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Closing a house is like jumping off a very high diving board... just don't look down (at the numbers).

But, good luck. It's pretty exciting.

That seems sound to me,. But I'm the village idiot, so take my opinions with a grain of salt. Too bad Enora can't unload her blessing before the Villain fight, as well as Fire Snake...

As will Enora.

Time zone: US Eastern (what is that, GMT +5, or -5? I cannot remember how that works.)
I can go wherever is best in the turn order; maybe just before Grazzle? No strong opinions on my part, though.
Happy to use Hangouts; will PM the address.

Nice to be back!

Hi all - Well, I was at this table, then Mork asked me to move to a group that was struggling to fill a table. And, on cue, I just heard from that BR that the table is not going to run... Mork suggested that I try this table again. Do you folks have space for one more? I was planning on playing Enora (arcane).

Fair enough. Thanks anyway!

Hi all,

I was just switched to this table; I think you all were running a bit short. Excited to play with you all!

I am planning to run Enora (arcanist), but I can switch if it looks like the party balance might be off. I haven't played her before, for what that's worth. If I switched, I'd be most interested in driving Zova (shifter), but I'd go Maznar (druid) if we needed someone who could do some healing/divine. This will be my third PACG PbP; I am on the third adventure deck in two other games, running Adowyn and Hayato.

As for the 'During this adventure', I'd like to count the adventure for purposes of tier advancement.

Happy to have a Hangout; I love having those for games. Go with for that. I am going to be bummed when Hangouts finally is shuttered...

Looking forward to it,


Boon roll: 1d20 ⇒ 13

Oh, also, there is a new game day for PbP, I see.

Anyone know if any ACG is in the works for that?

Sad to see Pirate Rob go! It's been a pretty impressive run of games as a collective.

Looking ahead, then, does that change tactics at all? I cannot imagine how, but that is why I ask.

Boon roll: 1d20 ⇒ 10

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Ah, yes, of course. I thought that might be the case. Public musing retracted...

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I've been playing with trying use Roll20 for running the ACG, using the deck mechanic. So far I haven't worked it out yet, although you could just use the dice mechanic with an attentive BR. I like the idea that at the very least, the boxrunner could use actual card images, which is (for me) the most challenging pat of playing in PbP.

Awesome, many thanks!

Ta. Will do.

Oh crap, I could have tried to close my location, which also would have avoided the curse... well, live and learn, I guess. One of the hard parts about pbp, you don't get the benefit of people at the table who can gently nudge you when you are about to do something foolish...

Fair enough, I'll stick with it then.

Thanks for the feedback.

I am trying to figure out where to start Adowyn, and since this is discussion more than gameplay, I'm moving that question here.

Looking at all the closing conditions, the only ones that Adowyn is really a lock on are the Warehouse, the Dye Market (assuming an appropriate hand) and the Caravanserai. Everything else is either diplomacy or strength, which she'd need blessings to handle. I had suggested Precinct of Left Eyes for her, but even though she'd get a wisdom check (which she'd probably still want to burn a blessing for), she'd then need to be able to tackle one of the others. There are folks to fill all three of those likely locations already, though.

So, does she stick with the Precinct of Left Eyes and trust in the blessings (or other die mod card) coming when needed? Or does she double up on one of the other locations until it is closed (switching to, say, Tarworks until it is closed)? I know that, in general, it seems to be recommended that you split the party early to cover as many locations as possible.

Or, is it better to bail on bringing Adowyn to this party, and switch to something a bit more face-y? I know in PFS, the general notion is that party members bring who they bring and make it work. Since this is my first game like this, I don't know the general culturally-recommended approach. It would be no skin off my nose to bring either a witch or druid, since I have those decks as well.

Also, sorry if the dithering is annoying... I'd rather ask then do something terribly gauche right out of the gate.

I'm fine with a goblin.

How do you join the game (as in, show up in the "players" tab)?

Also, I to am fresh to the organized play rules. I really only have experience playing the game solo, so there's a good chance I may be misapprehending some things... so, am always very happy to take direction and suggestion this time around.

Looking forward to trying this pbp; I've been doing the PFS rpg over at MythWeavers for years, and I like the format.

I am EST, and generally post between 6:30am - 9:25am.

As for party composition, we are far enough out that I am perfectly happy to switch something that benefits the group - I chose Adowyn because it as the one character deck I owned as of last week. I just got the witch deck (still in the plastic) and will have the druid deck as of next week. Equally psyched to play any of the above, in whatever way helps.

Ah, missed that. Groovy by me; I've just been paralyzed so long my brain is a little slow.

Hey, I'm in no hurry, but did you email the chronicles? Just didn't want to miss them if they did go out.

Extra credit for trying to make me Cannonball, anyway. Fun idea... those pesky mechanics always get in the way of a good tromp.

Hey, if anyone has a moment in there can they confirm that Scrillion's body is in a safe-ish place? Or move him so he is?

And, nice job getting through that.

I'm following this game more closely than any of my others, despite being a lump of flesh on the ground. Certainly is a page turner.

Ah well. It's a pity; archers are really great around 6th & 7th level, so I was looking forward to driving him. But it's not a fun game unless there is danger, and I knew what I was getting myself into by getting in his line of sight. Just try to keep his body somewhere safe, if you can!

I guess I just come back in a few months and pick up my cash and prestige...

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When do you meet? It's possible I could wangle the time, if the stars are aligned.