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Full Name

Cornellius Aggredor




Crusader 8 / Oracle 1 / Ustalavan Knight (Ruby Red Knight) 4








Neutral Good






Varisian, Taldane, Orc


Knight Protector of Ustalav

Strength 18
Dexterity 16
Constitution 12
Intelligence 14
Wisdom 13
Charisma 16

About Cornellius Aggredor

Cornellius is a mostly kind but quiet person. Being a Dhampir near 130 years in age, he has been all over Ustalav. He still worships Aroden as if he were still alive. His faith never waivered when the world shook from Arodens demise. He kept on, believing that his appearance would happen any day...

For the past 60 years, he has been a knight at last wall. (or he should have been a knight. But with his feral background linked to a vampire parent, he was never trusted to be knight). So he ran all the errands and menial tasks of a 1st year recruit for decades.

Time passed for him so slowly. He eventually forgot his family name, his brothers and sisters, and his family estate in Caliphas. Years and years passed with no way for Cornellius to retain those memories from so long ago. He just forgot.

He knows about his time in lastwall, and he knew the kind professor in ravengro who saw past his heritage and befriended him.

And so, when Cornellius received word that the professor had died, he left lastwall and headed to Ravengro to attend the funeral.

He knew in his heart that he would never go back to lastwall (why should he? He was treated like s@!&). So After he paid his respects to the professor he knew he would try to find a purpose for his life. He owed the professor and him self that much. What Cornellius didn't know was that his fate would soon be sealed by the investigation the Professor had been working on.

Edit: 4.3.2014
Cornellius has finally made it to Caliphas. The trials and tribulations that this poor knight has experienced pushed him over the edge and caused him to go insane. The deaths of so many of his companions brought him to a deep depression, and then the experience at Illmarsh took him and his 2 surviving team members to a sanitarium. Cornellius lost his halfing squire and over 20 of his squire's compatriots in the depths of illmarsh. That, and the loss of Kate (the vampire hunter)and Crolomar (the infamous alchemist) were devastating to COrnellius.

So after 6 months of slowly regaining his sanity back, Cornellius, Illona, Yul' Derick, and Cassomyr headed out to Caliphas with retribution on their minds. They would catch the whispering way rider and keep that corrupt and evil group from succeeding in their plans.