make myself using the monster creation rules?

I would take a 3.0 or 3.5 old Wotc source book entry if its out thee.

Thanks in advance.


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Thanks to everyone at Paizo, especially the customer service department for handling my Core Rule Book shipping issue from Oct 2009.

After patiently waiting for that book, I was rewarded with the Entire Paizo Staff Signing the front page.

Erik Mona telling me to kill lots of Goblins, Jason Bulmahn giving me a CL18 Limited wish, F. Wesley, Sean K, Rob McCreary, James Sutter, Vic Wertz, Joshua J, James Jacobs and others I could not recognize...

Even Cozmo imprinted his sig at the bottom of the page.

Its to bad it took me 3 days to find this treasure.

However, I might have to Use Jason Bulmahn's Limited wish sooner than I thought. My gaming group is threatening to string me up by the... well, basically they want to lynch me and steal the book.

So thanks Paizo for that wonderful Surprise. I dont have to hunt anyone down at the convention now. hehe.


Although I still want to meet the lot of you.

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Greetings everyone,

I got an email confirming my subscriptions (all but the new chronicles items I subscribed to on March 10) in my monthly shipment.

I did, however, get the chimera cove order in the shipment and I placed that one on the 12th of March.

I was hoping to get (1) shipment for everything but it looks like it will be seperated in two.

Can you let me know what happened?

The products that didnt get shipped were:

Pathfinder Chronicles: Guide to the River Kingdoms (PFRPG) Print Edition

Pathfinder Chronicles: Council of Thieves Map Folio Print Edition

Pathfinder Chronicles: NPC Guide (PFRPG) Print Edition

Thanks in advance.


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It says it was shipped on the 15th. I still have not received it. I usually get this in 5 business days. It is going on 8 now.

Just want to make sure nothing happened here. Shipping address is correct in the order history.

Thanks, Curtis

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I am hoping I can get an answer on using Golarion (campaign seeting) in my writing. I know that anything I write using FR material is basically the property of WoTC. Is it the same for Paizo?

First off, allow me to say I am writing for my own personal growth, not to make money or publish at this time. I am still in college and will have several projects over the next year that I could use the background information from the campaign setting to place my creative writing in.

What are the policies regarding the use of your material.

And I did not know which forum to place this request in, so please excuse that.



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I have been a subscriber for some time, and noticed I did not get my Players guide for LEgacy of Fire for free.

Is there a reason for this? My good buddy, who has been a subscriber since Dragon and Dungeon's licences were revoked, also didnt get it for free.

So I know there is a problem here.

Could I be updated with why this is?

Thanks, CC

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Being a hopeless Kung-Fu theater lover, I have to ask if anyone has tried to use their characters long braided hair, with poisoned hairpins in it, as an attack (like a bladed scarf)?

I know there was a recent movie with Jackie Chan and Jet Li that had a lady in it with 5ft long braided hair using it like a whip.

I am curious if there are any rules for something like that in print somewhere, or if I have to work it in by my own imagination...

I would love feedback for possible rules to support this kind of attack option.



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I find it quite interesting how posters respond to certain individuals on this message board.

(this is not a rant, just an observation that makes me chuckle inside)

Example: I have seen some awsome character concepts, expanded history details in golarion, magic items, genie alternatives, some great fantasy writing, Artwork, research, and provocative monsters.

However, if your name is not Yoda8myhead, KaeYoss, or one of these individuals that has been around for some time, or a part of the famous Paizo staff, very little feedback is offered.

If this pool of individuals has nothing to say about your post, very few others do.

I have seen some stuff in these past threads that I like more than anything I have read from Elaine Cunningham, but, because she is a well known writer, people flock to her as if she is a godsend to fantasy literature.

Perhaps it is a brush with fame... a need for people to say to their friends, "Holy crap! Elaine Cunningham and Wolfgang Baur responded to my post! They know me!"

I find this all quite amusing and was curious if this thought is shared by others, and if your posting in this forum is dictated by the participation of those who are "well known".

Could a newcomer tweak your creativity? Or will it take a post from F. Wesley Schneider or Eric Bona to do that?

just curious...

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I am hoping there are a few individuals that love character creation and would like to help me tweak this concept for a beta-version bard for the Rise of the Runelords AP.

I will be as concise as possible.

General Idea: I want to play a character that has finished a career in the Coins District Token Guards in Absolom. Everything that has kept him in Absolom all these years; children, wife, and career are all gone. Children moved away to Varisia, the mother’s homeland, wife passed away, and 26 years in the coins guard was enough for anyone. So, my character sails to Magnimar from Absolom on his final life quest: To die a hero through force of arms, something he never was able to accomplish in Absolom during his tour of duty. He had wanted to be a part of the Azlanti Keep’s city guard, but his ties to the thieves guild kept such a promotion from happening. This character ended up being in charge of training new recruits for the coins guard, thus, this character has the “military drill sergeant” theme

Base character Game mechanics: Attribute modification for being Middle Aged (46 year old human), and the Rich parents trait modified to represent his savings for a career already completed (+900gp starting). I have not decided on my second character trait.

Class Progression: Bard to Level 7, (1) level of War Weaver, then Lyric Theurge for (7) levels.

Bard: Perform skills are based off Full Metal Jacket’s drill sergeant, so Oratory and Storytelling will be my only perform skills (of course, I will have Weapon Drill as a perform skill for obvious reasons). This character will not be able to sing or play an instrument. Inspire Courage is the main power focus of this bard, with alternate class features from the Complete Champion such as Hymn of Fortification and Healing Hymn rounding out the first three levels perfectly. Picture this guy in the face of the cleric, “pumping up” his adrenaline with a few chosen words before he heals, and then the cleric pushing out some fantastic healing. +1pt per rank in perform? Oh yea! And the second part of the Healing hymn goes along perfectly with the “before we go to bed” speech, prepping the group for a hard day of battle in the morning, allowing a double nights rest of healing and recovery in an 8 hour period. Very nice.

Lyric Theurge: From the complete Mage. This prestige class allows for my bardic music uses to keep increasing every level, and at the same time, gives a few extra spells and spell slots so I can round out my military spell selection with spells from the Sorcerer/wizard spell list. Spells that enhance my allies abilities and others that shape the battlefield will be reserved for these select spell slots. Also, my sonic spells increase in potency with this PrC.

War Weaver: With my military background, I can see this very basic power manifesting in my bard. Creating a web of magic that allows for pre-battle buff spells to be cast once and they affect every ally in the group. This simulates my drill sergeant’s awesome motivation skills by a simple speech. If you picture Full Metal Jacket when the drill sergeant finds the jelly donut of Pyle, the screw up recruit, you will see a follow up speech by him to the group of marines that were Pyles classmates. Well, they (the other marines) had to do pushups while pyle ate the donut. If that had been my bard in there, those marine recruits would have received cats grace so they could sneak up on pyle that night and kick the crap out of him. That’s what I am thinking here…

Spell Selection and Feats: Here is where the character is so different than other bards that I have seen and read about. For my feats, I will be taking:

1st Character: Extra bardic song

1st Human: Extra bardic song

3rd Character: Melodic Casting (required for Lyric Theurge – Comp Mage)

5th Character: Extra bardic song

7th Character: Lyric Spell (Comp Adventurer)

9th Character: Extra bardic song

I want to stop there as these feats define this character. As you can see, with this array of feats, I am building my song count so by 9th level, I will have a total of 25 uses per day of my bardic song. The Lyric spell feat allows me to use my bardic song for casting spells. If I wanted to cast a 2nd level spell, that would cost me (1) bardic song use per level of the spell +1. In this case, that 2nd level spell would cost me 3 bardic music uses.

Spell Choices: I am only going to 3rd level here for discussion.

0: level – Lullaby, Stick

1st: level – Inspirational Boost, Sleep, Improvisation, Phantom Threat, Cure Lt.

2nd: level – Iron Silence, Sonic Weapon, Tactical Precision, Spymasters Coin, Cure Mod

3rd: level – Allegro, Hymn of Praise, Harmonic Chorus, Nightmare Terrain, Listening Coin, Cure Serious.

Spell Themes:

Infiltration / Gather Information: Based off Coins experience in Absolom

Lullaby: makes sneaking around others much easier, and, if a sleep spell is cast on someone affected by lullaby, they get a -5 on their will save.

Stick: glue small objects to surfaces. With the spymaster’s coin and listening coin, I will be able to eavesdrop on unsuspecting people and gather information I might not otherwise be able to get.

Iron Silence: Allows for me to make my armored friends have no armor check penalty on most medium armors and all light armors. It also lessens the penalties on heavy armors.

Improvisation: A spell that grants a pool of points to use on any d20 roll at any time (similar to action points).

Battefield Spells: Based off experience in Absolom and books read on tactics and rules of war.

Inspirational Boost: Makes my Inspire Courage ability have an extra +1 to all bonuses. (swift action spell as well)

Tactical Precision: +2 to hit and +1d6 damage against flanked foes. Which, I will also use the 1st level spell Phantom Threat to produce flanking as needed.

Allegro: +30ft. movement for 1min/level. There is so much this can help with, but the theme behind it comes from the long 5mi. runs most drill sergeants take their trainees through. My characters inspiration will bring my men to new feats of speed and endurance.

Nightmare Terrain: To shape the battlefield in my enemies mind. Nothing is more intimidating than a cussing nasty tempered drill sergeant scaring the crap out of people, especially when he knows they are scared, and makes things on the field of battle (in their own minds) rise up against them.

Hymn of Praise / Harmonic Chorus: These spells up the caster level of good Divine casters and arcane spell casters by +2. Very nice.

Sonic Weapon: This is the one "out of place" spell for this character. I would love if someone could help me figure out a way to weave this on in to my spells known list from the information I gave above. I have not decided if I am going to want to be a secondary melee combatant, or be ranged. If melee, then this is easilly decided upon. But mainly, this will be one of my last bard 2nd level spells known that comes at 9th or 10th level. This spell, once I get 5th level Lyric theurge, does 3d6 extra sonic damage. A very nice addition to any weapon I or my allies use.

I would love feedback on this along with any suggestions that fit this character’s theme.

Thanks in advance everyone.


Scarab Sages

I had played (briefly) a hell bred crusader in FR before our group disbanded and I started playing PF.

I really liked the concept of playing a female priest of Tiamat (or, insert evil god / devil here) that was responsible for the turning of souls to Lawful Evil so that she could have a higher place serving Tiamat in the afterlife from all the soul power she provided.

I had her come back as a male crusader since she recanted at the last moment before her death when she was betrayed by Tiamat.

She hated men as the female priest, and they were her #1 targets for corruption. So coming back as a male was a no brainer.

Does a character like this have a basis in Golarion. (I know the gods are different and all, so I am not asking about that). I am rather seeking confirmation that this could happen in Cheliax and if the designers had envisioned the helbred when conceptualizing and fleshing out Cheliax.

It seems that the pact powers from the Book of Tyrants is what is concentrated on more than the cultivating of souls.

Please, I would love some direction here. I definately want this crusader to be Golarion and not FR in flavor. Thanks, CC