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An elegantly-dressed man walks into the bar and looks around. Spying the bartender he strides over and leans down to whisper into the goblin's ear, handing him a folded piece of paper. He the nods and walks out of the bar.

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"Hm, anyone in here for the caravan to Silverhall? Stops in Port Ice, Highdelve, and Greyhaven. Only four seats left, so sign up now!"

Recruiting for a fast-paced table of Heroes for Highdelve, aiming to be done before Memorial Day weekend. Specifically, I'm looking for four players who want to play the four pre-gens that come with the module (as that is how I think it's best experienced) and are able to post 2-3 times/day. You can apply credit to a level 1-2 character. Interested? Sign-up HERE. I'll select players tomorrow and we'll get off and running.

Dark Archive

A man in dark clothing sits alone in the corner, slowly placing harrow cards from an odd, homemade deck onto the table. He examines his array for a moment, then gathers his cards and stands. He makes his way purposefully and efficiently around the room, pausing to speak with six specific Pathfinders as he does. "My employer wishes to engage your services for a temporary assignment." he says to each in a low voice. "You will find it to be in your interest to report to this address tomorrow morning, 8am sharp."

With his messages delivered the man departs, leaving only scraps of paper, each with the same handwritten address, in the hands of Bigguyinblack, GM Andrew, Andreww, Ilmakis, Helikon, and Paladin of Baha-Who?