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i totally missed the cant move clause, time to be sad and sit a bit deeper on the spiked chains

as far as i remember from reading the weapon rules a while back over a similar argument:

the type and damage done rules are a cycle.

it does slashing damage because its a slashing weapon.
its a slashing weapon because it does slashing damage.

so once an ability breaks this cycle we are in a state of, who the f*~$ designed these rules? and can someone punish him please?

so i am currently looking at buying my kuthonite monk an altar of zonkuthon(150 lbs.) and his max load is 100.

i am confused on if pulling the altar on a cart would actually make him suffer encumbrance penalties and thus turning off his monk ac while pulling it.

i tried reading the carry capacity rules, but i am not sure if a pulled cart counts into the encumbrance by weight.

so i have been looking for information on what bonuses to dice rolls empower effects.

it definitly effects the inherent bonuses, but what about if i have flame blade dervish for my flame blade?

do i get 1.5 cha to dmg now? due to empower effecting it.
would i increase the dmg part of inspire courage?

47) stunning irruption doesnt stun you and your allies, tis not that silly a place.

so the corset of delicate moves does nothing then if we can only perform 1 swift action per turn?

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the point is they dont get GNOMISH, they get GNOME, a GNOME
get it?

i love the idealist cleric, it stacks with herald caller,
so i can bring Hell and its denizens to the material plane, MUHAHAHAHA

another one that doesnt say: worship of associated deity.
just more things that need fixing

CrystalSeas wrote:

The d20pfsrd is not an official Pathfinder website and for some rules, is not allowed to use the same wording as is in the Paizo rulebooks, so you're always safer quoting the Paizo site, rather than an unofficial source

d20pfsrd is allowed the complete rules text without setting specific stuff, so it shouldnt have different rules text generally.

JJ got asked about chill touch ages ago
http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2l7ns&page=513?Ask-James-Jacobs-ALL-your-Qu estions-Here#25604

Chemlak wrote:

Freedom of Movement wins.

This spell enables you or a creature you touch to move and attack normally for the duration of the spell, even under the influence of magic that usually impedes movement, such as paralysis, solid fog, slow, and web.
So, that list is examples and isn’t complete, but one of the spells (slow) is the same level as hold person for wizard/sorcerer. So the question really is do the effects of hold person, even if you parse the sentences separately, constitute “magic that [...] impedes movement”? The paralysis definitely is. And since to move you have to be able to take actions, the second sentence in isolation is magic that impedes movement, also.

so does this mean it beats staggered, dazed and stunned to? because those stop you from acting aswell.

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its not a core class archetype but i dont think its hard to put it on a cleric: the living grimoire arhetype for inquisitor.

divine paragon clerics are fun

its not directly an archetype but it works similar, the bloodline familiar option for sorceror bloodlines where you get a familiar with a appropiate power instead of the first level power

high guardian fighter was really cool.

hrm, dont remember much more right now

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Dαedαlus wrote:

talking about it not being mentioned anywhere

http://paizo.com/paizo/news/archive/v5748eaic9usz?Vampire-Hunter-D-Message- from-Mars-Comes-to

how about this? leMoineNoir posted this already

EDIT: seems the website update screwed the links
http://paizo.com/threads/rzs2trcs?Vampire-Hunter-D-Message-from-Mars-Kickst arter

this thread seems to still work and is from the time

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the niobe kickstarter will get something too, so just to note this before we get the same confusion then

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so after it came up talking with some friends, has the desinging team ever played around with the idea of a cleric archetype that gets more domains?

or something similar?

my main problem is it never specifies which descriptor you add.
it could just aswell add [water, [air] or [earth].
especcially since it specifies type of bloodline, not energy type.

Dαedαlus wrote:
It can affect certain other things (like Elemental focus) that change depending on whether or not a spell has a particular descriptor. Traits that give a +1 to CL for [fire] spells, for instance, would grant their bonus on a fiery Cold Ice Strike, for example, but not on an icy Fireball.

so you think it changes descriptor?

any idea what the non fire elemental bloodlines change to?

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for reference the ability:
Bloodline Arcana: Whenever you cast a spell that deals energy damage, you can change the type of damage to match the type of your bloodline. This also changes the spell’s type to match the type of your bloodline.

does this do anything? i would think it should say descriptor instead of type.

second part: if it changes descriptor what does it change it to?
fire is easy, but the other three?

i have also been unable to find any dev commentary on this issue, which heavily surprised me.

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Mark Seifter wrote:
Jurassic Pratt wrote:
Mark Seifter wrote:
CivMaster wrote:

so i dont all the books but as far as i could find out paizo has never printed rules for how hardness interacts on creatures?

will this be fixed at some point? i know there is a pfs post about it, but it would be nice to have it actually printed or listed on the FAQ page.

If you mean the fact that you don't cut energy damage in half for creatures, I remember that showing up somewhere, but I'm not sure where it is.

The actual quote about energy attacks doing half damage is specific to Objects so it wouldn't apply to a creature.

Hardness/Object Rules wrote:
Energy attacks deal half damage to most objects. Divide the damage by 2 before applying the object’s hardness. Some energy types might be particularly effective against certain objects, subject to GM discretion. For example, fire might do full damage against parchment, cloth, and other objects that burn easily. Sonic might do full damage against glass and crystal objects.
Since it specifies object and not creatures the rules are fine as written it would seem.
Indeed, and that is how I always ran it, but during Iron Gods, it became clear that not everyone saw it the way you and I did (perhaps in part due to the fact that this is also where you have to go to find hardness in the first place, or because constructs sometimes act like objects?)

the main problem is that the hardness rules ALL specify objects, like sure it works on animated objects, but robots? havent found a quote making them count as objects, so hardness wouldnt do anything as printed. its mainly for completions sake

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so i dont all the books but as far as i could find out paizo has never printed rules for how hardness interacts on creatures?

will this be fixed at some point? i know there is a pfs post about it, but it would be nice to have it actually printed or listed on the FAQ page.

about the moster feats requiring gm approval,horror adventures was it i think that changed the rules on how to gain them

EDIT: check on d20pfsrd, we listed the source because of the confusion

found the thread and on of his posts, he obviously had a different account back then.

PB15 is not standard

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ryric wrote:

Er, the default PB assumed in APs is 15. 20 is the standard for PFS. Neither one is more "official" than the other. IMO, 15 works fine when the players coordinate as a group to make a good interlocking team. PFS 20 allows some wiggle rooms to let less efficient groups be successful, groups who may be missing one or more party roles.

For those who don't know, Lady-J plays in games where ability scores are quite inflated compared to many other groups. I've seen comments where she indicates that ~14 is a "dump stat" and feels characters with (any) stats of 12 are unplayably weak. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that - if her group has fun they're doing it right. But it does inform context for how I read her posts.

mark seifter is on record stating that 15PB is a math error and it should have been 20PB all along.

EDIT: i cannot currently find the thread, but i found an interview hich mentions it.

voska66 wrote:

Higher stats allows that 20 stat in INT to occur. To do with normal stats it just doesn't happen. You'll see 16 INT wizard instead. That 2 points actually makes a huge difference. Then you have wealth. Give wizard too much wealth and they get access to more spells much faster to add to the spell book, more perfect combos sooner. Then on top of that scribe scrolls so they always have the perfect spell ready. Keeping with normal wealth by level ranges this is more controlled.

what is that"normal" stats? because the officially recognized and used way of stats is 20PB.

so i finally got around to look through some of the stuff in this book and i have good and bad to say about the style feats that are/would have been relevant to some of my characters.

wolf style is great, it will replace my stand still feat after i n oticedthat one only applies to adjacent enemies. great choice to not completly restrict it to unarmed attacks.

in comparison beastmaster style is so conditional, the second feat in the line is great, prolly very expensive in feat cost due to the alertness prereq, but at least usable while just adjacent.
the third feat beastmasters ire though is hilariously bad, it only procs from the base style(which is still horrible restricted from the positioning clause) and not the second feat beastmaster salvation.

will do some more featback if i find anything that is remotly interesting to me

kinetic blast is SP and so wouldnt work in in oozeform.

just because a operation produces an error doesnt mean the calculator is wrong. it means someone put nonworkable stuff into it.

so no, the "interpretation"(actually ridiculously stringent application of the actual rules) is not wrong, the rules just didnt get a functional input.

Dark Midian wrote:
Gavmania wrote:
You could get a bow with the guided enchantment.
Guided is melee-only.

Guided also did not see a reprint into pf, its 3.5 content.

so i searched around a bit and didnt find anything on this so i am here to ask it.

does the ravener hunter add spells that align depending on choices to his spell list?
like summon monster or align weapon

thanks for all answers