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Hello everyone.

Quick question.
I plan on playing a stalker vigilant, with two level of rogue to benefit form the additional sneak attack, and the kitsune trickster int to bluff bonus.

The question is:
How does the vigilant talent "Lethal grace" interact with the free first feat from rogue?

Lethal Grace (Ex) (Ultimate Intrigue pg. 15): The vigilante combines strength and speed into incredibly deadly attacks. He gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat, and if he already has the Weapon Finesse feat, he can immediately swap it for another feat for which he qualified at the level he chose Weapon Finesse. (Skip the part about damage)

Finesse Training (Ex): At 1st level, a rogue gains Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat

Thanks for your time

If you take a level in unRogue before selecting Lethal Grace, you can select a different feat that you qualified for at that level. Dosn't work the other way around, though.

I would note, however, that the sneak attack from those two levels is not that different from the increase to Hidden Strike you'd have gotten from two levels in Vigilante. You get Weapon Finesse as a bonus feat, but loose out on +1 Will, and you delay qualifying for talents (both Vigilante Talents like Hide ion Plain Sight, and Social Talents like Skill Familiarity). If you do want to take those Rogue levels, I'd suggest taking three of them, for the dex-to-damage (that also works with TWF or certain two-handed weapons).

Not sure if my dex will outshine my (level-2/2)+str in term of damage, but a 2nd Sneak attack dice would be great. (And a 3rd with a feat ^^)
I don't have much things that I want that scale with level. The only thing is Lethal grace.

What would I miss exactly?

Ah, right, forgot about that Lethal Grace requires str-to-damage. My bad!

What you'd miss? Well, how does "take 10 on bluff even in combat" sound? Takes 9 levels in Vigilante, Rogue would push that to 11th level. Same can be said for a bunch of other talents, and a ki power if you take the Teisatsu archetype like you should.

Seriously, what do you want Sneak Attack for? Without Accomplished Sneak Attacker, 2 levels of Vigilante have the same bonus damage 2 levels of Rogue have, (1d4+1 vs. 1d6). If you really want Kitsune’s Guile, I can see one level working (although Vigilante can buff Bluff with Social Grace and Skill Familiarity, and you could get the same from the Cunning Liar trait), but not the second level.

I think I will go:
1 Vigilant (Teisatsu) (Was already planning to, but thanks anyway)
1 Rogue (Kitsune trickster)
X Vigilant

I'll trade 1 level and +1/3 bab for:
+1 reflexes
+1 Sneak attack dice (so a "+0,5" than a vigilant my level)
+Int to a few skills
+2 skills points
+A feat once I reach level 5/7

It seems fair ^^

Thanks for your help!

Ask the GM to use Fractional Base Bonuses from Unchained, which iron out many of the oddities of multiclassing (in this case, no double dipping the strong Ref bonus, in exchange for better BAB, Fort, and Will most of the time).

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