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Limeylongears wrote:
The Vagrant Erudite wrote:
To be Sex/Gender Inclusive, I'd like to point out it also goes together like smooshed dong and a codpiece, but I know what Freehold pays more attention to.
If the old chap is getting smushed up in yer codpiece, you're gonna need a bigger 'piece...

[Australian] Ah, I see you've played Knifey-Spooney Codpiecey before. [/Australian]

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gran rey de los mono wrote:
I have a superpower. I can levitate birds. Unfortunately, that's a pretty useless power.

I dunno. Sounds like you just need to become a supervillian in Australia with squadrons of emus, cassowaries, moas, and kiwis at your command. Maybe a few penguins too to really inspire terror.

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Darn tootin'! I shot Eddie Kett dead right out the window from my upstairs room at The Grand Central Hotel in Deadwood. Dang cardcheat owed me $12.

"Other Darrin" Kobold Cleaver wrote:
{points and mocks} Ha-ha, BoP! You've been re-cast between seasons.

Wait, I thought you were erased by a paradox? Should I blame your re-appearance on Barry Allen or Rip "The Worst" Hunter?

Freehold DM wrote:

I'm pretty sure when I get killed during the zombie apocalypse, it won't be by being eaten. It will be when two larger zombies hold me down ankle and wrist and a third prys my mouth open while a fourth drops KFC into my mouth.

While I scream and plead for mercy, you will watch from the corner, smiling a thin, super villain-y smile.

Well, Australians eat Marmite and Vegemite, and are rumored to drink Fosters*, for the same reasons monarch caterpillars consume milkweed. By the time the average Australian reaches adulthood, their flesh has absorbed these toxins for almost two decades, and thus become foul-tasting and poisonous. This discourages other wildlife** from attempting to consume them.*** Ergo, it seems reasonable that by consuming delicious Bon Chon fried chicken, NYC pizza, giant deli sandwiches, and bubble tea, Freehold is actually making himself more delicious to the inevitable future hordes of undead.

* This is so untrue, it borders on outright slander and libel. No Australian with functioning tastebuds consumes Fosters except as either part of a bet or to convince non-natives to drink it, thus enabling the mysteriously self-replenishing substance to be exported.

** This defense, however, poses no deterrent to bites from other Australians.

*** Most wildlife no longer attempts to eat Australian humans, but does enjoy biting out of sheer spite. Sometimes the spite is so high, a predator may get carried away, accidentally consuming most or all of an Australian before the predator realizes what is happening.

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Would filling your mailbox full of large black rubber spiders so they pour out possibly scare your mail carrier into "retiring"?

In the future, all surviving house plant species will have naturally selected to be brown and dessicated-looking. So really, you're just helping.

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I blame Cosmo that no one on the Paizo boards remembers the two best lines of dialogue from Young Guns 2. :/

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"Hello Bob!"
{casts spell}
"Goodbye Bob! Best dollar eighty I ever spent."

Gregor Greymane wrote:
117. Goblin Colosseum

117b. Goblin Thunderdome-Multiplex: 100 gobs enter, 1 leaves

TimD wrote:
110. Infect them with were-poodle lycanthropy. Tell them that the only cure is by sacrificing other goblins to Zarongel with (un)holy fire.

Congratulations, you've just created a race of were-Scrappy Doos. Your name will be forever recorded in infamy for your unforgivably heinous deed.

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MMCJawa wrote:

it was a lot slower start, that is for sure.

As for theories, we get a lot of large overview shots of the highway grid. I am wondering if the layout of the roads is suppose to be some sort of occult symbol?

Ah, like the M25 London orbital motorway then? I hadn't realized Crowley had made it over to the States. :)

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Marco Massoudi wrote:
Milo v3 wrote:
Edit: Sarusan is likely not getting an AP for ages... None of the developers care for it, which as an Australian I find rather disappointing.
A Mad Max inspired module in Sarusan would be cool! :-)

Mad Merisiel: Stabbity Road starring Mad Merisiel, Imperator Kyriosa, Immortan Gnoll, and of course, Hakon as the Doof Warrior.

Mark Whedon wrote:
...Meri tried to use it and got herself vaporized.


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Is there any chance we might soon hear the tale of Imperator Kyriosa leading a war caravan filled with escaped halflings across the Mana Wastes, and her and your subsequent conflict with Immortan Gnoll and the Toecutters? I really want to know more about Mad Merisiel: Stabbity Road!

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The Gurkas.

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captain yesterday wrote:
Holy s&$! that's a big f%+$ing spider!

{chuckles} That's not a spider.

{points to steeder at hitching post outside} THAT's a spider.