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Thanks :)

Thanks :)

Hi all,

We encountered the Boggart monster.

He has two checks. The first one is a Knowledge/Perception 4. Our player only rolled a 2. Does she still take 2 damage for failing that specific check or does she take none because it wasn’t a combat check?



Hi all,

So for Sajan’s Power:
When you suffer combat damage, reduce by 1.

So we had this scenario happen:

We encountered an Ancient Skeleton Story Bane and before acting, each of us had to suffer one combat damage. Sanjan reduced it by 1 with her Power. Then the monk fought the skeleton and took 2 more combat damage and wanted to use its power again to reduce that new combat damage by 1. Thus she used its power twice to reduce 2 damage overall.

The question here: is that allowed (using the power each time in that sequence)?

To me, it seemed a little OP to be able to use that combat damage reduction power twice.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +2,


wkover wrote:
When you bury/recharge an animal card for Lini's power, you don't get to use any powers on that card. It's not being played in any way; it's just being recharged for a character power.

Ah ok. Thanks for the wisdom +2 here, friend.

Hi all,

Just got the 2nd Edition PAC game and we’re trying it tonight. I’m giving Lini 2.0 a whirl.

Her combat power says: “For your combat check, you may bury or recharge an Animal ally to use survival +1d4 Plus the card’s level and add the animal and melee traits.”

My question is when I go to recharge an animal ally, do I get the power off that animal card that I’m recharging (say the Porcupine which gives me 1d8 to the check) or do I just recharge it without getting any of that animal ally’s card stats?

I think it works like so: I recharge the Porcupine for the 1d8 which also then let’s me use my survival 1d4 for melee. Thus, my roll would be a d10, survival wisdom +3 and 1d8 for the combat roll to beat the monster I just drew.

Thanks in advance,


elcoderdude wrote:

Whenever Simoun attempts a Check To Defeat against a bane with the type Barrier, Simoun adds her Perception skill, which is Intelligence + 2. Any check. It could be a Wisdom check. As long as it is a check to defeat a barrier, Simoun adds this. Before Simoun gets an Intelligence skill feat, she would add d8+2. After she gets an Intelligence skill feat, she would add d8+3. And so on.

So in your example of a Disable check to defeat to a barrier, she rolls d12+1+d8+2, assuming she has no relevant skill feats. Simoun's a barrier-buster.

FYI Every since the second PACG set (Skull&Shackles), the term "skill" always means both the die AND the modifier. See here:

MM rulebook, Sidebar, p.11 wrote:


If your character card says “Strength d10,” and the “+1” box next to that has been checked, your Strength skill is d10+1, and your Strength die is d10. (The “+1” is called a “modifier.”) If your character card also says “Melee: Strength +3,” your Melee skill is d10+4, your Melee die is d10, and the Melee modifier is +4.

Thanks, again. :)

Scripted wrote:

No, that's not what I'm saying. His power doesn't substitute for the Divine skill, it adds it. But your Divine skill is not improved by the Ring of the Godless. Elcoderdude is correct with the example of what dice you would roll.

We discussed your great feedback at the table and we’re following what you’re both saying in those examples now (ring ex and the disable+divine ex).

Really appreciate, it guys. :)

Scripted wrote:

No, you'd still be rolling d8+3 (or you could choose to roll d8+2). They don't stack. i.e. its a completely useless item for your cleric.

Assuming you are Drelm, and that you've taken the power feat that lets him add his Divine against Traps as well as Obstacles (the Malfunctioning Deathtrap is not an Obstacle), and this is why you can add your Divine skill, you would add d8+3.

Your Divine skill is the combination of your Wisdom die and the +3, so adding d8+3 is correct for Drelm (but most definitely not d8+5).

Ah ok. So Scripted, you are saying I either use the disable check which for Dream is a Wisdom d8+2 Or, I can use his Power which would substitute the divine skill (d8+3). But I can’t use wisdom disable d8+2 and add the divine skill Power of Another d8+3. Has to be one or the other and no stacking?

Elcoderdude: I thought you were gonna be right there with 1d8+2 for disable and 1d8+3 for divine. But boy, that seems really beefy.

Regardless, I now fully understand the godless ring is worthless for my cleric. I just want to better understand how to roll against that trap specifically.

Cubbiesgirl wrote:
When simoun uses her power “add your perception skill to your check to defeat a barrier that has the trap trait” it adds the d8+2 and not just the +2 as long as I use my dexterity for the check correct? The character card says “Perception: intelligence+2” so it would add my d8 intelligence die right?

Fellow player in her game here...

Her skills:

Dexterity: Disable: Dexterity +1 (d12)
intelligence: Perception: Intelligence +2 (d8)

Her Power: “add your perception skill to your check to defeat a barrier that has the trap trait”

The rousing debate here is when she encounters a trap that calls for Dexterity Disable, does she roll her d12 +1 AND her d8 +2


Does she roll the dex d12+1 and just the perception skill bonus +2 (without its d8 die)?

Everything I’m reading says when you have the add your skill power text, you JUST add it’s +bonus and NOT the die that goes with the added skill?

We’re super perplexed and need the judge to rule here. :)


Scripted wrote:
Well your cleric probably already has the Divine skill. This ring doesn't add dice to a check, it lets you gain the Divine skill as Wisdom +2 as though it was printed on your character card, for the check. So it is most useful to people who don't normally have the Divine skill, and lets them make a Divine check with their Wisdom skill +2.

Hmmmm. So my cleric indeed already has a Wisdom Divine: Wisdom +3. So then would I be rolling my usual Wisdom d8 die +5 (my original +3 +plus the ring’s +2)?

We encountered the Malfunctioning Deathtrap. And then rolled Dexterity d6, added the divine skill from the ring by doing a d8 +5. But it sounds like we did that really wrong and it just should have been my dexterity d6 with +2 Divine from the ring (and not my additional divine wisdom die with its regular divine +3).

Can anyone shed some additional light on how that should have been truly rolled?

But then, I think I’m misplaying Drelm’s power too:
“On your check against a card that has the obstacle trait, you may add your divine skill.

So assuming is that this means I only add my wisdom’s “Divine: Wisdom +3” but NOT my Wisdom’s d8 as well, right?

The whole “add your divine skill” text is really tripping me up. :(


Hi guys,

Drew the Ring of the Godless which says, “recharge this card to gain the skill Divine: Wisdom +2.”

So the question at the table is do we just add the +2 or do we ALSO add the wisdom die (in this case a d8 for our cleric) to the roll? So +2 or d8+2 to use the ring?

Thanks in advance for the friendly knowledgeable share,

Ben and the gang

MorkXII wrote:

Only monsters automatically deal damage when you fail to defeat them, barriers do not. So by rolling a 1 on the first check against Collapsing Scaffolding (basically) guarantees that you won't take damage from it. :)

Ahhh - ok. And then it just gets randomly shuffled back in the deck.perfect.

Really appreciate the speedy reply. :)

Hi All,

So we encountered the pesky Collapsing Scaffolding trap in Mummy’s Mask. It has two checks: a four and then a seven check. Our question here is, let’s say we fail the first check (rolled a 1) so we missed it by do we then take 3 damage? She made the second check. .jpg

Or do we only take damage on per the text on the bottom of the card. I have this memory in my head that traps are like combat monsters, if you miss the check, you take the difference in damage. But maybe we have that wrong.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +1,

Ben and the gang

Does the game really end the moment you display three of the compasses?

Ours went pretty fast:0

- ben

Hi guys,

For Ahmotep's ability:
"On your check, after the roll, you may discard a card to add or subtract 2 from the result."

My question is: let's say she misses a check by 3, can she discard two cards in order to get +4 so that she would then succeed at the check? Or, is she limited to just discarding a single card and getting a max of +2?

We've been playing it where she has been able to discard multiple cards.

Thanks in advance for the help,


Hey guys,

So Honaire card says: "put this card on top of your deck to add 1d10 and the Undead trait to your Strength, Con or Perception check."

So our character was trying to acquire a weapon on a strength check and used this card to get that d10.

Our Q is can u put the undead trait on an item?


Woot! Killer advice, guys. Thanks!

Hi all,

Good grief! The Evening at the Canny Jackal scenario in Mummy's Mask was silly hard for our five-character group.

You have to have 21 cards between your deck, hand and discard pile. Tough just with that but that Zombie Henchman also makes u bury a card if u don't kill it with electricity!

We didn't even get close on the first try. And almost none of us can invoke the electricity trait:(

Did any of you have trouble with this one? Got any tips?

Ben and the gang

Malcolm_Reynolds wrote:
That is correct.

Perfecto. Thanks for the intel nod, Malcom.

Hi guys,

Just want to confirm we did an invoke correctly:

Ahmotep was fighting a villain. She used a Fiery Glare spell. It has the Fire trait.

She then used Blessing of Ra which says:
"Discard this card to add 2 dice to any check that invokes the Fire trait."

So the way we understand it from this thread, her spell just put the fire trait on the enemy so this means I get to now add two dice from the Blessing (instead of 1 because I invoked the fire trait.

Is that right?

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +2,

Ben, Abby and the gang

Rebel Song wrote:

The Simoun in my party now has 2d8+8 on Perception checks to defeat barriers... He was using blessings and I pointed out that if he just used Perception he automatically succeeds.

Of course, that hasn't happened while a penalty to destroying things by a lot is in effect...

Thanks for this answer. We were wondering if her power feat worked that way.

Whoop - just found the answer in another thread but will leave it here (for future searches). ll

She actually does get the d8+2 to go with her d12+1. Darn good power feat.

Hi all,

We're trying to understand a Simoun Power Feat...

The feat says: "add your percecption skill to your check to defeat a barrier that has the Obstacle or Trap trait."

Her Dexterrity is a D12 and has a Disable: Dex +1.
Her Intelligence is a D8 and has a Perception: Intelligence +2.

So let's say she encounters a trap and needs to use the disable skill...

She would roll a d12, +1 for her disable skill and then add what??????

Our guess is: d12, +1 disable/dex, d8, +2.

We're seeing this sort of power feat as a thing in the Mummy's Mask game a lot and we're getting tripped up.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +2,


Hey guys,

That Dry Quick Sand elite barrier is pretty wacky. It reads...

"If undefeated, display this card next to your location and shuffle your token card into your location deck. When your token is returned to the location, banish this card."

We think this means that the trap sticks around in the deck around until the character token card is encountered or somone defeats it next time the barrier is drawn.

Are we interpreting it right?

Thanks for the wisdom +2,

Ben and the gang

Ahhhh - I see now. The Flame Staff item is the perfect example. Thanks, gang.

Hi guys,

Santa brought Mummy's Mask for us and we're picking characters. I want to pick Ahmotep because of her weapon/arcane combo but I am really puzzled on how this one particular power works.

"When you would discard a spell for a power that has the Staff trait, you may recharge it instead."

When on earth would I ever discard a spell for a power that the staff trait. We looked at a bunch of staff cards and couldn't really find any examples of where this comes into play.

Huge thanks in advance for providing any clarity here,


Hey Hawkmoon,

You mean to say each character within that same encounter, right? Thus, she was indeed able to apply that power feat to all four of us.

Side note: you're always a pal in answering questions for us. Our whole game group sincerely appreciates it.

Hi all,

We're fighting the Heart of the Fane Villain. We're doing the part where you have to encounter Vulture Demon Henchman (a tricky fight as it can prevent weapons if fail it's Con check).

But here's the question: Adowyn's power says:
"You may recharge a card to evade a summoned bane or discard a card to allow another character to do so."

Can Adowyn discard four cards and allow the other four characters in the party to each evade the Vulture Demon? Or, can she only use that feat for one character?

Note: we played it where she discarded four and all four of us evaded that darn buzzard.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +3,

Ben (and Abby)

Ahhhh - indeed! We never realized that! Thank you!

Hi guys,

We just beat henchman Ursathella at a has this text:

"If defeated, you may discard a card from the blessings deck to immediately attempt to close the location this henchman came from."

But why is this text here? We beat the Henchman so don't we automatically get to attempt to close it? No need to discard a blessings card, right?

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +3.

Ben (and Abby)

Does any promo card come from the base set itself or is that just the add-on decks? Can I keep my subscription for the add-on decks but buy the base set big box locally?

*If the base box comes with a promo card, then ya got me all in:)

Hi all,

I'm a bit stumped on the Knight's Pennon card. So someone in the party encountered a monster and I displayed it. That character beat the monster. His turn is then over. Now what the heck do I do with this custume jewelry item?:)

The card reads:

"When any character encounters a monster, display this card. While displayed, when any character attempts a combat check, add 1; add an additional 1 if any character reveals an ally that has the Capatin, Hierling or solider trait. If any character fails a check to defeat a bane, bury this card; if proficient with heavy armors, recharge this card instead of burying it."

So to me it sounds like, this item goes back in my hand at the end of the turn but I'm honestly unsure.

Thanks in advance for the help,

Ben and Abby


Hi guys,

We just finished the Fallen Fane scenario. The reward is "one character may redeem a card."

Our question is d we have to be holding the chosen card t redeem? Or can we pick a corrupted card on the list that none of us have yet?

Right now our group only has one corrupted card: a monkey's paw. We're not super jazzed about redeeming it. Would rather pick something we might get later like the Stalker's Crossbow.

Thanks in advance for the assist.


Hey guys,

I failed to defeat a henchman.

I think that you shuffle it back in the deck.

Abby thinks that it gets taken out and you have to through the whole deck and when you get to the last card then you get to close.

We were just wondering who was right.

Thanks guys

Ben, Abby, and Sandy

Hey guys,

Rather silly question here on the Rallying Cry barrier...but if our whole group each succeed his/her ally acquire check, we literally each get to keep our ally/put it in our hands, right?

Also, if yes, and say your hand size is six but the newly acquired ally puts you at seven, you still get to keep the ally (i.e. You don't reset your hand until after your next turn is over), right?

A few of us successfully beat the acquire checks on some really great allies including the promo Chuffy goblin. But we just want to play it fair/right.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +3,

Ben and the gang

So after you display Leryn, then he stays displayed until you recharge another card. Even after your turn ends.

But you can't leave a cohort card displayed AFTER your turn ends, can you?! I swear I read in the rule book that you can't...otherwise your hand size practically went up one.


Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Yes, you can play Leryn before your move step and the move. And yes, on another character's turn as well.

You're welcome.

Hey guys,

We're soooooooo confused on how to properly use Leryn:(

Can someone help explain this card a bit more. Hawkmoon really scrambled our brains when he said that Leyrn's scouting ability can get used on someone else's turn. How on earth is that possible?

We've been using the cohort like so: (on Adowyn's turn...)

- display the cohort. Examine your location card. Finish the turn. Recharge a card to put it back your hand...or don't recharge a card and then put it in your discard pile (right?)

- Or...display the card, get 1d8 plus adventure deck number, finish combat, put it in your deck.

And then on Adowyn's next turn, take Leryn from your deck, put it in your hand, and then recharge a card.

Huge thanks in advance for any wisdom +2 here,

Ben, lil' Abby and the rest of the gang

Hawkmoon269 wrote:

Redeem is meant here in a spiritual sense, not an economic one.* So, redeeming a card doesn't mean you get the card. It means the card is no longer spiritual corrupt.

When you redeem a card, you choose a card you have and then check that card off on the list. From then on, you pretend the Corrupted trait is no longer a trait of that card.

Thanks, Hawkmoon.

I guess we're wondering then is WHEN do we get to redeem a corrupted card. Once per game? When we use that card in our hand? And then HOW is it redeemed? Simply by saying we want to do so?

We're so confused:(

We have a monkey's paw blessing and its corrupted.

Thanks for the help.

Hey guys,

For that redemption card...

It says after you redeem a boon, it no longer has the corrupted trait.

How does one redeem it if you already have it? Can someone clarify for us?

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +2,

Ben and the gang

Good grief, you guys!!! It's insanely hard:(

Why? Well...(for our party of five characters and seven locations)

All the monsters start at the top of each location deck.
"...shuffle the monsters you set aside and put the normal number of monsters on top of each location deck."

Vescavor Swarm Henchman: if you play a weapon banish it (ugh). And you have to defeat the henchman by 6 [4 + 2 (adventure deck #)]. So that makes it a 17 to close a location! Right?

And there are a ton of barriers in the scenario.

And the Abysal Rift keeps flipping to open.

And the Villian is a difficulty 20.

We're on our third try and the first two games weren't even close. What are we missing?

Hannibal_pjv wrote:
Some of them Are, some of them Are not. It reads on the card. There Are some hensmans that Are for example barrier.

Righto - sorry, we totally missed the Type block in the corner. Thanks for replying.

Small debate going at the table and I have to have forum proof for the teenager at the table.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +2

Gotcha - thanks, guys.

Now who wants to trade for this scale that let's you move? ;)

Hi all,

We noticed that The Worldwind Incursion has a lot of Scale loot as the reward for each scenario. Two of the four scales are pretty good but the other two are kinda blah.

Once one of the scales is taken, is that scale gone for good? Or, can someone take that same scale again even though there's not a second card for it?

A shot in the dark and assuming a scale loot can't be repeated but asking for kicks:)




Hi guys,

Trying to understand how this card card combo works...

Lance weapon: on this check, you may reveal a card has the mount trait to ignore the 2-handed trait on this card; if you do and this is your first combat check of the turn, add another d8 to your check.

Donahan cohort: put this card on top of your deck to add 1d8 plus the scenario's adventure deck number to your combat check that has the Meier trait.

So my question is can I combine these cards and get both d8 effects? I think I can. So I first put the card on the top of my deck which reveals it, right?

So then my combat roll would be;

The usual Melee skill d10+1d8, +1d8 from the Lance AND 1d8+1 from the cohort.

Thanks in advance for the wisdom +3,


Ah - ok. Thanks:)

Hi all,

My daughter acquired the Temptation of Big Die promo card during our game tonight.

What happens after this current adventure is over? Does she get to keep it as part of her 15-card deck? We kinda don't think she gets to because it's not a typical card type (like a weapon, spell, etc).

Her character is Enora and she already has a cohort (in case this falls under the cohort rule).

Thanks in advance for the Wisdom +2.

Ben and Lil' Abby

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