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"The monk's been behaving himself...his little friend seems to be a good influence on him...calming. They are in your cabin."

When you get back on board the crew is buzzing around but you can tell they are on edge...nervous. Captain Donovan meets you at the gangplank. He eyes the bookish diminutive female. "Captain Donovan." He introduces himself. Then he looks over to the others and comment, "Lot's of scuttle on the docks. Looks like Jenkie and Captain Lester where kidnapped by some skum and hybrids. He passes a rolled scroll towards Astri...this came for you. They message was to give it the songbird who can Read."

Once Chell or Astri mentioned Capt Lester and Jenkie the Capt's demeanor turns bitter. He pulls the owners aside, "If you can find Jenkie," he pauses, "...but not at the expense of retrieving the Jawbone. That relic appears to be the key, everyone looking for it, some killing for it, and others risking their lives for it." He chokes back a bit of emotion. "They said don't kill him just nibble, so he's not dead someone will be using him for a purpose. We just don't know the purpose yet."

The Captain approaches Chell, "We have a couple days before we get back to Port Shaw, if you can divine some help for what the city faces, that could be helpful."

Chell I'm trying to push this forward with some guidance.

"Atri you need to get this crew motivated, get them to work hard, explain we won't be taking the evenings off. Press the crew to the limits to get back to Port." He then focuses on Chell, "If you have any powerful divination spells maybe you can be guided or gather some information regarding the location of that Tultan relic."

He paces around the room and then looks at Sorrin and Sargas. "make sure yer boarding and balista crews stay ready. Don't know if we'll have trouble but we can't afford a long protracted battle. probably best that we look the other way and flee if necessary. If were lucky we'll get back to port and you'll have only hours to spare before the full moon."

Finally his eyes fix on Bri, "We'll have long shifts at the wheel. Get your sleep when you can, if you have any spell that could help, there's no time like the present to use them. A touch more speed, or foresight." he waves his hands in the air and finishes, "What ever you do."

Trying to spur a bit of conversation and ides to ove this along.

Everyone can make two perception checks, anyone with geography/cartography can make two checks for me to use.

The captain looks at Chell and asks, "Since it'll take a couple days to get back is there any way you can commune with powerful spells to get an idea about this Jawbone of Kaho Ali'i"

Sargas under Astri's profile there is spreadsheet of rumors, NPCs, Adventures, and what not that the party has encountered or pieced together. This Jawbone one of those hooks. I'm trying to move the game forward right now as I'd like to bring the first adventure arc to a conclusion.

After afew moments of discussion the Captain exhales, "I'm going to tell the crew to set sail, the winds are favorable right now, with a bit of Quell's luck we will have a fast and non-eventual sail back to port. Perhaps you'll have a half day or a bit longer to find that Jawbone thingy and maybe one of the elder Tulitan can help with the lycanthropy." He motions up to the top deck and the monk that was infected, "Quell knows if this Dalang can infect a Monk with the curse, we'll all need a bit of help."

I'm going to move this a bit forward.

"If you don't mind me did well taking out some of the underlyings, there are less of them now. That has to help." he pauses, "We need to get back to Port Shaw there's got to be a key there. Something you're missing. Wasn't there something about 'Jawbone' to find." He waves at the floor of the ship, "The shipwreck will be there after the full moon, Port Shaw may not."

I reread Astri's post and now see that she made the treasure comment to Capt Donovan and not the crew. So she didn't toss Chell under the bus.

"Demon Fish and the Razor's Edge, huh?" The Captain scrunches his face in contemplation. He has various charts out, "Well we don't really have time to spare. The moon is nearly full." He looks at each person but his gaze ends on Chell. "You all own the ship, I'm your Captain, but you all know what's at stake in Port Shaw. By all accounts your Dalang Jalamar going to rake havoc there."

The Captain shuffles around on the bridge, he is barking a few orders when you surface and climbs back on board. "Get them some blankets and prepare to weigh anchor." He looks concerned as he waits moves down to the privacy of Officer's Quarters waiting for the owners to arrive.

In due course your ship, Baron of the Tides drops sails as it approaches. The crew toss down cargo rope netting and lines for the jolly's retrieval. The deck is a flurry with activity and a strong voice can be heard from the bridge. "Get those survivors up and by all means be ready on those balista in case we get visitors!"

Time of day: it's about 4:00 pm in the day, or 4 bells past midday.

The skipper passes the deck, he orders the jolly deployed. He further ensures the ballista are ready in case there are any weresharks or the wyvrens decide to take a look a the new.

"Stay alert. Need the gunners ready, and by all means lets get a squad of vets on the deck with crossbows. get two up in the crows nest with silver tipped arrows and long bows...move it, move it."

I've heard enough calls for anchoring on the West side of the island, so to move the game forward that where the Captain anchors.

"Alright I can the Baron about 700 feet off the coast. What the plan from here?" He chuckles. "Let me guess, Ptahh, Sorrin, Astri, Bri, and Sorrin will drop the jolly and a couple crew will row you to the shore so you can poke around a bit?"

He motions to drop sails and anchor.

Your ship approaches Beacon Island from the southwest and Captain Donovan barks, "Steady now, lets get to 3 miles from the shore then circle once for an overview."

The crew has been well paid, they've partook in a couple extra shares of rum or ale, and had two fine meals, so their spirits are pretty high. Although there is some grumbling that they didn't get to spend much, if any, of their pay in the port they understand the need to get underway.

It's about 5 pm when all hands are accounted for and the Captain Donovon yells, "Quarter sail and get those lines in. Sailors get on deck and push off, get me two sets of good set of eyes in the crowsnest. We need to be vigilant...NO surprises! With that the ship's crew gets to work.

I assume you've brought him up to date on the destination of Beacon Island. If so, he would make sure Bri and her sailor helpers have clear sense of location.

After consultation with the Officers, Captain Donovan, suggests, "You all should go pick-up any gear that you may need, I've already started to resupply for the extra mouths, it looks like we have 10 souls looking for passage back. Capt Drango did us favor, he was able to pick up some crew and I'm sure he already had a few locals ready to go." He smiles, "You got a fair price from him, he was just as likely to steal it under the cover of nightfall, so you did well. The crew will be happy for the pay and I made sure that some of the more 'outspoken' men who lost their nerve saw their way to docks." He has a grim face. "In the midst of battle is no time to loose nerve."

Capt Donovan gathers Chell and Astri to officer quarters. "Men will talk about what happened out there today, the growing reputation which can be a boon or it can be doom. The thing that concerns me is the dead priest, someone will talk about him." He stuffs his pipe and lights it, taking a puff. "I wouldn't dottle here, find who we came for, try to sell the ship and it's cargo, and lets be off...sooner rather than later." He looks down at the charts and his log, "the full moon's approaching and we don't have time to spare." He states starkly.

"I'm Captain Donovan and this here is Astrianna Sparacello, I'm sure she has an explanation that will make you blush." He chuckles to himself. "Now it's showtime."

On the Baron:

When you arrive in the harbor you can see the Rabid Weasel has dropped anchor and there is long boat approaching it. There is second ship that dropped anchor and several of the crew are pointing towards the Weasel.

You can look at the earlier description of the dock set up.

"Drop sail!" The captain yells as you drift towards the open dock slip. There is several armed men on the dock, others appear to be gathering, taking orders from commanders. Shyte this isn't going to be good.

He smacks his lips, his tongue heavy on the roof of his mouth, "Don't know, actually. Suppose I'd find out after that taste."

Capt Donovan looks at the tricorn hat and accepts it, "You wouldn't have a nip of fermented juice now would you?" His hand on the wheel to keep it steady.

"Alright keep your wits to you, we need nerve of steel if we are gonna beat Capt Dre to Sharkjaw." The Captain's hand on the helm eases the ship naturally catching as much speed as he could finesse from the sails.

sailor: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (2) + 19 = 21

Distracted by the sight and his thoughts. Damn that was big shark! That had to be...yes...had to be Dabojas' beast.

"Get those grappling lines back, move it... move it. So, Astri what magic can you do? How about a work song for our crew." He motions to several crew to perform some tasks. "Were slower then either of those ships without that rigging, but the Weasel has no friendly weapons right now so we best not get on her sides. That means well stay to aft which shouldn't be a problem since we need to tack around to get to Shackjaw."

Once the two officers are brought to the Baron, then Capt Donovan orders the boarding plank removed and grapples cut.

”Ok men. You’ve a choice be a runner or take what you’ve earned. If you’re just gonna be a turtle and insist on fleeing inside your protective shell…fine, we can do that! But let it be known you’ll be put off at the next port labeled a runner. It’s not the time to lose nerve because that Captain out there will press-gang you if he finds you in port or if he catches us out here sell you for sport. Ah… but we if accomplish the task that I propose it will be legendary!” He has a twinkle in his eyes. ”Think about the fame and glory, because this task is worthy of a night of free rum. Oh, and did I mention an extra share of booty!”

inspiration speech, extra pay, extra rum, deck crew surrender: 1d20 + 9 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 ⇒ (3) + 9 + 2 + 5 + 5 + 2 + 2 + 2 = 30

”We ain’t got much time but were gonna skeleton crew both these blessed vessels into the safe harbor of port. We need to get close to the Sharkjaw…it’s a race cause even Capt Dre won’t attack near a cargo pit. He’d be blacklisted everywhere.” He lets it sink in a second.

”First Mate Sorrin get your arse over there and take command of that ship, take Bri, and by all means keep Killer on your deck.” He motions towards Ptahh. ” You four fighters who fled and left Killer on deck get your arses back over there and take another 5 marines with you. If anyone comes out of that hold deal with him.” He looks sternly at the men.

”Now, I need 9 able seaman in our rigging, all other seaman and able seaman I want on that ship to help crew her. Bri put to sleep anyone in their riggings who refuses work and watch them fall to the deck. Then toss them in the sea as jetsam. A stern example for seacrimes committed.” He shouts so the other crew can hear. He puffs his pipe. “I want five ballista men to load up the port side weapons, everyone else I need on our deck to crew. We need 18 hands on our deck and they need 18 hands on their deck so lubbers fill-in where you can…make yourself useful.”

He lowers his voice a bit. ”Astri and Chell I need you on the Baron, we’ll run some interference since the Weasel doesn’t have use of her weapons. Ptahh keep that gunnery mate and his team below deck, no need to fight them just bottle them up and make sure they don’t cripple the rudder or worse scuttle the ship. Bri you’ve got the navigation and Sorrin you’ve got command of the Weasel. ”

”By Quell's graces it’s gonna be close but if we can get moving within 5-10 minutes we can pull this task off.” He looks at the priest who surrendered and the new Captain, "Let's bind them and get them aboard the Baron separated from their crew."

Essentially the Baron will keep 33 to crew (28 to work the sails and deck and 5 to man the ballista), plus Capt D, Chell and Astri. While the Weasel keeps 12 able seaman in her sails and receives 1 able seaman from the baron along with 7 seaman. 11 other landlubbers/marines will go to the Weasel to work the decks. She should have 19 on the deck to work, plus Bri, Sorrin and Ptahh.

"Your gonna a be a plaything for Capt Dre if we don't get a move on it and get that damn officer down."

The Captain watches Astri's arrows go wide. "Are you blind in one eye? Try shooting one of those men next time."

"How bad do you want that ship that booty?" He spits over the side of the poop deck. "You get up hear and grab the wheel." He points to sailor, then paces the deck as he pulls a pipe and stuffs it with tobacco. His voice raising, "Did your comrades die, so another ship can take your prize?"

"Are you all dancing with those officers over there or you fighting? You made your threats, now end those two." He motions to the priest and new Capt of the Weasel. He looks to Bri, "Can't you do anything about those two."

"Times important folks, we need sea between us and that hellish ship out there, if we'll make port. With a touch of luck maybe we don't lose the Weasel." Luck...right. He starts to think out a plan. "Mate (Astri)...the count!"

Capt Donovan yells out, "You've got 10 maybe 15 minutes and then we need to be sailing. Get some goods at least, something to show for the death and trouble. Astri get a head count of sailors, lubbers, and combatants. I've an idea."

causality count:

I have the following deaths:

2 sailors poop deck
1 able sailor fell from rigging
2 veterans (plank)
2 marines
1 marine stretcher bearer

The others were healed with a channel or are capable of being healed post battle.

Capt Donovan

"Do you have colors yet?" He contemplates the situation. "Load Port ballistas but keep those damn gunwales closed, no need to antagonize that ship."

Capt Donovan

"Anyone have eyes on the ship approaching? If it's Capt Dre we are all being sold at the auctions...we ain't got men or resources to defend as second attack! Capt Dre two easy prey for his coffers, so close to port. His vision is blocked by fog. "We've got burning sails and rigging, most of out marines and veterans are dead or dying."

He barks, "I need a sound off of able crew to sail and damage report...NOW!'

I have to double check but I believe two sailors on the poop are actually dead form a lightning bolt.

"Shyt they got me."

A long bolt extrudes from the captain gut.

Having lost the wind and getting ready for the inevitable Captain Donovan turns the ship to the starboard side (45 degree angle), "Line her up on a 45 lets close the gap. Prepare yourselves."

sailor, maneuverability: 1d20 + 19 + 2 ⇒ (20) + 19 + 2 = 41

The ship turns with ease, the sails taut with wind, and the gap closes between ships.

Chell you are up, there is 500 feet between ships. If you wanted to cast a spell farther than 500 feet away from where you are standing on the deck let me know the range. Since you have initiative, I'll adjust it accordingly.

"Aye...this area's gonna get hot soon enough. I'll be here with you."

"By the looks of her she's got an extra ballista on her sides, and it looks like they have an extra one on a swivel at the foredeck. No ram, like us, that's good news. Seems likes nearly an even match, except those extra bolts. Instinctively his hand grasps the wheel. "Should be fun."

"That's the decision you all need to make. Try to outrun them or fight." The Captain stands next to Bri. "Speed wise she's got the wind and is a bit faster, especially since we are missing a rigging. It's be close." He looks up to the land mass and shakes his head. "Even by pirate standards you don't attack another ship entering or leaving port, Ptahh's friends have little honor."

Now that everyone has weighed in the discussion the Captain responds to Astri. "What do you want to achieve...vengeance for a fallen crew member and a sunken ship, or do you want to potentially save s city from a dangerous curse? Both are worthwhile, but what is your priority? Can you accomplish both by the full moon, if not, can one be obtained at a later date?" He glances towards the starboard side of the ship.

"Most ships have clergy and sorcerers," He chuckles, "sorcerers are the latest rage." He cups his chin, "What if the other ship is Captain Dre or an ally of his?" He motions towards the lead ship. "What if the Weasel lets us board her and then get set upon with our sails down by a second ship. The crew faces melee as we are have our sails lowered or down" He raises his palms in the air, "Either we are faster then the Weasel or she has coyly drifted back letting us get ahead of her just a bit, it'll be hard to covertly get behind her without being noticed, we'll need night. But that leads us to following dilemma will you be wanting to run with or without light? Without light we are blind, with light and we are a beacon. Any pirate will be going black at sunset."

He looks at everyone. "Sometimes the best offense is a good defense, protect your ship first." he looks to everyone to comment and discuss the options.

I don't want to unduly influence the decision with the NPC Capt, so unless you all really want him to speak on the issue early he'll hold his tongue to end of the conversation. He'll point out pros and cons of each scenario.

"The seas a dangerous place, we just visit it for the most part, but when she is angry there's not much we can do but ride out her wrath. It looks like you all handled the storm and rescue well." He rubs his chin, then continues. "It's always difficult losing a soul, it's hard second guessing yourself. Sahuagin are some of the most dangerous, sneakiest creature in the sea. They are intelligent...more so than quite a few humans that I know, which makes them worse especially since they live in the sea. It's their home." He looks over the guards and sailors milling about having breakfast. "You had eight guards - positioned well - on duty, you really couldn't or be expected to do much else. Guards plus sailors on deck and you nearly have people bumping into one another. Plus too much noise on deck and you'd disturb the others who were off-duty."

He pauses. "So this Fiosa escaped in a barrel? That Rabid Weasel was in port with us, if I recall. If you need sleep you should take it."

I'm assuming you someone brought the Captain up to speed. "The ship lost how many souls last night?" He nods. "I'll note it in the log. What's the damage report?" He's very monotone, there isn't a sign of emotion or excitement.

Astri make sure you update the day on the spreadsheet.

The remainder of the night goes by uneventfully and captain emerges shortly before the 6th morning bell. Nobody woke him up and he slept (or stayed out of the way at least) through, along with most of the crew, the nightly events. Quite few men are cleaning below deck int he morning from those who were seasick. There are a few swabbies mopping the decks, when the Captain moves onto the poop deck. He glances around. "Position report? I'll take the wheel you get some rest navigator."

The sailors that have been working all day will head below to rest. The ship continues to rock with the swells. The Captain takes control of the ship's helm to let crew set sails.

sailor: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (11) + 19 = 30

Once the task is finished he turns back on course.

nature: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (9) + 14 = 23

"Make use of the lull." The captain responds to the Astri.

"Aye, shorten sails."


You think you've hit lull in the storm form what you can tell you think you've 2-4 hours of a break.

You are confident that you are between bands of storm and you have a 3 hours of a break.

To Bri and Astri. "Get some rest, I'll watch the wheel." He motions for the an able seaman to step forward and take over the helm. He gets Ptahh's attention and gives a simple nod. How many men to you have patrolling on the deck?

The Captain direct Bri to stay the course, "Duty is to this ship and it's crew first. Stay the course. Lots of danger out there hitting another vessel in this storm would not be good."

The storm has moved in and hit within a minute, or so, so it's all happening quite fast. It is nearly a white out with the torrential rain. "How far off was the ship...last report?" He yells at Astri and Bri. "Do you have a means to signal her?"

Sheets of rain fall obscuring most vision beyond a few feet. The Captain tries to climb to the poop deck.

acro: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (14) + 12 = 26

The storm seems to invigorate the old salty sea captain as he climbs to the top of the stairs. 'Aye...officers you've got that wheel!" He basically commands the two officers to regain control of the wheel.

I like me some mood setting action, suspense, and drama.

"Catch the damn wheel." He bellows as he begins to climb up the stairs.

Using Bri's second sailor roll 28.

The helmswoman steadies herself and grasp the wheel firmly, like a good half-orc commands, and she rips it back in the opposite direction just as Astri reaches for spinning wheel. The Sails are full, but the leading edge of the storm is lost. The ship is tilted hard to port and a quarter of the crew scrambles to regain footing.

Sorrin she's on the poop deck with Bri. You'd be on the waist/main deck too far to do anything.

Captain, acro: 1d20 + 12 ⇒ (8) + 12 = 20

The captain moves across the deck easy enough and begins to climb the poop deck steps.

The winds howl and Bri works the wheel catching them just right for now. The ship picks up a bit more speed just ahead of the torrential rainfall. Those non-essential hands - marines and veterans scurry below deck buckets are grabbed for the upturning stomachs. While all the sailors and able seaman are busy in the ship's rigging, and on deck.

As the captain emerges from the wardroom he scans the faces of the crew. He looks to some of the officers, "I need at least one officer..." He looks for Ptahh, 'down below deck with those down below. Keep them calm." He grabs one sailor and directs him towards line that needs securing. He then scans the horizon.

sailor: 1d20 + 19 ⇒ (1) + 19 = 20
nature: 1d20 + 14 ⇒ (2) + 14 = 16
perception at sea: 1d20 + 15 + 2 ⇒ (11) + 15 + 2 = 28

He looks up into the cloud line keeping quiet. It may pass by soon enough. Though I think Bri over corrected a bit for the wind.

"Crowsnest what do you see?"
Make another perception check, it's +11

Ship Floor design Again

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