Oozemorph Morphic Weaponry and additional natural attacks

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"The total number of natural attacks an oozemorph has at any given time includes those gained via her current form."
Does this limitation include attacks that comes from an item? I know that polymorph effect do count, as they change the "current form". But what about a ring of Rat Fang? Or a Helm of the Mammoth Lord?

Personally I'd say natural attacks from magic items (or non-polymorph effect spells for that matter) would be an exception to the oozemorph's limit. But that's just my personal interpretation of it... I'd actually like to know how that interaction is meant to work as well (I'm playing an Oozemorph in a campaign atm... so it'd be good to know if I can gain extra natural attacks from other sources without counting against the limit created by morphic weaponry.)

My DM ruled that items don't count.

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