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aeglos wrote:

well, it is the way Americans speak in contrast to BBC English

also we Europeans expect the stereotypical American to always and anytime loudly chew bubblegum/cheweing gum while speaking

Like, we talk all like, English and junk. Not like those guys from Canadia

Brah, my gas station had EZ Wider extra wides.

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Do an endo , dude!

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Uhhh. That ain't me. I'm from Buffalo.

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Pass me that Eucharist Kush, dude!

The bud of the kind

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Dude, are you, like, holding?

Smoke a brother up, wouldja?

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Bongo Pipeweed wrote:
Fireman Gob Montag wrote:
IDTheftVictim wrote:
hands pile of bus brake cables to Montag
{strikes an Oskar Werner-esque pose, ignites rocket pack... and crashes into second bus}

Whoa. You have a hot dog mobile? And, like, you crashed it into a bus? Harsh, man, harsh...

Anybody else totally into a hot dog right now? Can you spot me, man? Way karma...

Dude, you holdin? Don't bogart, man...

I got you if you need it, pod-dude

Like, if anyone needs me I'll be taking my break out behind the dumpsters...

Dude, where's my extra pepperoni and mushroom pie?

Commandant Happy Hour wrote:

I dropped acid, once.

Or twice... or a bunch... then there was the shrooms...

You holding bro?

Whoa, bro. You had a lot of time on your hands

That was ... Beautiful...Man

Hay I ain't no chew toy! Leggo you crazy mutt. Hey moonflower! Stop tugging on me! You're harshing my buzz, dude!

A greenish puff of smoke appears, revealing a gangly figure dressed in a garish rayon top and faded jeans

Whooah!! That was trippy!

Whoah. I'm tripping balls, yo

whooah. This is one trippy kegger. Whose the drow chick in the leather?

*bubble bubble*

Oh wow man ..

OWWW! Leggo you mangy ...whatever you are!

Tosses pizza

Go gettit boy!

I'm outta here dude! Hey gobbo, you need a ride? If you don't mind sitting on some old pizza boxes my '86 Civic is waiting doen the hill

Hey I just wanna get paid for my pizza, dude

sticks out grimy palm

Did somebody order an extra large anchovy,olive and extra cheese?

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You're welcome little green dude!

[bubble bubble]

Time for that alternate to beer now


Bubble bubble


When my daughter's nurse bugs out at four, I think I shall set the claock to 4:20.

Speakin' of brownies, I need to go treat myself to a mental heatlh break...

Exuent stage left


CHEESE IT! THE COPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey where's my pizza? Oh, sorry, wrong papa ...

*bubble bubble*

snatches bong



Like .... Mellow off, man

*bubble bubble*

Hay, can I get a spray of that stuff on my burrito?

Hey it aint 4:20 yet!



OK, it's 4:20 somewhere ...


Dude. This is trippy


*toggle mike*

Please come inside to pay Pump One!

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Hey bro, no likker here! Just fine sinsemilla!


Legalize it!

Wait, this isn't the Hempfest rally? Where am I?

Aberzombie wrote:

Fig Newtons and Chips Ahoy are over on the table dude, help yerself.

Aberzombie wrote:

Dude you look like you just stepped off a Maiden cover. Is your name Eddie?

I aint huggin' you, I ain't on E or nothin'. Sheesh

Doodlebug Anklebiter wrote:
[bubble bubble bubble]


Ahh, you pussy ..

Marijuakurion {4:20} wrote:

Yeah. This needed to be rolled. Like my joints.

{twirls 'stasche}

C'mere you!

wrestles plant to floor. Sounds of ripping and screeching are followed with silence. Then a fragrant cloud fills the air

Righteous ...

I got a lot of acid damage at OzzFest. My bro hooked me up and I picked a fight with three bikers ... *groan*

Take it to the head Lucky!

Bummer. Lemme see what's left of the Blueberry Thunderfnck.

*rustle rustle*

*crinkle crinkle*

*tap tap*


*bubble bubble*

*sss* There yah go! *KOH*

Go to it little gnarly dude!

Hey Lobie, you ever see that leprechaun movie? This dude looks like him, right?

You ever see that movie, man? You got a pot of gold? *giggles*

Dude! That is one gnarly costume! You wanna rip?

passes oddly-shaped glass instrument


Meh. Nothing on TV



I ain't doing nothin so imma gonna drink my beer and feed my head and you can do your Nazi head-trip thing over there. I ain't gonna bother you, you don't bother me, Kay?





Cheeze it! It's the boss!

Looks innocent


Meh. Whatevs


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