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Atavar wrote:
IMHO, Captain James T. Kirk is, by far, the best captain in the history of Star Wars.





Pan wrote:
This would have been so much better if he performed a Picard Maneuver at the end on his coat :)

Picard is likely a diplomat now. Destroying everyone in front of him with infinitely blueshifted radiation is probably going to be taken as an extremely hostile act.

Hmmm? Oh, you don't mean that Picard maneuver, you mean the other Picard maneuver.

I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:
*savagely puts down anybody who puts any stock whatsoever in a certain conspiracy hypothesis, while simultaneously clinging to own belief in demonstrably untrue urban legend*

{sips pickle tea, Shakespearian gob-'splains definitions of "theory" and "hypothesis", getting both quite wrong}

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And Friend Computer, you know that IDTheftVictim always tells the truth.

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RogueMortal wrote:
Will there be any mechanical effect from their "pleasure of choices", and if so any alternate traits for a more traditional sort of bug folk?

Some enterprising gnomes or gobs should fire up the printing presses/e-Book compilers to start selling Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books to the shirren.

Edit: Argh! Ninja'd!

Matthew Shelton wrote:
If there was ever a point to adding a 'useless trivia' skill, this race would be the reason. :)

Mustn't. make. Cliff Clavin. as. a. shirren.

David knott 242 wrote:

I think Ferengi might actually be closer to goblins.

That's insulting to goblins!

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There was a Scientific American episode on PBS a while back about something similar.

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Isabelle Lee wrote:

No, the sentence just has some typos in its construction. Yaddithians are their own race. I should know. ^_^

(I also screwed up the number in my previous post - there are five races, two of which are reprints.)

There. are. FOUR! FIVE! races!

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Happy Birthday, CY! May today be your best birthday yet!

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UnArcaneElection wrote:

I wonder if Golarion disappeared because somebody was trying to achieve no Humans . . . It just didn't work.

Humans, like kobolds, are harder to exterminate than cockroaches.

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I'm Hiding In Your Closet wrote:

A rare PC race that speaks entirely in metaphors and allusions based on their cultural mythology. They have terrible language options and a penalty to Linguistics, but are good fighters, impose penalties to Linguistics checks used nefariously against them, and (saving grace) a large bonus to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and to Bluff checks to innuendo.

An evolutionary offshoot of Goblins or Kobolds who can barely manage space travel, but have learned to be good at suckering superior spacefaring races into helping them "fix" their ships ("We are far from home, can you help us?"), only to take them hostage and start demanding more and more cool spacefaring technology ("Make us STRONG!"). However, they are not smart, and trickery of all sorts works well against them.

We gobs are the Junkions of Starfinder and smart enough to build our own tech out of the pinkskins' castoffs! O hai, do u talk memes, Much-mime-so-closet-such-cranky?

Well, it's already possible to launch Small ground fowl with a composite bow, so in the future I imagine archers will just use kobold "arrows".* As a bonus, the kobolds can just change their kobold helmet to switch out the payload... say regular pointy-tipped helmet for an explosive helmet.

* In the future, chickens are too expensive to waste as ammo, hence switching to the cheaper, highly-abundant kobolds, which are pretty-much featherless chickens anyway.

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Star Captain Killjoy wrote:
Gip wrote:

*raises hand*

Gip, Mighteist of Space Pirates™, asks that Goblins be a Core Race.

Motion seconded on behalf of the Imperial Goblin Space Navy (Someday We Might Even Get A Ship!)

Can't we all just clump onto a spelljammer helm or ion drive, and cling together like those rafts fireants make of themselves?

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Ugh. Someone used bleach in the laundry, and now the red shirts are all tie-dye-y.

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thecursor wrote:
Kodyax wrote:
Babylon 5 had some interesting bits to it as did Farscape but when it comes to Space Opera I am a bit of a junkie.
If they take even 5 percent from Farscape, I will be a happy camper.

Hynerian bloodrager that eats all the crackers and farts frelling helium.

{sweeps Poog's leg}

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Is everyone tired of this thread? I'll stop if no one else is still interested.

A petty of hobgoblins

A ______ of thylacines

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Avatar of Zon-Kuthon wrote:
A harem of jorogumos.

"Harem" bugs me. Perhaps a "kabuki of jorogumos"?

A bananas foster of monkey goblins.

Aniuś the Ninja wrote:

A zoo of monkey goblins.

A _______ of Aasimar


A silly putti of aasimar

A _______ of gillmen/gillfolk

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I prefer my folly sauced with discretion and a bit of hollandaise.

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Tea, Earl Grey: hawt!