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I am excited to see this book although it seems like it wont have much player use and is more of a DM tool. Nothing wrong with that of course its just the impression that i get. I wish this book was out already. My group is currently breaking into hell to steal back the contracts that several players made with devils. Seems like a useful book for our DM right now.

Ok so I hope this book contents are not set in stone just yet. Mainly i just want them to maybe look at adding a bloodrager archetype. I havent seen a bloodrager archetype in a while and think a nature based one could fit nicely.

I'm personally a fan of trying to use the lore surrounding a creature or item in the flavor text provided to build a character. My favorite was the Wyrwood race. In their flavor text they talk about how they are rare, and were created as a slave race and that their creators made the Wyrwood kill each other to settle the disputes of their masters. The Wyrwoods rebelled and killed all of those who created them and now guard the secret to make more of them.

So while the flavor text says that the few Wyrwoods who become religious choose to worship gods of law I like to think that some of the Wyrwoods would become worshippers of Nethys the god of magic, the very force of creation that allows all Wyrwoods to exist. This worship leads the Wyrwoods to a more neutral view of the world which to me is more in keeping with their genesis story. They would recognize some laws as necessary to existence but certainly not all laws and they would be in staunch opposition to things like slavery and the nation of cheliax. To this end I imagine a Grey Paladin order of Wyrwoods who serve the world to rid it of slavery wherever it is found. They would seek to aid the eagle knights and right wrongs and triumph over the evils. The order wield stranger weapons more gladiatorial in nature than your standard paladin since these were the weapons they used when forced to fight one another for their master amusement.

There is just a ton of lore thanks to the backgrounds provided by paizo in the monster manuals and supplementary books and the imagination really runs wild when you discover these new interesting races. Wyrwood is by far my favorite “monster race” but Trox is probably number 2. Another race that has this backstory that lets the imagination run wild and that is so fundamentally different from most races that it just begs to be explored.

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I feel very luke warm about this release. I will be waiting to see the copy in my store before considdering a purchase. Im sure these factions are interesting but it seems like something that might be a bit to fluff heavy similar to the Inner Sea Race Guide. I also feel like this book should be re titled. Maybe something like Inner Sea Faction Guide/Codex or Inner Sea Organizations Guide/Codex. I just feel like the current title doesnt adequately describe what it is people would be getting.

Saethori wrote:

The moment you drop an item, the spell ends for that item, regardless of if the remaining duration was permanent or not. Picking up an item later does nothing, and it remains its actual size, even if it was affected by that same casting of Enlarge Person earlier.

If you are under the effects of a Permanent Enlarge Person, it may be ideal to invest in equipment sized for your new size.

But the spell states that "All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly enlarged by the spell." So therefor anything i am carrying would also be enlarged no? I mean it doesnt say "At the time of casting all equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly enlarged by the spell." or some text similar to that. Its broad is all im saying so i just want to know for sure. Is there a part in spells that deals with this like that sates something like "Unless otherwise noted all spell effects take place at the moment of casting".

If not then i interperate this spell as saying that any equipment worn or carried by the player for the duration of 1 minute per level enlarges including anything that player picks up and only items leaving that character shrink, presumably to reduce damage from thrown or projectile weapons as balance.

I dont think its meant to punish players for taking this otherwise whats the point in the spell being permanent at all. You will literally lose every piece of gear you have the first nights sleep and your likelyhood of locating usable items in the world greatly diminishes.

Ok so I have not been able to find a definitive answer to this question and never really thought about it until recently. I purchased the permanent enlarge person enchantment to my character. Until now I haven’t really picked up any new loot for my character but I just got a +2 Keen Falcata and I want to use it. So there seems to be 2 schools of thought on the matter.

Permanency is like a one-time use spell it attaches to everything you are wearing at the time and only those items stay enlarged. If you get out of them to sleep or you take them off to swim or anything than that is it they all reduce to nothing and you are screwed. Also any new loot you pick up to use is not added to this spell.

The other is that the spell is a constantly active spell of enlarge person which effects all items as normal essentially once you get new equipment you add it to yourself and it enters the spell and it effected as all your other equipment is.

The specific text of the spell reads as follows “All equipment worn or carried by a creature is similarly enlarged by the spell. Melee weapons affected by this spell deal more damage (see Table: Medium/Large Weapon Damage). Other magical properties are not affected by this spell. Any enlarged item that leaves an enlarged creature's possession (including a projectile or thrown weapon) instantly returns to its normal size. This means that thrown and projectile weapons deal their normal damage. Magical properties of enlarged items are not increased by this spell.”

So the first school of thought seems to think that this enlargement only takes place at the moment of casting the spell while the second school seem to think it’s a constant spell effecting a player’s items and equipment. I just want to know who is right and where specifically in the rules it says one way or the other.

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Chris Lambertz wrote:

Announced for March! Cover and description are not final!

Gasp! Ninja-ed! :O

I won the initiative roll!

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I am super excited for this Bestiary more than any before it for one simple reason. One word even. KRAMPUS! I cant wait to see what Paizo comes up with for stats of this legendary creature. I hope they do some other holiday creatures. Samhain maybe. Also interested in a lovcraftian player race. March cant come fast enough.

I have a question relating to the diversity of planets discovered outside of the golarion system. Golarion as a planet teamed with a multitude of races that would be deemed sentient or commanding a form of planetary dominence 50 or so at my last count of just the playable races. Is your team developing othe planets to this degree or is the current plan to be like a 1 race 1 planet thing like the star wars and star trek universes? I mean logisitically i would say that the 1 to 1 makes most sense but it just puts those planets at a real dis advantage to the might brought forth from the golarion armada.

Second question is, since this takes place thousands of years in the future are the spacebound races now a unified front seperated only by alegances to military organizations or is it more like drow have their ships dwarves have theirs humans have theirs and so on? Both are cool i just wanted to know what your vision of the future for the races was.

After thousands of years are orcs and drow still evil by and large? Do all the reces from golarion even still exist or were the trox and wyrwoods eventually whiped out?

Hey there so i know that this thread might be dead but I had this exact idea come up in a campaign i was running not long ago. I house ruled that the garrot could be used for the purpose of applying sneak attack damage and that they could use the standard melee damage of a brawler for damage during the ongoing rounds of strangulation. This made the strangler actually quite viable in combat. Sometimes if the rules seem stupid you need to change the rules for your house game. I felt that especially appropriate here because in real life a garrot is an extremely dangerous and deadly weapon so much so that im surprised it wasnt addressed when this archetype was introduced.

Azazyll wrote:

Please give the new dragon type at least a page of background. There's so much stat block that usually the new dragons have zero personality, and I never end up using them. What makes these new dragons different besides a few combat tricks and alternate spell like abilities? The last batch in bestiary four was particularly frustrating: I loved the idea of Outer Dragons but all I got was more monsters with the dragon label. I would rather have had the same amount of space dedicated to background on these guys and just had a page or two reskinning old dragons to fit this great new idea.

I have every confidence Paizo can blow me away; your single-page guides to outsider types do this job brilliantly. I'd just would like dragons to get the same love, so they're worth more than a second glance.

I have that issue with alot of the monsters in this book. Some of them have no personality and it kills me.

Ok so i got this as a piece of loot last week and im trying to figure out exactly what it does. Some of my fellow players say that since its just a breastplate it can only look like other chest items like a vest or tabard or coat or whatever. The actual description says a Glamered item can change into a "normal set of clothing" so whats the verdict does my thing controll the appearance of only my chest slot or is it infact a full set of clothing change? That leads to my next question, what is a normal set of clothing? I mean for a hellknight it would be a set of scary looking full plate right? Or a lawyer would be a nice 3 piece suit what are the limits?

Ok so I got a +1 Dancing Hand Ax and I know in the description of dancing weapon it says that the weapon benefits from the attack bonus of the character wielding it. So my question is does the weapons damage benefit from my characters strength bonus? So in the case of my hand ax it would do 1D6+1+STR bonus or is it just 1d6+1.

Ok so when creating a magic weapon you need the weapon to first be Masterowrk. That means that that the Masterwork Rapier for example has a +1 to hit when used. Then you go into a town and find a wizard to enchant the weapon to become a +1 Rapier and here is where the question lies. So it already was +1 to hit and the enchantment adds +1 to hit and to damage does this stack with the bonus from having a masterwork so it is now a +2 to hit and +1 to damage?

Can the Wyrwood use armor? It says constructs are not proficient in armor yet when you look at their monster manual entry the Wyrwood "Rogue" provides leather armor as its standard loot.

I am looking to create a Wyrwood Cleric of Nethys and have a question about Starting health and advancement. Because the Wyrwood is a construct does it get all of the abilities attributed to a Construct? Including its very very long list of immunities? Only a few immunities / abilities are listed under the monster manual section for Wyrwoods directly those being, Lowlight Vision and Dark Vision 60-ft. Does my Wyrwood gain the +10 base hp associated with small constructs?